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Rider Created Routes

Doug's Sick Rip Down M Hillmtb
Rapid City SD
5 miles1
Hell Canyon Loophike
Custer SD
5 miles2
The official Dakota Five-o course, 2019mtb
Spearfish SD
50 miles3
Music on Main #5 2021mtb
Sturgis SD
9 miles4
Foster-Deadman Loop on a Stickmtb
Rapid City SD
16 miles5
Tinton Trail Loopmtb
Spearfish SD
14 miles6
Dakota Five-O 2019mtb
Spearfish SD
50 miles7
Winter Fat Classic 24mimtb
Deadwood SD
24 miles8
Finding nemomtb
Rapid City SD
10 miles9
Sturgis Figure 8mtb
Sturgis SD
22 miles10
2020 Sturgis Chamber Volksmarchhike
Sturgis SD
3 miles11
Fosters Down - 2 Track Backmtb
Rapid City SD
10 miles12
Kiwanis Woodlot Trailmtb
Mitchell SD
3 miles13
Mosey Meadow Multi-Use Trailmtb
Emmett SD
4 miles14
Cliff loopmtb
Cheyenne Crossing SD
8 miles15
Sioux Falls Bike Path Main Loopmtb
Sioux Falls SD
19 miles16
Storm Mountain Main Loopmtb
Rapid City SD
7 miles17
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Race Routes

Black Hills Super-6 3-Hr loopmtb race
Spearfish SD
3 miles1
2018 Tatanka MTB C-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
13 miles2
2018 Tatanka MTB B-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
28 miles3
2018 Tatanka MTB A-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
49 miles4
Tatanka Epic Course (2015-2017)mtb race
Keystone SD
79 miles5
Dakota Five-O Coursemtb race
Spearfish SD
47 miles6
Mile High Challenge Coursemtb race
lead SD
23 miles7
Black Hills Super 6mtb race
Spearfish SD
6 miles8
2018 Tatanka MTB Full Epic Coursemtb race
Sturgis SD
90 miles9
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