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Rider Created Routes

Doug's Sick Rip Down M Hillmtb
Rapid City SD
5 miles1
Winter Fat Classic 24mimtb
Deadwood-Lead SD
24 miles2
Sturgis Figure 8mtb
Sturgis SD
22 miles3
Dakota Five-O 2019mtb
Spearfish SD
50 miles4
2020 Sturgis Chamber Volksmarchhike
Sturgis SD
3 miles5
Foster-Deadman Loop on a Stickmtb
Rapid City SD
16 miles6
The official Dakota Five-o course, 2019mtb
Spearfish SD
50 miles7
Tinton Trail Loopmtb
Spearfish SD
14 miles8
Finding nemomtb
Rapid City SD
10 miles9
Fosters Down - 2 Track Backmtb
Rapid City SD
10 miles10
Sioux Falls Bike Path Main Loopmtb
Sioux Falls SD
19 miles11
Storm Mountain Main Loopmtb
Rapid City SD
7 miles12
Kiwanis Woodlot Trailmtb
Mitchell SD
3 miles13
Mosey Meadow Multi-Use Trailmtb
Sioux Falls SD
4 miles14
Cliff loopmtb
Cheyenne Crossing SD
8 miles15
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Race Routes

Tatanka Epic Course (2015-2017)mtb race
Keystone SD
79 miles1
Dakota Five-O Coursemtb race
Spearfish SD
47 miles2
Black Hills Super 6mtb race
Spearfish SD
6 miles3
Black Hills Super-6 3-Hr loopmtb race
Spearfish SD
3 miles4
Mile High Challenge Coursemtb race
lead SD
23 miles5
2018 Tatanka MTB Full Epic Coursemtb race
Sturgis SD
90 miles6
2018 Tatanka MTB C-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
13 miles7
2018 Tatanka MTB B-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
28 miles8
2018 Tatanka MTB A-Loopmtb race
Sturgis SD
49 miles9
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