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Arroya Sandy Beach TrailsMitchell
Baldy SpurBaldy Mountain
3,790 ft-67 ft
Baldy to Rimrock ConnectorLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
4,690 ft-108 ft
Big Sioux Recreation Area TrailBig Sioux Recreation Area
8.3 miles-785 ft
Blue SteakLookout Mountain Park
2.4 miles-494 ft
Bone CollectorBone Collector
1.5 miles-200 ft
Bone upBone Collector
2.2 miles-199 ft
BratwurstEagle Cliff Trails
2.8 miles-246 ft
BulldogAlkali Creek
4.0 miles-233 ft
Buzzard Roost OutlookBuzzards Roost Trail Network
1,404 ft-44 ft
Buzzards LoopBuzzards Roost Trail Network
2.2 miles-531 ft
Centennial Trail - Elk Creek TH to Alkali THAlkali Creek
7.2 miles-1,524 ft
Centennial Trail LowerAlkali Creek
1.2 miles-182 ft
Centennial Trail UpperAlkali Creek
4,744 ft-260 ft
Cliffs of DoverHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,660 ft-281 ft
ConnectorAlkali Creek
514 ft-6 ft
ConnectorBuzzards Roost Trail Network
328 ft-15 ft
ConnectorStorm Mountain Trails
481 ft-1 ft
ConnectorBuzzards Roost Trail Network
138 ft
Crow Peak TrailCrow Peak
3.2 miles-502 ft
Dakota RidgeCrow Peak
4.5 miles-1,105 ft
Deep SnowEagle Cliff Trails
4,994 ft-331 ft
Deerfield Lake TrailDeer Lake Region
10.8 miles-2,072 ft
Deerfield TrailDeer Lake Region
19.1 miles-3,777 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1.4 miles-232 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,909 ft-20 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
3,584 ft-90 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,172 ft-18 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,198 ft-2 ft
Dry Run TrailDry Run Creek Park
1.0 miles-85 ft
Duct TapeLookout Mountain Park
3,111 ft-83 ft
ElvisBuzzards Roost Trail Network
2,404 ft-58 ft
Expert TrailLeader's MTB Park
4,770 ft-149 ft
Far EastHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
1.5 miles-455 ft
Far WestHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
1.1 miles-366 ft
Hell Canyon TrailJewel Cave
5.4 miles-1,645 ft
Hidden BasinEagle Cliff Trails
3,961 ft-95 ft
Holey RockEagle Cliff Trails
2,715 ft-58 ft
HollowEagle Cliff Trails
3,028 ft-198 ft
Hopa MasteLookout Mountain Park
1.3 miles-173 ft
HorseshoeHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
1.3 miles-382 ft
Intake MeadowsEagle Cliff Trails
1,792 ft-75 ft
Intermediate LoopLeader's MTB Park
1,957 ft-57 ft
Iron MountainNorbeck Wilderness Preserve
2.5 miles-136 ft
Jack's LowerBuzzards Roost Trail Network
745 ft
Jack's UpperBuzzards Roost Trail Network
952 ft
JeramyBuzzards Roost Trail Network
3,637 ft-228 ft
Kiwanis Woodlot TrailKiwanis Woodlot Park
3.4 miles-557 ft
Leader's MTB Park Easy / IntermediateLeader's MTB Park
2,825 ft-70 ft
Les FunLookout Mountain Park
3,357 ft-351 ft
Lily ParkEagle Cliff Trails
3,967 ft-234 ft
Little Spearfish TrailLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
5.7 miles-1,408 ft
Loop A1Big Hills
2,630 ft-57 ft
Loop BBig Hills
1.1 miles-170 ft
Loop BBig Hills
1.6 miles-322 ft
Loop CBig Hills
4.2 miles-834 ft
Loop DBig Hills
4.3 miles-637 ft
Lost RunEagle Cliff Trails
3,590 ft-227 ft
Mosey Meadow Multi-Use TrailUnion Grove State Park
4.4 miles-388 ft
New BlueLookout Mountain Park
1.4 miles-308 ft
North BuzzardBuzzards Roost Trail Network
3,341 ft-6 ft
North LoopHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
5,062 ft-219 ft
Old Baldy LoopBaldy Mountain
5.8 miles-1,303 ft
Pony ExpressLookout Mountain Park
1.2 miles-394 ft
Power LineAlkali Creek
1.5 miles-285 ft
Pretty VultureBuzzards Roost Trail Network
1.2 miles-334 ft
Ridge TrailLookout Mountain Park
2.1 miles-100 ft
Rimrock Lower LoopLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
2.3 miles-879 ft
Rimrock Trail Upper LoopLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
3.8 miles-697 ft
Round The CrownLookout Mountain Park
2,827 ft-190 ft
Sand MineAlkali Creek
2.3 miles-673 ft
SM #1 - #2Storm Mountain Trails
2.4 miles-289 ft
SM #10 - #11Storm Mountain Trails
2.4 miles-365 ft
SM #11 - #12Storm Mountain Trails
3,388 ft-246 ft
SM #2 - #3Storm Mountain Trails
4,715 ft-156 ft
SM #3 - #4Storm Mountain Trails
3,596 ft-253 ft
SM #4 - #5Storm Mountain Trails
3,637 ft-95 ft
SM #5 - #6Storm Mountain Trails
1,214 ft-49 ft
SM #6 - #7Storm Mountain Trails
1,107 ft-110 ft
SM #7 - #8Storm Mountain Trails
2,058 ft-15 ft
SM #8 - #9Storm Mountain Trails
3,015 ft-67 ft
SM #9 - #10Storm Mountain Trails
1,577 ft-3 ft
SM TH - #1Storm Mountain Trails
1,046 ft-8 ft
South RimBuzzards Roost Trail Network
2,507 ft-123 ft
StumpyBuzzards Roost Trail Network
1,861 ft-19 ft
Sun ClimbHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
4,428 ft-101 ft
Sun DownBuzzards Roost Trail Network
3,932 ft-369 ft
Sun UpBuzzards Roost Trail Network
4,353 ft-72 ft
Sunny MeadowEagle Cliff Trails
1.9 miles-150 ft
Sunset NorthHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,993 ft-123 ft
T TrailHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
1,685 ft-132 ft
Tech EssenceLookout Mountain Park
1.5 miles-59 ft
The BlizzardHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,248 ft-291 ft
The GrindAlkali Creek
1.0 miles-121 ft
The Grind UpperAlkali Creek
4,578 ft-38 ft
The LoopEagle Cliff Trails
1.3 miles-172 ft
The Loop SpurEagle Cliff Trails
2,477 ft-130 ft
The Pipe LineAlkali Creek
4,006 ft-426 ft
Therapist LowerBuzzards Roost Trail Network
1,215 ft-27 ft
Therapist UpperBuzzards Roost Trail Network
1,175 ft-35 ft
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