Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
#10 Rough Rider7th Cavalry Trail System
1,792 ft-180 ft36 ft
#11 Buffalo Soldier7th Cavalry Trail System
3,893 ft-77 ft30 ft
#12 Remount7th Cavalry Trail System
1 mile-269 ft66 ft
#14 Racetrack7th Cavalry Trail System
1 mile-48 ft85 ft
#5 Lazelle Loop7th Cavalry Trail System
2 miles-348 ft36 ft
#7 Gauntlet7th Cavalry Trail System
4,827 ft-197 ft83 ft
1805 (Link)West Shore Trails
1,004 ft-10 ft20 ft
1805 (Lone Tree)West Shore Trails
1,621 ft50 ft
1805 (Spillway Access)West Shore Trails
1,201 ft51 ft
1805 (Straightaway)West Shore Trails
2,201 ft55 ft
1805 (Waterfront)West Shore Trails
5,197 ft-80 ft128 ft
1959 (Bluffs)West Shore Trails
4,177 ft-61 ft44 ft
1959 (Forest)West Shore Trails
1,988 ft-5 ft36 ft
2017 (loop)West Shore Trails
1 mile-127 ft131 ft
26th to 8th on Bike PathYankton Trail Park
2 miles-25 ft33 ft
41st St to WesternYankton Trail Park
1 mile-27 ft23 ft
Alkali RidgeSturgis Trail System
2 miles-233 ft668 ft
AmpitheaterSkyline Wilderness
1 mile-186 ft167 ft
Anthem #37th Cavalry Trail System
3,560 ft-39 ft314 ft
Arroya Sandy Beach TrailsMitchell
Aspen Spring TrailHartford Beach State Park
4,035 ft-117 ft121 ft
Auld-Brokow TrailYankton
4 miles-52 ft60 ft
B LinkHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
450 ft-17 ft31 ft
Baby StepsLewis and Clark Lake Rec. Area
131 ft-3 ft
Baldy SpurBaldy Mountain
3,995 ft-45 ft246 ft
BallparkBlack Hills
2 miles-867 ft238 ft
Big AspensShanks Trail System
4,472 ft-8 ft369 ft
Bike PathSturgis Trail System
3,967 ft101 ft
Bike PathSturgis Trail System
2 miles-40 ft50 ft
Bike PathSturgis Trail System
2,726 ft66 ft
BirdhouseSkyline Wilderness
2,779 ft-61 ft70 ft
Blue Diamond ANewton Hills State Park
2,605 ft-49 ft124 ft
Blue Diamond BNewton Hills State Park
2 miles-90 ft267 ft
Blue Diamond CNewton Hills State Park
5,190 ft177 ft
Blue Diamond DNewton Hills State Park
2 miles-283 ft103 ft
Bob's BypassLeaders Park
1,411 ft-26 ft46 ft
Bone CollectorShanks Trail System
2 miles-271 ft169 ft
Bone UpShanks Trail System
2 miles-53 ft544 ft
Boulder Hill Summit TrailStorm Mountain Trails
4,406 ft-23 ft445 ft
BratwurstEagle Cliff Trails
3 miles-175 ft452 ft
Bridge connector pathLa Framboise Island
515 ft
Brown SpurSica Hollow State Park
981 ft35 ft
Bulldog RimSturgis Trail System
3 miles-764 ft1,025 ft
Butte ViewSturgis Trail System
2 miles-381 ft163 ft
Buzzard's Roost OutlookBuzzards Roost
2,015 ft-75 ft117 ft
Buzzards LoopBuzzards Roost
2 miles-487 ft318 ft
Cabin RunHyde County
4,839 ft-69 ft57 ft
Cactus LoopSkyline Wilderness
2,323 ft-73 ft67 ft
Camp Arroya TrailKiwanis Woodlot Park
5,090 ft-181 ft182 ft
Campground to Beach TrailHartford Beach State Park
2,310 ft-56 ft
Capital Cut AcrossLa Framboise Island
1,453 ft3 ft
Capital TrailLa Framboise Island
4,990 ft-3 ft3 ft
Cardiac 2019 #55Black Hills
3 miles-248 ft876 ft
CCC CampFarm Island
3,763 ft-3 ft3 ft
CCC Stairs TrailStorm Mountain Trails
1,848 ft-129 ft65 ft
Cedar Cut AcrossLa Framboise Island
1,289 ft
Cedar TrailLa Framboise Island
1 mile-3 ft3 ft
Celia Pines TrailKiwanis Woodlot Park
3,640 ft-83 ft94 ft
Centennial Horse Bypass 89HBStorm Mountain Trails
1 mile-59 ft414 ft
Centennial Trail #897th Cavalry Trail System
5 miles-291 ft448 ft
Centennial Trail #897th Cavalry Trail System
6 miles-831 ft1,055 ft
Centennial Trail #89Sturgis
8 miles-1,319 ft1,598 ft
Centennial Trail #89Sturgis
12 miles-3,593 ft3,389 ft
Centennial Trail #89Sturgis Trail System
11 miles-1,279 ft2,311 ft
Centennial Trail- New Custer SP Reroute #89Bear Butte State Park
3 miles-212 ft180 ft
Cliff Ave to 26th StYankton Trail Park
2 miles-39 ft36 ft
Cliffs of DoverHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,688 ft-290 ft37 ft
Colby JackLewis and Clark Lake Rec. Area
2,067 ft-188 ft61 ft
Cold Brook TrailCold Brook Reservoir
2 miles-210 ft208 ft
Comanche #87th Cavalry Trail System
1,713 ft-133 ft
ConnectorShanks Trail System
138 ft6 ft
ConnectorBlack Hills
1,225 ft84 ft
ConnectorBuzzards Roost
328 ft-15 ft13 ft
302 ft-16 ft
ConnectorStorm Mountain Trails
481 ft-1 ft20 ft
Cookie LadyShanks Trail System
4,317 ft-77 ft167 ft
Cookie MonsterShanks Trail System
2 miles-635 ft163 ft
Corn RoadNewton Hills State Park
1,906 ft-3 ft53 ft
Coyote HighwayWest Shore Trails
2 miles-9 ft144 ft
Crangle ConnectionBlack Hills
3 miles-595 ft431 ft
Crow Peak TrailBlack Hills
3 miles-267 ft1,854 ft
Custer Trail Trail Head / Lake Loop Trail #40L ConnectorDeerfield Lake Region
2 miles-20 ft36 ft
D LoopBlack Hills Nordic Big Hill Trails
4 miles-484 ft498 ft
Dakota Rail TrailKiwanis Woodlot Park
3 miles-4 ft28 ft
Dakota RidgeBlack Hills
3 miles-937 ft324 ft
Dam #4Sturgis Trail System
1,665 ft-25 ft93 ft
Dark ForestHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,242 ft-204 ft35 ft
Deadman GulchKeystone
2 miles-303 ft58 ft
Deep SnowEagle Cliff Trails
4,994 ft-331 ft120 ft
Deerfield / Trail 40Black Hills Area
10 miles-1,938 ft1,498 ft
Deerfield Road / Gold Run Trail Head EntranceDeerfield Lake Region
1,265 ft-56 ft32 ft
Deerfield Trail #40 / Lake Loop Trail #40LDeerfield Lake Region
2 miles-366 ft638 ft
Deerfield Trail #40 / Lake Loop Trail #40LDeerfield Lake Region
2 miles-909 ft755 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,909 ft-20 ft38 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,172 ft-18 ft55 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1 mile-232 ft195 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
1,198 ft-2 ft41 ft
Dice TrailDice Trails
3,584 ft-90 ft14 ft
Dirk's DrawHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
2,680 ft-334 ft15 ft
Dirk's Draw Jump LineHanson-Larsen Memorial Park
677 ft-60 ft
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