Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
A Slice of HamCruagh Woods
942 ft-153 ft
AlphaCruagh Woods
2,539 ft-335 ft
Ball BreakerCruagh Woods
433 ft-71 ft
Battery ParkSlade Valley
728 ft-54 ft
blackSlade Valley
469 ft-82 ft
Blue Light to Fernhill ParkFernhill Park and Gardens
2,598 ft-244 ft
boardwalkCruagh Woods
1,325 ft-164 ft
BombholeSlade Valley
600 ft-109 ft
Bouncing baby bumps with a twistStepaside village
640 ft-45 ft
Breaking The CycleCruagh Woods
942 ft-184 ft
Broken HatchetCruagh Woods
1,286 ft-165 ft
ChomperSlade Valley
1,657 ft-141 ft
Covid Ass CraicCruagh Woods
1,207 ft-167 ft
Cross camber to jumpsSlade Valley
2,851 ft-90 ft13 ft
Cruagh parking back to TribaddenCruagh Woods
3,999 ft-113 ft108 ft
Cruagh RipCruagh Woods
814 ft-75 ft
Dire StraitsSlade Valley
1,112 ft-188 ft
DMW lower linkCruagh Woods
1,677 ft-135 ft
DMW upperCruagh Woods
5,055 ft-357 ft23 ft
Get the AdvantageSlade Valley
741 ft-51 ft21 ft
Gullivers TravelsCruagh Woods
3,284 ft-452 ft
GumpertCruagh Woods
1,322 ft-181 ft
Hairball CricketsCruagh Woods
1,821 ft-226 ft
Jhetto BlasterSlade Valley
652 ft-46 ft7 ft
JumpsSlade Valley
1,460 ft-106 ft
King KubotaSlade Valley
3,104 ft-212 ft12 ft
King Kubota ShortcutSlade Valley
735 ft-105 ft
Little ShhhhSlade Valley
1,160 ft-138 ft
Little Shhhh to RoadSlade Valley
991 ft-94 ft3 ft
Mad DogSlade Valley
1,135 ft-74 ft
Mind Ur HeadCruagh Woods
404 ft-55 ft
ResurrectedCruagh Woods
1,024 ft-120 ft4 ft
River RunCruagh Woods
3,933 ft-268 ft7 ft
River Run XC ClimbCruagh Woods
3,767 ft-4 ft169 ft
Rooty CamberSlade Valley
2,667 ft-257 ft3 ft
RoswellSlade Valley
1,145 ft-38 ft3 ft
Safe HouseSlade Valley
575 ft-79 ft3 ft
StumpjumperSlade Valley
1,620 ft-116 ft5 ft
SupernaturalCruagh Woods
1,450 ft-129 ft3 ft
Swan Sandwich 1Cruagh Woods
751 ft-69 ft
Swan Sandwich 2Cruagh Woods
889 ft-29 ft
Tech accessSlade Valley
1,657 ft-50 ft90 ft
TherapyCruagh Woods
1,017 ft-152 ft14 ft
Trail OneSlade Valley
1,421 ft-125 ft
Unknown CruaghCruagh Woods
709 ft-111 ft
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