1906 Trail
1.6 miles-96 ft
2006 Trail
1.3 miles-131 ft
2006 Trail above Arrowroot Drive
1,966 ft-30 ft
Acropolis Crest Lower Connector
287 ft-2 ft
Acropolis Crest Trails
1,831 ft-209 ft
Acropolis Crest Upper Connector
1,978 ft
Acropolis to Sparta
906 ft-28 ft
Adams Street
458 ft
Ambrose Alternate
1,106 ft-123 ft
Ambrose Trail
1.6 miles-306 ft
Andy's Trail
3,223 ft-204 ft
Archery Range Trail
1.6 miles-355 ft
Backside Trail
2,742 ft-64 ft
Barking Dog Trail
4,698 ft-443 ft
Bitterroot to Daisy Hill Connector
637 ft-90 ft
Bitterroot Way Trail
1,767 ft-129 ft
Black Forest Trail
2,786 ft-493 ft
Black Forest Trail
4,061 ft-309 ft
Bompart Ridge
1,790 ft-144 ft
Bull Run Trail (California to Saddle)
1,695 ft-113 ft
Bull Run Trail (Gold Rush to California) p
283 ft-27 ft
Capitol View Trail
1,398 ft-129 ft
Catch Up Trail
2,439 ft-246 ft
Contour Trail Connector
1,639 ft-18 ft
Daisy Hill Access
715 ft-41 ft
Daisy Hill Trail
627 ft-46 ft
Daisy Hill Trail
1,548 ft-125 ft
Dazed and Confused
1.3 miles-536 ft
Deford - Eagle Scout
452 ft-6 ft
Diretissima Connector
744 ft-105 ft
Diretissima Trail
1.2 miles-557 ft
Don't Fence Me In
3,254 ft-99 ft
Dump Out Trail
1.2 miles-345 ft
Eagle Scout Trail
2,863 ft-272 ft
Easy Rider Trail
1.2 miles-274 ft
Eddye McClure East
2.3 miles-725 ft
Eddye McClure West
4,867 ft-435 ft
Emmett's Trail
1.4 miles-776 ft
Entertainment Trail
2.1 miles-815 ft
Entertainment Trail - Direct
957 ft-206 ft
Evan's Trail
3,268 ft-90 ft
Far East Trail
3,053 ft-30 ft
Far East Trail - Winscott Rd
1,367 ft-71 ft
Flume Trail
1.2 miles-300 ft
Folf Course
3,113 ft-73 ft
Hanging Draw Alternate
1,196 ft-51 ft
Hanging Draw Trail
2,912 ft-449 ft
Hogback Trail
836 ft
Hogsback Trail
1,555 ft-291 ft
Le Grande Cannon Trail
298 ft-52 ft
Le Grande Cannon Trail
4,714 ft-93 ft
Le Grande Cannon Walkway
1.1 miles-65 ft
LeGrande Cannon - NW Passage
862 ft
Little Moab - 2nd Ave
629 ft
Little Moab Trail
2,848 ft-352 ft
Lookout Trail
129 ft
Lower Davis Jump Line
581 ft-30 ft
Lower DeFord Trail
1.1 miles-40 ft
McKelvey Trail
1.2 miles-37 ft
Meatloaf Loop
1,978 ft
Meatloaf Loop
1,022 ft-71 ft
Meatloaf Loop Main
1,976 ft-41 ft
Meatloaf Loop North
1,069 ft-27 ft
Meatloaf Overlook Trail
177 ft-16 ft
Mike Cormier Trail
1,761 ft-166 ft
Mini Ridge Trail
1.4 miles-902 ft
Mini-Emmett's Connection
230 ft-30 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - Lower
1.6 miles-324 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - Middle
1.4 miles-357 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - Upper
2.6 miles-484 ft
Mt Ascension Loop
4,963 ft-82 ft
Mt Ascension Ridge Trail
1,009 ft
Nob Hill Loop East
1,451 ft-47 ft
Nob Hill Loop North
1,111 ft-97 ft
Nob Hill Loop Upper
1,393 ft-68 ft
Nob Hill Loop West
1,930 ft-88 ft
North Access Trail
391 ft-24 ft
Northwest Passage - Whyte
2,304 ft-189 ft
Northwest Passage Trail
1,887 ft-109 ft
Old Chevy Trail
1,726 ft
Old Pinchot
1,284 ft-178 ft
Pail Rider Trail
1,015 ft-124 ft
Pay Dirt Trail
2,132 ft-5 ft
Pinchot Trail
3,455 ft-38 ft
Pinchot Trail (-2016)
2,673 ft-38 ft
Pine Street Connector
247 ft
Powerline to Prospect
1,098 ft-15 ft
Powerline Trail
3,893 ft
Prairie Trail
1.3 miles-76 ft
Prickly Pear Cutoff Trail
842 ft-89 ft
Prickly Pear Trail
1.1 miles-369 ft
Prospect Shafts
1.3 miles-785 ft
Prospect Shafts Cut-Off
1,128 ft-207 ft
Prospect Shafts Trail
1.3 miles-44 ft
Quarry Trail
2,645 ft-252 ft
Reeders Alley
824 ft-96 ft
Reeders Alley Cutoff
251 ft-27 ft
Reeders Trail
3,851 ft-364 ft
Reeders Village - Alternate
1,162 ft-200 ft
Reeders Village Cutoff Trail
1,583 ft-16 ft
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