Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
1 Trick PonyBluff
581 ft-73 ft3 ft
10 Heads #23Matangi Station MTB
1 mile-85 ft46 ft
10: FHBP Linking Climbs 2 pFernhill Trails
3,756 ft-177 ft126 ft
11: FHBP: Lower Salmon Run pFernhill Trails
1,293 ft-334 ft
124Bethunes Gully/Forrester Park
289 ft-75 ft
12: FHBP Descent 3 pFernhill Trails
786 ft-172 ft5 ft
2 rivers trailRabbit Island
2 miles-45 ft16 ft
3rd BaseChristchurch Adventure Park
2,224 ft-576 ft
41-Peg/Tomahawk Lagoon TrackOtago Peninsula
1 mile-779 ft13 ft
4GSticky Forest
1,942 ft-102 ft
4WD TrackHaven Mountain Bike Park
1,732 ft319 ft
4X TrackSignal Hill
1,703 ft-241 ft12 ft
463 ft-19 ft
5th Amendment #20Matangi Station MTB
2,664 ft-338 ft
629Fringed Hill Nelson
1 mile-1,732 ft13 ft
7 Mile/Wilson Bay Track (DOC)7 Mile Riding Area
4,598 ft-362 ft50 ft
7a: FHBP Descent 2 pFernhill Trails
1,761 ft-258 ft7 ft
7b: FHBP Descent 2 pFernhill Trails
2,268 ft-548 ft
8a: FHBP Linking Climbs 1 pFernhill Trails
2,798 ft-80 ft279 ft
8b: FHBP Linking Climbs 1 pFernhill Trails
1,625 ft-9 ft144 ft
9: Upper Rude Rock pCoronet Peak Ski & Mountain Bike Park
3 miles-1,706 ft479 ft
A Digger Did ItCape Wanbrow
1,220 ft-113 ft
A Digger Did it TooCape Wanbrow
2,552 ft-7 ft105 ft
A-Line GDHCGeraldine Downs
792 ft-144 ft11 ft
Abberley Park WalkChristchurch
1,660 ft-8 ft
AC #10Matangi Station MTB
2 miles-10 ft635 ft
access roadSandy Point
1,998 ft20 ft
access roadSandy Point
2 miles-34 ft46 ft
Active RestChristchurch Adventure Park
5,019 ft-404 ft163 ft
AddictionChristchurch Adventure Park
2,133 ft-446 ft
AddictionHanmer Forest Park
3 miles-1,575 ft496 ft
Adze Catch (In Development) pBike Glendhu Bike Park
3,934 ft-173 ft25 ft
ADZE UPBike Glendhu Bike Park
4 miles-303 ft1,127 ft
AerialDenniston Plateau
5,023 ft-241 ft55 ft
Afternoon DelightCardrona Bike Park NZ
1 mile-560 ft9 ft
Agnes InclineCrocodile XC MTB Park
1,752 ft52 ft
Ahuriri Valley TrackTekapo
12 miles-1,225 ft770 ft
Airport EasyAlexandra Airport
4 miles-115 ft119 ft
Airtearoa (Lower Half) pChristchurch Adventure Park
1 mile-740 ft171 ft
Airtearoa (Upper Half)Christchurch Adventure Park
2 miles-777 ft36 ft
Al BabySandy Point
1,740 ft
Al's AlternativeCrocodile XC MTB Park
677 ft-76 ft15 ft
Alaskan Pipeline"The Gorge" Mountain Bike Park
2 miles-1,264 ft146 ft
Albert Town Lagoon TrailWānaka
2,264 ft-26 ft7 ft
Albert Town to Dublin Bay TrackWānaka
4,208 ft-131 ft
Alexandra Anniversary TrackAlexandra
7 miles-124 ft143 ft
AliTrack AKA The Climb AKA Passo Del StelvioHaven Mountain Bike Park
2,854 ft-38 ft241 ft
Allan Reid ConnectArrowtown Trails
1 mile-16 ft1,046 ft
Alley Express aka Upper Bowenvale DHPort Hills West
2,959 ft-505 ft
Alligator AlleyHanmer Forest Park
2,912 ft-59 ft3 ft
AlphaSilvan Forest
2 miles-73 ft672 ft
Alpha RimaSilvan Forest
3,957 ft-73 ft363 ft
Alpha WhaSilvan Forest
1 mile-19 ft577 ft
Alps 2 Ocean (Off-road section): Otematata to Benmore DamOtematata
3 miles-60 ft65 ft
Alps 2 Ocean Sailor's Cutting to Otematata (Off Road Section)Otematata
10 miles-1,519 ft1,584 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Aoraki/Mt Cook to Heli Pick-upMount Cook Village
5 miles-451 ft97 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Duntroon to Cants RoadDuntroon
12 miles-819 ft1,288 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Glen Lyon Road to Lake Ohau RoadTwizel
6 miles-215 ft201 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Hayman Road start to TwizelTwizel
12 miles-948 ft692 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Kurow to DuntroonKurow
17 miles-614 ft463 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Lake Ohau Lodge to Quailburn RoadOhau
12 miles-1,624 ft2,161 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Omarama to Sailors CuttingOmarama
8 miles-349 ft158 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Quailburn Road start to OmaramaOmarama
3 miles-109 ft132 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Rakis Railway Tunnel to WindsorDuntroon
3 miles-477 ft147 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Tasman Point (Heli Drop-off) to Hayman RoadMount Cook Village
7 miles-542 ft342 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Waitaki to KurowOtematata
2 miles-379 ft336 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Windsor to OamaruOamaru
11 miles-449 ft394 ft
AnacondaPort Hills East
1 mile-598 ft89 ft
Angels Edge7 Mile Riding Area
462 ft-33 ft9 ft
AnnexPicton MTB Trails
849 ft-2 ft80 ft
Ant's TrackQueenstown Bike Park
1,436 ft-394 ft
Anti DisestablishmentHaven Mountain Bike Park
1,332 ft-12 ft19 ft
3 miles-1,874 ft103 ft
Aorere ClimbSharlands
712 ft73 ft
Appendix #17Matangi Station MTB
3,199 ft-503 ft
Arawata Terrace (DoC Track)Fernhill Trails
4,537 ft-190 ft78 ft
Arawata Terrace SingletrackFernhill Trails
2,329 ft-247 ft119 ft
ArcadiaCardrona Bike Park NZ
1 mile-1,068 ft49 ft
Archer TrackDuncan Bay
5 miles-1,657 ft1,633 ft
Ari MahoeSilvan Forest
2,487 ft-249 ft5 ft
ArmageddonQueenstown Bike Park
668 ft-155 ft
Around the Mountain TrailSouthland
11 miles-435 ft467 ft
Around the Mountains Cycle TrailSouthland
11 miles266 ft
Around the Mountains Cycle TrailSouthland
10 miles-3 ft258 ft
Around the Mountains Cycle TrailSouthland
9 miles-236 ft
Around the Mountains Cycle TrailSouthland
54 miles-1,821 ft1,677 ft
Arrow River Bridges Ride - Queenstown TrailWakatipu Basin
5 miles-306 ft393 ft
Arthur Adcock Reserve TrackChristchurch
961 ft-5 ft
Ash Vs Evil DeadHaven Mountain Bike Park
1,837 ft-127 ft32 ft
Ash Vs Evil DeadHaven Mountain Bike Park
509 ft-3 ft
Asha'sFlat Top Hill
2,784 ft-110 ft144 ft
Ashburton MTB LoopAshburton
7 miles-357 ft362 ft
Ashburton/Hakatere River TrailAshburton
10 miles-237 ft27 ft
Aslan's HowOutflow
545 ft-54 ft
Atley Tarrace TrackCoronet Peak Ski & Mountain Bike Park
2 miles-767 ft848 ft
Au Natural"The Gorge" Mountain Bike Park
1,194 ft-276 ft7 ft
Aubrey Road TrackWānaka
2 miles-127 ft116 ft
AugerPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
1,653 ft-133 ft47 ft
Aurora TrackCromwell
2 miles-657 ft361 ft
AutobahnWither Hills Mountain Bike Park
2,432 ft-127 ft71 ft
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