segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1lower corral no flats Corral Trail (Lower Section)4,639 ft306 ft4118181082
2Lower Corral Corral Trail (Lower Section)1 miles349 ft40261739921
3Jump Line Sand Sprint Corral Trail (Lower Section)5,265 ft279 ft4024173564
4Traverse Section Corral Trail (Lower Section)1,533 ft14 ft38061565110
5Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)4 miles1,807 ft366766601
6Lower Connector Armstrong Connector2,213 ft139 ft3413106918
7Saxon Creek (Mr Toad's Wild Ride) Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)4 miles1,920 ft336257610
8Armstrong Connector DH Section Armstrong Connector1 miles581 ft33431037418
9Armstrong Connector Trail Armstrong Connector2 miles587 ft32821005922
10Upper Corral Corral Trail (Upper Section)4,267 ft315 ft31621241920
11Toads Stairs DH Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)3,355 ft429 ft266146831
12Toads Garden of Rock Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)1,332 ft178 ft265846605
13Pre-Toads Tahoe Rim Trail (Tucker Flat)2,025 ft138 ft260047670
14Toad Flow Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)2 miles902 ft239639836
15Mr. Toad's Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)5 miles2,330 ft2339384840
16Sidewinder Sierra Sidewinder4,417 ft289 ft2292650413
17Armstrong pass road from top of Corral Fountain Place Road1 miles598 ft224558793
18Pavement: Corral to Armstrong Connector Trailhead Fountain Place Road1 miles615 ft224158586
19Powerline at IC to Top of Armstrong Connector Fountain Place Road1 miles613 ft222457971
20Lower Toad's Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)4,111 ft277 ft203936565
21Half way to Armstrong Armstrong Pass Trail2 miles477 ft203038873
22Tahoe Rim Trail Climb Armstrong Pass Trail4,130 ft330 ft200737863
23Tahoe Rim Trail Climb Armstrong Pass Trail4,168 ft299 ft196537164
24Armstrong Climb on Trail Armstrong Pass Trail4 miles1,055 ft192936064
25Upper Armstrong Pass Armstrong Pass Trail4 miles1,037 ft1903355311
26Strongarm Armstrong Pass Trail4 miles1,072 ft169531767
27Cold Creek DH till Fork Lower Cold Creek Trail (18E06)4,032 ft280 ft166141475
28Upper Truckee Rd (W to 89) South Upper Truckee Road4,861 ft415 ft1423421713
29Luther Stair Climb Tahoe Rim Trail (Luther Stairs)2,124 ft269 ft134924306
30Al Tahoe Sprint Al Tahoe Bike Path1 miles45 ft131828532
31Luther Pass Rd Climb Tahoe Rim Trail (Luther Stairs)2,769 ft301 ft131725380
32Cold Creek Good DH Upper Cold Creek Trail (18E06)1 miles761 ft129530159
33Lower Corral Trail (Lower Section)1,438 ft64 ft123030564
34Railroad Grade to Columbine Cutoff Railroad Grade Trail1 miles51 ft121544650
35Railroad Grade Railroad Grade Trail2 miles51 ft115538194
36Xing Cold Creek Bridge Powerline Trail4,323 ft106 ft108225030
37Tahoe Rim Trail Climb Upper Cold Creek Trail (18E06)3,656 ft426 ft97920022
38Upper Cold Creek Trail Upper Cold Creek Trail (18E06)2 miles813 ft97519712
39Start Star Lake Trail to First Stream Star Lake Trail5,276 ft275 ft97316971
40Start Star Lake Trail to First Stream Star Lake Trail5,276 ft275 ft97316980
41Star Lake Connector Climb Star Lake Trail4 miles1,090 ft92315701
42Star Lake Connector to first creek crossing Star Lake Trail2 miles669 ft89314182
43Star Lake Connector Star Lake Trail4 miles1,075 ft89014107
44Christmas Valley Trail (Lower Half) Christmas Valley Trail2 miles773 ft87118537
45Lake Valley Trail Descent Christmas Valley Trail4 miles1,235 ft85417714
46Cld Crk Leg 1 Lower Cold Creek Trail (18E06)1 miles388 ft84118852
47Christmas Valley (Descent from TRT) Christmas Valley Trail4 miles1,196 ft73615257
48Endless Flow Incense Cedar Trail2 miles269 ft73417973
49Tahoe Mtn. Sandbox DH Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section)2 miles503 ft73031860
50Tahoe Mtn South Side Decent Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section)2 miles537 ft72331623
51Luther Stair Descent Tahoe Rim Trail (Luther Stairs)2,179 ft262 ft71812506
52Bridge to Sidewinder Corral Trail (Upper Section)931 ft32 ft65916913
53Incense Cedar Incense Cedar Trail2 miles323 ft63122702
54CedaR Uphill - Powerline to Corral (bridge) Incense Cedar Trail2 miles339 ft62422145
55Powerline to Cold Creek Cutoff Powerline/Cold Creek Connector2,940 ft97 ft57911621
56Top of 31B to Sign Post Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section)2 miles511 ft57427031
57Tahoe Mt. ascent from South Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section)2 miles591 ft54524871
58Railroad Grade to Powerlines Railroad Grade Trail2 miles50 ft54119523
59Al Tahoe to Powerline Trail Al Tahoe Connector2,386 ft178 ft48013061
60Tahoe Mountain Hurt Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section)2 miles575 ft477210114
61Sidewinder Uphill Sierra Sidewinder4,195 ft353 ft47414523
62Sidewinder Sierra Sidewinder1 miles340 ft47214273
63South Upper Truckee down South Upper Truckee Road5,243 ft393 ft42710870
64North Side of Tahoe Mountain climb Tahoe Mountain Trail (North Section)2 miles684 ft3399507
65summit to 89 Tahoe Rim Trail (Big Meadow)2 miles835 ft3174884
66Shooting Star Lake Super D Star Lake Trail7 miles1,138 ft2984270
67Climb up Cold Creek from Pioneer Trail to Powerline Trail Lower Cold Creek Trail (18E06)1 miles263 ft2596281
68up X mas valley Christmas Valley Trail3 miles1,051 ft2394223
69'Old Trail' DH Valley View Trail4,732 ft510 ft2206660
70Del Norte St Climb Lower Cold Creek Trail (18E06)1 miles310 ft2145171
71phone tower singletrack - up Valley View Trail4,963 ft526 ft49811
72Star Lake Trail Climb Star Lake Trail4,451 ft264 ft41410
73Down Angora Ridge Trail from Lookout Mule Deer Connector2 miles561 ft35430
74Saxon Creek Trail Climb Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)1 miles518 ft30310
75Meiss Meadow and Back Tahoe Rim Trail (Big Meadow)11 miles1,239 ft23281
76Iroquois Cir Climb Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)4,478 ft396 ft000
77Santa Claus Dr Climb Saxon Trail/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (18E13)1 miles507 ft000
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