Mountain Bike
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12N31A ConnectorTahoe Mountain
211 ft-9 ft5 ft
15th Street Public Bike PathFallen Leaf
4 miles-433 ft492 ft
18E37R Alternate IHartoonian Trails
1 mile-10 ft4 ft
18E37R Alternate IIHartoonian Trails
1 mile-30 ft2 ft
Airport Perimeter Trail (North)SLT Urban Trails
2 miles-111 ft82 ft
Airport Perimeter Trail (South)SLT Urban Trails
2 miles-113 ft120 ft
Al Tahoe Bike PathSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-44 ft92 ft
Armstrong Connector Trail 18E09ACorral
2 miles-616 ft
Armstrong Pass Trail #18E09Freel High Country
4 miles-1,272 ft254 ft
Barbara SingletrackHartoonian Trails
1 mile-13 ft47 ft
Barbara Singletrack ConnectorHartoonian Trails
1 mile-11 ft12 ft
Barton Hospital Across Truckee ConnectorSLT Urban Trails
3,615 ft-33 ft69 ft
Bijou Meadow Singletrack (Middle)SLT Urban Trails
1 mile-15 ft5 ft
Bijou Meadow Singletrack (North)SLT Urban Trails
1 mile-9 ft9 ft
Bijou Meadow Singletrack (South)SLT Urban Trails
1 mile-32 ft1 ft
Bijou Meadow/STG Connector ISLT Urban Trails
1 mile-1 ft4 ft
Cemetery ConnectorSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-17 ft3 ft
Cold Creek Trail (Lower) #18E06Powerline
2 miles-11 ft554 ft
Cold Creek Trail (Upper) #18E06Powerline
2 miles-801 ft
College Bike Path SouthSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-12 ft7 ft
College TrailSLT Urban Trails
4,570 ft-82 ft83 ft
Columbine to Pioneer Trail ConnectorSLT Urban Trails
2,381 ft-20 ft27 ft
Corral Trail (Lower) #18E14Corral
1 mile-365 ft11 ft
Corral Trail (Upper) #18E14Corral
3,143 ft278 ft
David Ln to Van Sickle ParkSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-138 ft282 ft
Deveron Connector #17E77Tahoe Mountain
3,875 ft225 ft
East Shore RoadFallen Leaf
2 miles-38 ft94 ft
Fallen Leaf Rd ConnectorFallen Leaf
1,736 ft-2 ft97 ft
Forest Mountain Spur (12N32)Tahoe Mountain
429 ft-9 ft
Fountain CutoffCorral
3,301 ft-68 ft23 ft
Fountain Cutoff SouthCorral
2,505 ft-54 ft36 ft
Hartoonian Main #18E37Hartoonian Trails
1 mile-143 ft110 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37CHartoonian Trails
1 mile-54 ft16 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37DHartoonian Trails
1 mile-64 ft85 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37JHartoonian Trails
1 mile-68 ft35 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37RHartoonian Trails
1 mile-20 ft3 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37NHartoonian Trails
1 mile-12 ft35 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37P/QHartoonian Trails
1 mile-31 ft48 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37BHartoonian Trails
1 mile-14 ft11 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37LHartoonian Trails
1 mile-37 ft22 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37HHartoonian Trails
1 mile-16 ft19 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37FHartoonian Trails
1 mile-76 ft43 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37MHartoonian Trails
1 mile-34 ft34 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37EHartoonian Trails
1 mile-20 ft32 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37AHartoonian Trails
1 mile-76 ft64 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37IHartoonian Trails
1 mile-18 ft22 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37KHartoonian Trails
1 mile-6 ft9 ft
Hartoonian Trails 18E37OHartoonian Trails
1 mile-41 ft47 ft
High Meadows OHV Trail 18E33APowerline
4,285 ft-198 ft78 ft
High School SingletrackTahoe Mountain
3,638 ft-19 ft60 ft
High School Trail ConnectorTahoe Mountain
340 ft59 ft
Incense Cedar Trail 18E14BCorral
2 miles-333 ft82 ft
Iron Mountain Connector ATahoe Mountain
237 ft-13 ft
Iron Mountain Connector BTahoe Mountain
291 ft-14 ft12 ft
Iron Mountain Connector TrailTahoe Mountain
1,311 ft-77 ft24 ft
Lake Tahoe Boulevard Bike PathTahoe Mountain
2 miles-211 ft163 ft
Lone Indian ConnectorHartoonian Trails
1 mile-10 ft38 ft
Loop RoadTahoe Mountain
1,430 ft-38 ft11 ft
Lower Powerline TrailSLT Urban Trails
5,090 ft-216 ft79 ft
Lower Trout Creek SingletrackHartoonian Trails
1 mile-18 ft8 ft
Monument Pass TrailFreel High Country
3 miles-84 ft1,149 ft
Moraine TrailFallen Leaf
2,517 ft-69 ft52 ft
North Shore of Fallen Leaf TrailFallen Leaf
2,902 ft-48 ft61 ft
Northern Fallen LeafFallen Leaf
5,086 ft-134 ft155 ft
Panther Double TrackTahoe Mountain
1 mile-210 ft217 ft
Powerline Trail #18E33Powerline
3 miles-414 ft252 ft
Powerline/Cold Creek ConnectorPowerline
2,827 ft-106 ft122 ft
Railroad Grade Trail #18E15Corral
2 miles-88 ft44 ft
Rancho ConnectorSLT Urban Trails
1 mile7 ft
Rock Garden (17E80B)Tahoe Mountain
1 mile-205 ft11 ft
Sand HarborTahoe Mountain
2 miles-207 ft253 ft
Saw Mill Cove to Taylor CreekFallen Leaf
2 miles-303 ft136 ft
Sawmill ConnectorTahoe Mountain
1,047 ft-89 ft
Saxon Creek Trail (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) #18E13Freel High Country
5 miles-2,336 ft35 ft
Sierra Sidewinder Trail 18E14ACorral
4,561 ft-399 ft99 ft
Sierra Tract - Pioneer Connector TrailSLT Urban Trails
2 miles-224 ft223 ft
South Tahoe Greenway (College Path)SLT Urban Trails
1 mile-24 ft25 ft
South Tahoe Greenway (Glenwood to Herbert)SLT Urban Trails
1 mile-27 ft48 ft
Star Lake Trail #18E01Freel High Country
3 miles-15 ft1,125 ft
Tahoe Mountain Trail (North Section) #17E78Tahoe Mountain
3 miles-791 ft136 ft
Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Section) 17E80ATahoe Mountain
2 miles-51 ft603 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (Freel Meadows) #19E00Freel High Country
5 miles-1,072 ft961 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (Freel Peak) #19E00Freel High Country
5 miles-905 ft1,298 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (Grass Lake Spur) 19E00AFreel High Country
3,088 ft-4 ft323 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (Grass Lake) #19E00Freel High Country
2 miles-83 ft837 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (High Meadows) #19E00Freel High Country
3 miles-758 ft462 ft
Tahoe Rim Trail (Tucker Flat) #19E00Freel High Country
2 miles-223 ft1,009 ft
Tartan Connector TrailTahoe Mountain
1,700 ft-54 ft103 ft
TRT: HeavenlySouth Lake Tahoe
5 miles-1,849 ft819 ft
Truckee Marsh CutoffTahoe Mountain
1,437 ft-10 ft39 ft
Truckee Marsh LoopTahoe Mountain
3,327 ft-14 ft10 ft
Truckee Marsh TrailTahoe Mountain
2,320 ft19 ft
Upper Trout Creek SingletrackHartoonian Trails
1 mile-43 ft22 ft
Upper Truckee Marsh TrailTahoe Mountain
1,550 ft95 ft
Valley View ConnectorTahoe Mountain
967 ft-9 ft76 ft
Valley View Trail 17E80DTahoe Mountain
1 mile-434 ft
Valley View Trail (Upper Section) 17E80DTahoe Mountain
1,440 ft-182 ft
Wild Life Care Connector TrailSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-52 ft29 ft
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