Mountain Bike
28th Street
5,125 ft-660 ft10 ft
32nd Street
4,234 ft-647 ft9 ft
Access Geronimo, 20th St
957 ft-8 ft8 ft
Access Javelina, 42nd Pl
825 ft-71 ft
Access Max Delta, S Mtn Park Rd
205 ft
Acer Summit Trail
256 ft12 ft
4 miles-1,388 ft1,165 ft
4 miles-274 ft578 ft
Beacon Hill
1 mile-177 ft52 ft
Beve-Ridge Connector
823 ft57 ft
Beverly-Pima Connector
1,608 ft-58 ft
Beverly-Pima Connector
827 ft-4 ft27 ft
Beverly-Pima Connector
2,772 ft-193 ft49 ft
Beverly-Pima Connector
466 ft-4 ft4 ft
Box Canyon
4,216 ft-3 ft94 ft
BPC to Loop West
2,175 ft-7 ft48 ft
3 miles-607 ft913 ft
Bursera Canyon
1 mile-600 ft
Bursera South Connector
4,902 ft-89 ft204 ft
Cholla Flats Loop
3 miles-276 ft280 ft
Corona Conn
1,756 ft-3 ft101 ft
Corona De Loma
2 miles-1,080 ft192 ft
1 mile-251 ft122 ft
Danger Noodle
2,490 ft-304 ft
DC Ray Conn
2 miles-340 ft95 ft
Degoba Alt
1,494 ft-62 ft5 ft
Degoba Loop
4,058 ft-75 ft150 ft
Desert Classic
9 miles-577 ft686 ft
Dobbins Extension
1,079 ft-128 ft
Eliminator II
1 mile-1,031 ft74 ft
Entrance Trail
3,455 ft-67 ft
Foothills Reserve Pathway
4,364 ft-20 ft30 ft
G-B Connector
765 ft124 ft
2 miles-1,058 ft25 ft
Geronimo Trail
1 mile-585 ft117 ft
2 miles-413 ft455 ft
Gila Connector
4,580 ft-136 ft170 ft
Gila Trail Connector
810 ft-12 ft
492 ft65 ft
558 ft57 ft
Granite Access
2,553 ft-244 ft61 ft
Guadalupe Perimeter Trail
1 mile-262 ft369 ft
Guadalupe Perimeter Trail
1 mile-15 ft52 ft
Guadalupe Perimeter Trail
3,442 ft-8 ft406 ft
Guadalupe Perimeter Trail
1 mile-215 ft122 ft
Guadalupe Perimeter Trail Acc
3,071 ft-45 ft
2 miles-583 ft934 ft
4,134 ft-46 ft383 ft
Hau'pal to Alta Connector
2,093 ft-49 ft153 ft
1,122 ft-10 ft14 ft
Hidden Valley Trail
2,570 ft-152 ft3 ft
2 miles-1,083 ft30 ft
Javelina Canyon
2 miles-412 ft38 ft
1 mile415 ft
Las Lomitas
3 miles-313 ft105 ft
Lost Ranch Ruin
1 mile-891 ft39 ft
Ma-Ha-Tuak Access
1,683 ft61 ft
Ma-Ha-Tuak Perimeter Trail
4,498 ft-47 ft191 ft
Ma-Ha-Tuak Perimeter Trail
4 miles-626 ft569 ft
Ma-Ha-Tuak Perimeter Trail
2 miles-138 ft184 ft
Marcos De Niza Trail
1 mile-166 ft539 ft
Maricopa Trail
1 mile-164 ft36 ft
Max Delta
2 miles-66 ft343 ft
Midlife Crisis
3 miles-920 ft228 ft
Mine Drop
4,741 ft-858 ft2 ft
1 mile-7 ft726 ft
Mormon (Mormon Loop to National)
1,145 ft-39 ft17 ft
Mormon Loop
1 mile-422 ft3 ft
Mountain Park Ranch Greenbelt
3,520 ft-44 ft
7 miles-1,890 ft1,243 ft
2 miles-140 ft557 ft
3 miles-935 ft138 ft
3,766 ft-128 ft57 ft
National Acc
2,208 ft-17 ft211 ft
Oasis South
1,239 ft-78 ft6 ft
Old Man
1 mile-1,054 ft124 ft
Olney South Access
444 ft10 ft
Pima (Upper Ridge)
1,404 ft-19 ft88 ft
Pima Canyon Loop
3 miles-327 ft397 ft
Pima Connector
1,280 ft-49 ft26 ft
Pima Wash Trail
1 mile-185 ft
2 miles-956 ft74 ft
4,075 ft-3 ft103 ft
1 mile-798 ft26 ft
2 miles-491 ft132 ft
Ridgeline Connector
1,355 ft-191 ft
1 mile-59 ft104 ft
4,495 ft-307 ft302 ft
545 ft-19 ft
Telegraph Pass
3,679 ft-2 ft474 ft
Telegraph Pass
2,279 ft-18 ft55 ft
Warpaint Acc
627 ft-2 ft6 ft
Warpaint Loop
2 miles-113 ft106 ft
Young Man Connector
627 ft-55 ft
Young Man Trail
4,746 ft-786 ft11 ft
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