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Bear Lake Trail.shpMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
1.7 miles-87 ft
BiathlonFalcon Trails Resort
2,426 ft-57 ft
Block 10 ConnectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
1,340 ft-10 ft
Block 12 ConnectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
696 ft
Block 13 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
392 ft
Block 13B connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
378 ft
Block 14 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
267 ft
Block 15 connectorFalcon Trails Resort
159 ft
Block 16 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
192 ft
Block 17 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
137 ft
Block 19 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
571 ft-6 ft
Block 19/20 connectorFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
791 ft-4 ft
Blue HighwayMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
1.3 miles-45 ft
Boat Bay TrailFalcon Trails Resort
3,140 ft-54 ft
Caddy 44McGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
1.2 miles-171 ft
Caddy 44 descentMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
808 ft-38 ft
Centennial TrailMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
5,011 ft-66 ft
Centennial Trail (Original Start)McGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
4,147 ft-146 ft
Centennial Trail - Emergency ExitMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
977 ft-111 ft
Centennial Trail to Highway 44 (Turtle Rock)McGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
811 ft-4 ft
Centennial Trail, Bear L to Emer ExitMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
5.7 miles-471 ft
Dark ZoneFalcon Trails Resort
1,057 ft-16 ft
Falcon Creek Self Guiding Trail (Hiking Only)Falcon Lake
1.6 miles-162 ft
Falcon North Shore TrailFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
3.7 miles-245 ft
Falcon South Shore TrailFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
7.6 miles-428 ft
High Bay TrailFalcon Trails Resort
5,277 ft-150 ft
High Lake TrailFalcon Trails Resort
1,786 ft-12 ft
Hunt Lake Hiking TrailWest Hawk Lake
8.3 miles-2,116 ft
Lollipop BluesMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
1,154 ft
Lookout Point 1West Hawk Lake
990 ft-67 ft
Lost Lake Trail Phase 2West Hawk Lake
1.9 miles-151 ft
Lost Lake Trail to MantarioSouth Whiteshell
4,809 ft-97 ft
Lower SunshineFalcon Trails Resort
1,438 ft-43 ft
Mantario Hiking TrailSouth Whiteshell
35.3 miles
Marsh TrailFalcon Lake
4,290 ft-7 ft
McGillvray Falls Self-guiding TrailMcGillivray Falls / Caddy Lake
12.3 miles-243 ft
Mogul climbFalcon Trails Resort
1,035 ft-17 ft
Naurco FlatsFalcon Trails Resort
2,103 ft-27 ft
Nite Hawk Cafe to Ontario BorderWest Hawk Lake
2.8 miles-257 ft
No LimitsFalcon Trails Resort
1,338 ft-71 ft
Outer LimitsFalcon Trails Resort
1,346 ft-34 ft
Phase 1 Lost Lake TrailWest Hawk Lake
1.3 miles-165 ft
Rinky DinkFalcon Trails Resort
877 ft-35 ft
Roller CoasterFalcon Trails Resort
1,587 ft-16 ft
Straight UpFalcon Trails Resort
932 ft
TCT - Faloma to Westhawk LakeFalcon Lake
5.0 miles-293 ft
TCT Westhawk to Caddy L ResortFalcon Lake Trans Canada Trail
5.2 miles-499 ft
Teagans ConnectorFalcon Trails Resort
1,419 ft-46 ft
Top of The WorldFalcon Trails Resort
1.0 miles-55 ft
Trail AFalcon Trails Resort
1,007 ft-26 ft
Trail BFalcon Trails Resort
696 ft-34 ft
Trail CFalcon Trails Resort
882 ft-76 ft
Upper SunshineFalcon Trails Resort
1,554 ft-56 ft
Warm-up shack trailFalcon Trails Resort
218 ft-14 ft
Whiteshell River Hiking TrailWest Hawk Lake
1.9 miles-348 ft
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