Mountain Bike
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2005 TrailschoolHickory Glen Park
1,329 ft-49 ft55 ft
6 To 7Proud Lake
4,035 ft-20 ft44 ft
754 LoopLakeshore Park
3,515 ft-11 ft15 ft
A LoopHighland Recreation Area
3 miles-529 ft529 ft
A Loop AccessHighland Recreation Area
739 ft-18 ft3 ft
A To BProud Lake
4,035 ft-11 ft10 ft
A To Loop 4Proud Lake
4,035 ft-51 ft27 ft
Access TrailMunson Park
3,620 ft-4 ft7 ft
Appleton AccessBrighton Recreation Area
1,096 ft-31 ft5 ft
Appleton ExtensionBrighton Recreation Area
2,472 ft-99 ft97 ft
Appleton LoopBrighton Recreation Area
2 miles-104 ft104 ft
Appleton NorthBrighton Recreation Area
2 miles-122 ft122 ft
Appleton NorthBrighton Recreation Area
1 mile-113 ft114 ft
Appleton ReturnBrighton Recreation Area
625 ft28 ft
B LoopHighland Recreation Area
5 miles-984 ft979 ft
B To CProud Lake
2,881 ft-124 ft110 ft
Baits I Downhill RunAnn Arbor
1,460 ft-119 ft
Barton Nature Area Shoreline TrailAnn Arbor Local Loop
4,321 ft-11 ft
Barton Nature Area TrailAnn Arbor Local Loop
3,409 ft-11 ft11 ft
Barton to Kuebler ConnectorAnn Arbor Local Loop
486 ft20 ft
Bell Branch Loop MTB TrailLegacy Park Trails
2 miles-86 ft89 ft
Bemis Road ConnectRolling Hills Park
1,132 ft-10 ft7 ft
Big Kame LoopDTE Energy Foundation Trail
4 miles-495 ft493 ft
Black Pond Woods LoopAnn Arbor Local Loop
600 ft8 ft
Black Pond Woods LoopAnn Arbor Local Loop
3,806 ft-55 ft43 ft
Blue Loop (Seg 1)Island Lake Recreation Area
3,005 ft-54 ft41 ft
Blue Loop (Seg 2)Island Lake Recreation Area
4 miles-108 ft101 ft
Blue Loop (Seg 3)Island Lake Recreation Area
1 mile-36 ft77 ft
Blue Loop (Seg 4)Island Lake Recreation Area
3 miles-91 ft81 ft
Bluff TrailOlson Park
1,785 ft-30 ft5 ft
Buckshaver TrailMorton-Taylor Trails
2,147 ft-19 ft15 ft
C LoopHighland Recreation Area
2 miles-218 ft215 ft
Castlewood Bandit LoopPort Huron
1 mile-3 ft2 ft
Cell TowerHickory Glen Park
232 ft-1 ft
Cemetery LoopOakdale Trails
2 miles-29 ft20 ft
Central TrailOlson Park
2,569 ft-21 ft24 ft
Chinkapin Connector TrailLegacy Park Trails
486 ft4 ft
ConnectorBrighton Recreation Area
143 ft-6 ft
Corridor CutoffCanton
808 ft-19 ft7 ft
Crooked Lake TrailPinckney Recreation Area
2 miles-112 ft99 ft
Crooked VultureMorton-Taylor Trails
874 ft-2 ft2 ft
Crooked VultureMorton-Taylor Trails
1,648 ft-18 ft16 ft
D LoopHighland Recreation Area
3 miles-665 ft664 ft
D Loop AccessHighland Recreation Area
229 ft-1 ft3 ft
D To AProud Lake
2,881 ft-44 ft
D To CProud Lake
2,881 ft-10 ft49 ft
D Towards EProud Lake
4,596 ft-37 ft140 ft
Dam AccessRolling Hills Park
206 ft8 ft
Day UseProud Lake
4,596 ft3 ft
Day Use Towards Rr TracksProud Lake
1,175 ft-16 ft
Demille BowlOakdale Trails
2,940 ft-17 ft13 ft
Dirt TrailGrass Lake Park
4,329 ft-16 ft16 ft
Dirt Trail ConnectorGrass Lake Park
1,500 ft-5 ft7 ft
DisneyHickory Glen Park
2,173 ft-56 ft49 ft
Driving RangeElla Sharp
3,460 ft-63 ft58 ft
East LoopMorton-Taylor Trails
1,919 ft-20 ft27 ft
East LoopHickory Glen Park
4,980 ft-52 ft38 ft
East LoopMorton-Taylor Trails
2,016 ft-17 ft27 ft
East RiverElla Sharp
3,401 ft-51 ft60 ft
EndorHillsdale College Hayden Park
3,223 ft-37 ft37 ft
Entrance TrailOlson Park
374 ft-6 ft
Expert LoopLakeshore Park
1 mile-122 ft117 ft
Field CutoffHillsdale College Hayden Park
379 ft16 ft
Flack AttackLakeshore Park
1,832 ft-47 ft48 ft
Found LoopBrighton Recreation Area
2 miles-88 ft75 ft
Foundation LoopLakeshore Park
1,955 ft
Frog's PassLakeshore Park
4,205 ft-67 ft62 ft
Gravel TrailGrass Lake Park
3,605 ft-10 ft11 ft
Green Lake LoopDTE Energy Foundation Trail
5 miles-315 ft314 ft
Green TrailHeritage Park
1 mile-51 ft64 ft
Green/Yellow AccessAdrian
456 ft
H Around Day UseProud Lake
4,596 ft
H To IProud Lake
4,596 ft-3 ft
Hairpin AlleyHickory Glen Park
1,778 ft-13 ft17 ft
Head EastHickory Glen Park
896 ft-15 ft24 ft
Hedge RowElla Sharp
2,394 ft-71 ft13 ft
Hetisch LoopOakdale Trails
2,664 ft-3 ft6 ft
Hickory Glen ConnectorMilford
2 miles-153 ft180 ft
Hill LoopSharon Mills
3 miles-210 ft207 ft
Hilldale TrailHillsdale College Hayden Park
2 miles-156 ft156 ft
Hillsdale North LoopHillsdale College Hayden Park
3 miles-296 ft296 ft
Hillsdale Southeast LoopHillsdale College Hayden Park
2,920 ft-53 ft55 ft
I To KProud Lake
2,516 ft-13 ft52 ft
I To MProud Lake
4,596 ft-10 ft11 ft
JC PennyIsland Lake Recreation Area
2,541 ft-33 ft40 ft
K Crossing Charms RdProud Lake
4,596 ft13 ft
K To 6Proud Lake
4,596 ft-22 ft26 ft
K To MProud Lake
1 mile-92 ft48 ft
K2 LedgeHickory Glen Park
1,384 ft-49 ft52 ft
Kensington to Proud Lake ConnectorProud Lake
2 miles-93 ft249 ft
Kevin's TwistiesHickory Glen Park
829 ft-5 ft4 ft
Kuebler Langford AccessAnn Arbor Local Loop
407 ft-7 ft
Kuebler North CreekAnn Arbor Local Loop
1,673 ft-40 ft3 ft
Kuebler North Creek to Ridge ConnectorAnn Arbor Local Loop
174 ft10 ft
Kuebler PrairieAnn Arbor Local Loop
1,414 ft-37 ft3 ft
Kuebler Prairie to South Creek ConnectorAnn Arbor Local Loop
285 ft-9 ft
Kuebler RidgeAnn Arbor Local Loop
1,811 ft-64 ft11 ft
Kuebler Ridge to North Creek ConnectorAnn Arbor Local Loop
397 ft-23 ft
Kuebler Ridge to Road StairsAnn Arbor Local Loop
341 ft-65 ft
Kuebler South CreekAnn Arbor Local Loop
1,818 ft-56 ft12 ft
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