segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Crazy On You Crazy On You1,707 ft31 ft52323530Red Wing
2Rip it up Crazy On You1,071 ft70 ft48922791Red Wing
32016 In Through the Out Door Crazy On You1,998 ft69 ft48222120Red Wing
4Whoops Love Shack2,276 ft42 ft41815480Red Wing
5Punch It Crazy On You1,099 ft73 ft37615650Red Wing
6Finish Strong! Schindler's Way1,648 ft17 ft36118934Austin
7The advanced part :O Schindler's Way3,245 ft7 ft35918635Austin
8Middle Gamehaven The Middle5,058 ft65 ft34729014Rochester
92016 Blue Lay Down Sally Lay Down Sally2,726 ft56 ft34313000Red Wing
10Let it rip Rocky Ridge1,722 ft73 ft32225107Rochester
112016 Upper 2112 21122,300 ft108 ft32110620Red Wing
12New Gamehaven race climb Short Loop714 ft74 ft30323563Rochester
13New south section ( sign back to tar ) Schindler's Way2,823 ft7 ft30013623Austin
14XC Bikes on DH Trails Black Betty920 ft92 ft2369952Red Wing
15Eastwood back singletrack Possum1 mile43 ft22913951Rochester
16The Edge The Edge1,374 ft27 ft22718930Rochester
17Eastwood singletrack seg2 Sand Witch4,157 ft41 ft20012180Rochester
18Eastwood singletrack seg5 Hike Loop2,620 ft35 ft18310340Rochester
19Middle Eastwood Pedal Dance4,094 ft35 ft18211150Rochester
20The hardest part My Ding-A-Ling500 ft70 ft1715981Red Wing
21Eastwood TT start The Return1,382 ft22 ft16310760Rochester
22Gamehaven Exit Full Loading...4,441 ft46 ft14213414Rochester
23Gamehaven Entrance Full Loading...3,739 ft46 ft14114965Rochester
24GHDT Killen Trail1,899 ft26 ft13814132Rochester
25The fun part Spin1,083 ft29 ft13416391Rochester
26cxletrack Corkscrew1,004 ft13 ft1335420Rochester
27The Warmup! Low Rollers2 miles192 ft13213571Winona
28Lower roller Race to the Finish Low Rollers4,385 ft142 ft1219200Winona
29North Loop Schindler's Way2,679 ft8 ft1186835Austin
30Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul Long Loop1,640 ft31 ft1168574Rochester
31Newer Gamehaven race cimb Long Loop503 ft69 ft1148314Rochester
32The Lean Bonus Round620 ft26 ft1147921Rochester
33Outer :) Schindler's Way2 miles23 ft1123651Austin
34Middle Gamehaven Reverse The Middle4,671 ft56 ft939432Rochester
35Redwing Downhill Black Betty2,173 ft231 ft872143Red Wing
36Kevy's Super Fun Beginner Loop Holzinger Lap3,596 ft35 ft661971Winona
37bench cut climb Rocky Ridge1,572 ft72 ft574190Rochester
38Austin 3.3 re route Schindler's Way3 miles27 ft454602Austin
39Austin Harespamble Schindler's Way3 miles28 ft444494Austin
40Austin MTB Schindler's Way2 miles20 ft402054Austin
41Harespamble 2017 Schindler's Way4 miles29 ft281522Austin
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