segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Red Fairy Red Trail3,281 ft270 ft1166122402Killaloe
2Bike park Ireland Blue Trail Blue trail3,255 ft337 ft93335359Killaloe
3Pedal to DeeMax Red Trail525 ft39 ft81488834Killaloe
4BPI Red Trail Red Trail3,177 ft273 ft804860619Killaloe
5red 1st half race Red Trail823 ft88 ft80082121Killaloe
6Blue Fairy Blue trail3,046 ft283 ft75533389Killaloe
7Fairymount Farm DH track 2 Black Trail 21,869 ft270 ft62129097Killaloe
8Bike park Ireland Green Trail Green Trail5,154 ft300 ft60514565Killaloe
9BPI Black 1 Black Trail 11,654 ft268 ft52816614Killaloe
10Black 3 Black Trail 31,417 ft252 ft46918835Killaloe
11EnduroAlley Enduro Alley2,781 ft296 ft31516003Bunclody
12Bpi new black trail Blue trail1,984 ft358 ft2707602Killaloe
13StartofRaceLap toEntrancetoParadise Forest Road3,073 ft270 ft24419001Bunclody
14Tangle Twister Tangle Twister702 ft56 ft21910972Bunclody
15Step 3 One Big Step1,267 ft122 ft2089033Bunclody
16Step 2 One Big Step907 ft189 ft20010442Bunclody
17Rock and Roll DH Rock and Roll DH1,168 ft291 ft1979342Bunclody
18Alley Cat Enduro Alley630 ft52 ft17710362Bunclody
19Step 1 One Big Step814 ft152 ft1586202Bunclody
20Selection Box Selection Box1,622 ft168 ft14712892Bunclody
21One Big Step One Big Step3,046 ft487 ft1444651Bunclody
22Unnamed Road Climb Enduro Climb4,229 ft274 ft1202010Killaloe
23Tunnels 2 (2015 Race edit) Tunnels 21,390 ft206 ft1204372Bunclody
24Mini Mini (according to Strava)1,232 ft180 ft725575Bunclody
25Tick Drop Tick Drop2,291 ft147 ft702541Clonmel
26Mini's Way Mini (according to Strava)1,968 ft237 ft684563Bunclody
27MiniK2 Forest Road792 ft27 ft634441Bunclody
28portlaw mtb hill climb Glenhouse Loop1 mile320 ft592844Waterford
29church to chair turnoff Full Forrest Drop1,278 ft54 ft554030Waterford
30The rabbit hole The rabbit hole441 ft58 ft533492Bunclody
31DiggerTops DiggerTops1,274 ft97 ft524252Bunclody
32Test Fireroad721 ft9 ft431781Waterford
33Wall Run (Half) Wall Run3,508 ft488 ft37981Waterford
34DH Track (bottom half) DH Track1,379 ft247 ft36790Waterford
35Wall Run (full) Wall Run1 mile664 ft33641Waterford
36derrinlaur drop Derrinlaur Drop1,854 ft193 ft281304Clonmel
37Left bank Slippery Hill489 ft51 ft272740Carlow
38triple jump Slippery Hill573 ft50 ft272840Carlow
39Slippery Hill 1 Slippery Hill1,101 ft161 ft273520Carlow
40Slippery Hill 2 Slippery Hill331 ft70 ft253460Carlow
41Bottom of dh Minuan DH11,803 ft193 ft241300Waterford
42Step3Up One Big Step1,130 ft118 ft241142Bunclody
43Car Park to top of Wall run Fireroad2 miles733 ft23301Waterford
44thorny bridge run DH Track3,627 ft656 ft22421Waterford
45DH Track (top half) DH Track2,543 ft455 ft22320Waterford
46DH Track (top fireroad to carpark) DH Track4,159 ft703 ft21340Waterford
47Jumping Clog Jumping Clog485 ft82 ft19900Carlow
48Derrinlaur Drop Lower Derrinlaur Drop Lower1,205 ft135 ft13290Clonmel
49DH1 - Top to bottom incl fireroad side sections - Downhill Minuan DH12,936 ft297 ft10450Waterford
50Slippery Hill Slippery Hill1,650 ft208 ft000Carlow
51Critical Mass Critical Mass1,168 ft196 ft000Bunclody
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