Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"Cliffhanger ConnectOr"P-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
1,781 ft-92 ft
"O Cliffhanger" EastP-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
2 miles-282 ft228 ft
"O" - - - - Yeah !!!P-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
4,570 ft-386 ft9 ft
"RevOlution"P-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
2,451 ft-155 ft7 ft
1-1 ClimbRancho Cucamonga
3,688 ft-72 ft492 ft
10 PlySnow Summit Bike Park
1 mile-1,016 ft
105P-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
2,385 ft-358 ft3 ft
215 TrailGreer Ranch
3,963 ft-267 ft3 ft
215 Trail Break RightGreer Ranch
797 ft-59 ft
30th and P-8 Access PointP-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
1,220 ft-94 ft18 ft
38 SpecialCrafton Hills
1 mile-18 ft602 ft
3rd Tower ClimbEdwards AFB Trails
1 mile-31 ft165 ft
85th WestPalmdale
1 mile227 ft
Across the TopRim Nordic
2 miles-139 ft325 ft
Across the TopRim Nordic
2,613 ft-176 ft77 ft
Across to Boulder PerchP-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
407 ft3 ft
Akawie Loop TrailBuckhorn
2 miles-386 ft305 ft
Akawie Peak TrailBuckhorn
4,078 ft-13 ft402 ft
aKross to decision pointP-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
2,480 ft-46 ft93 ft
Aldergate TrailGreer Ranch
1 mile-172 ft187 ft
AlphaSan Bernardino County
3 miles-175 ft219 ft
Alpine Pedal PathBig Bear
3 miles-116 ft109 ft
Ammo GullySycamore Canyon
2,782 ft-125 ft3 ft
Aqueduct North Side End to EndP-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
4 miles-179 ft151 ft
ArbyCathedral City
2 miles-985 ft94 ft
Arch TrailAlvin Meadow
1 mile-260 ft147 ft
ArrowSkyPark at Santa's Village
2,874 ft-297 ft65 ft
Arroyo SurferEdwards AFB Trails
5,092 ft-5 ft13 ft
Arroyo TrailPicacho
5 miles-495 ft195 ft
Art JohnsonPalm Canyon
3 miles-1,509 ft32 ft
Art Smith Trail from Dunn Rd.Palm Desert
8 miles-2,242 ft860 ft
AscendEl Paso Mountains
4,436 ft-42 ft164 ft
AscensionGreer Ranch
1 mile-88 ft416 ft
Aspen GroveBig Bear
56 miles-80 ft648 ft
826 ft-16 ft3 ft
1,366 ft255 ft
Baby YodaLa Quinta Cove
1,873 ft-64 ft
Back DoorEl Paso Mountains
1 mile-37 ft451 ft
Back Door Snake RunSycamore Canyon
1,654 ft-122 ft
Backside CutoffDesert View Conservation Area
1,496 ft-12 ft21 ft
Bad ManorDesert View Conservation Area
3,778 ft-94 ft98 ft
Balboa's GardenRancho Cucamonga
1,811 ft-73 ft4 ft
Baldwin LoopMaple Hill Trail System
2 miles-267 ft266 ft
BALISONG!P-12 (Rancho, aka Antelope Valley Trails)
1,243 ft-129 ft
BanditSnow Valley Mountain Resort Bike Park
3,376 ft-327 ft
Bantha PoodooLa Quinta Cove
1,112 ft-98 ft
Barney OldfieldPicacho
12 miles-278 ft418 ft
Barrett StoddardRancho Cucamonga
5 miles-1,148 ft866 ft
Barton FlatsAngelus Oaks
1 mile-254 ft110 ft
Basketball CourtSouth Hills Preserve
8 miles-34 ft
Bear Creek Canyon Oasis TrailLa Quinta Cove
4 miles-202 ft2,142 ft
Bear TrapAlvin Meadow
1 mile-236 ft352 ft
Bear Trap LoopAlvin Meadow
2,749 ft-60 ft61 ft
Beartracks UplineSkyPark at Santa's Village
1,316 ft-16 ft190 ft
BeaverEl Paso Mountains
4,694 ft-177 ft61 ft
BedfordRiverside County
Bedford Motorway ClimbRiverside
5 miles-154 ft2,433 ft
Beginner TrackDesert View Conservation Area
1,824 ft-35 ft50 ft
Bell's BridgesVailocity Bike Park
1,237 ft117 ft
Bench Climb Southwest951 Trails
2,530 ft-3 ft280 ft
Bench DoubletrackSouthridge
3,916 ft-129 ft22 ft
BenchtopEl Paso Mountains
2,475 ft-11 ft172 ft
Big CedarRim Nordic
2,264 ft109 ft
Big Downhill ClimbEdwards AFB Trails
1 mile-67 ft183 ft
Big HornLa Quinta
2,180 ft-4 ft168 ft
Big Horn 2La Quinta Cove
1,606 ft-109 ft7 ft
Big Horn 3La Quinta
1,086 ft-135 ft
Big Pine ConnectorMaple Hill Trail System
1,129 ft82 ft
Big Tree Truck Rd
5 miles-667 ft1,927 ft
Billy BobGreer Ranch
1 mile-73 ft163 ft
Bishop Crossing NorthApple Valley
3,858 ft-150 ft37 ft
Bishop Crossing SouthApple Valley
4 miles-405 ft365 ft
Bishop Little LoopApple Valley
4,944 ft-66 ft148 ft
Black BearIdyllwild
3 miles-567 ft251 ft
Black BearRim Nordic
3,494 ft-434 ft2 ft
Blacks DownhillEl Paso Mountains
850 ft-130 ft4 ft
Blair RockSycamore Canyon
2,531 ft-50 ft119 ft
Block (Troy Lee) Middle 1Corona
749 ft-133 ft12 ft
Block (Troy Lee) Middle 2Corona
2,036 ft-293 ft
Block Trail (Troy Lee)Corona
1 mile-571 ft
Blue Mountain TrailGrand Terrace
2 miles-6 ft1,131 ft
Blue SteelSnow Summit Bike Park
1 mile-471 ft4 ft
Bluff MesaSouth Big Bear Lake
2,133 ft-7 ft57 ft
Blythe-Ehrenberg River CrossingRiverside County
2,126 ft-12 ft43 ft
BobcatRim Nordic
2,620 ft-72 ft172 ft
Bobcat (Skyline)South Big Bear Lake
2 miles-174 ft169 ft
Bobcat Loop WestChino Hills State Park
1 mile-62 ft193 ft
Bocca Di ValleThe Plateau
1,568 ft-61 ft103 ft
BogertPalm Springs
2 miles-642 ft123 ft
Bomb DropCrafton Hills
1,141 ft-273 ft
Bonus HillSouth Hills Preserve
1,165 ft59 ft
Bonus SingletrackRancho Cucamonga
417 ft-17 ft
Bonus to WallRancho Cucamonga
2,602 ft-73 ft36 ft
Bonus TrailRancho Cucamonga
5,015 ft-228 ft248 ft
Boo Boo BalooLa Quinta Cove
1,732 ft-51 ft
Boo Hoff Ledge TraverseLa Quinta Cove
1,486 ft-130 ft
Boo Hoff TrailLa Quinta Cove
8 miles-2,039 ft1,635 ft
Boo HuffLa Quinta Cove
1,276 ft46 ft
Booby TrapCorona
4,053 ft-489 ft17 ft
Bottle RocketSycamore Canyon
3,528 ft-226 ft10 ft
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