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Al BabySandy Point
1,740 ft
AugerPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
1,653 ft-133 ft
BeadleSandy Point
1,200 ft-3 ft
Big MacSandy Point
1.4 miles-12 ft
DaveSandy Point
860 ft-3 ft
dDubBluff Hill (Motopohue)
795 ft-45 ft
Dog's DinnerSandy Point
2,465 ft-13 ft
Easy StreetBluff
ElastratorPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
2,701 ft-71 ft
Ewe TurnPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
4,507 ft-44 ft
GarySandy Point
2,301 ft-3 ft
GenesisBluff Hill (Motopohue)
2,479 ft-192 ft
Green DayBluff Hill (Motopohue)
989 ft-3 ft
Happy RockSandy Point
1,444 ft-3 ft
I'm Rock I AmPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
228 ft-13 ft
JoJoeSandy Point
1.2 miles-16 ft
Kaipipi TrackStewart Island
2.1 miles-448 ft
Lake2Lake Te Anau to ManapouriTe Anau
11.5 miles-838 ft
Lakefront Trail Te AnauTe Anau
3.3 miles-33 ft
Little ElastratorPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
316 ft
LyndsaySandy Point
3,810 ft-8 ft
Mean BanjoCroyden Bush/Dolamore Park
1,891 ft-376 ft
MorrisonSandy Point
4,073 ft-7 ft
MotopohueBluff Hill (Motopohue)
4,521 ft-710 ft
MotorheadBluff Hill (Motopohue)
840 ft
NancySandy Point
1,535 ft-3 ft
No Name TrailSandy Point
2,130 ft-10 ft
PatSandy Point
2,659 ft
PhlopSandy Point
4,017 ft-15 ft
Pork PiePerenuka Mountain Bike Park
672 ft-95 ft
Rattle Ya DagsPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
1,644 ft-76 ft
Royale with CheeseGore
4,288 ft-433 ft
Ryan's CreekStewart Island
1.0 miles-266 ft
ShortSandy Point
532 ft-3 ft
SoundgardenBluff Hill (Motopohue)
2,727 ft-77 ft
Squeal like a pigCroyden Bush/Dolamore Park
3,238 ft-340 ft
SvendSandy Point
3,421 ft-10 ft
SwoopSandy Point
869 ft
The BrettinatorSandy Point
5,185 ft-9 ft
The FixxBluff Hill (Motopohue)
3,364 ft-298 ft
Vote for pedroCroyden Bush/Dolamore Park
562 ft-203 ft
WaddickSandy Point
5,085 ft-11 ft
Water Race TrailCroyden Bush/Dolamore Park
2.9 miles-921 ft
WazzamatagauriPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
1,325 ft-53 ft
WeezerBluff Hill (Motopohue)
1.1 miles-91 ft
Wet RubberCroyden Bush/Dolamore Park
2,479 ft-397 ft
Woolly JumperPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
695 ft-88 ft
WufflerPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
2,878 ft-133 ft
Yabba Dabba DooPerenuka Mountain Bike Park
1,689 ft-80 ft
ZZ TopBluff Hill (Motopohue)
4,250 ft-210 ft
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