Mountain Bike
3 Lakes Loop
1 mile-186 ft207 ft
Echo Quarry
5,128 ft-125 ft224 ft
Lake Desire
1,355 ft-157 ft
Lilly Pad Spur
1,906 ft-63 ft18 ft
Loop off Echo Quarry main trail
957 ft-73 ft
Lower Ridge Connector
876 ft-63 ft
McGarvey East
3,282 ft-94 ft36 ft
McGarvey West
2,791 ft-61 ft99 ft
Neighborhood Connector
2,915 ft-56 ft22 ft
1,401 ft-18 ft26 ft
Ravine Trail
3,121 ft-191 ft112 ft
Ridge Loop
1,732 ft-75 ft37 ft
Ridge Trail
5,010 ft-219 ft137 ft
The Juice
893 ft-209 ft
Trillium Way Road
3,793 ft-64 ft270 ft
830 ft-39 ft
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