Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
48st WestSpruce Grove
1,348 ft2 ft
49 St SouthSpruce Grove
2,054 ft10 ft
494Spruce Grove
1,260 ft-3 ft3 ft
495Spruce Grove
1,214 ft2 ft
497Spruce Grove
394 ft
498Spruce Grove
518 ft-3 ft
500Spruce Grove
863 ft
505Spruce Grove
810 ft-9 ft
506Spruce Grove
262 ft
524Spruce Grove
456 ft
525Spruce Grove
1,050 ft-8 ft
527Spruce Grove
850 ft3 ft
528Spruce Grove
1,870 ft12 ft
529Spruce Grove
472 ft-2 ft
530Spruce Grove
328 ft
532Spruce Grove
551 ft-10 ft
533Spruce Grove
348 ft-2 ft
534Spruce Grove
253 ft-2 ft
535Spruce Grove
220 ft
537Spruce Grove
676 ft-5 ft
538Spruce Grove
627 ft
539Spruce Grove
535 ft5 ft
540Spruce Grove
515 ft-2 ft
541Spruce Grove
171 ft
542Spruce Grove
1,089 ft14 ft
543Spruce Grove
240 ft
607Spruce Grove
915 ft2 ft
833Spruce Grove
535 ft-3 ft
834Spruce Grove
1,302 ft-2 ft5 ft
Bark BurnChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
2,662 ft-82 ft47 ft
Chic PeaChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
2,438 ft-28 ft14 ft
Cranberry CornerChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1 mile-100 ft146 ft
Double DownChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
2,826 ft-144 ft23 ft
Easy EscapeChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,036 ft-141 ft7 ft
Fever FaultChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,024 ft-131 ft20 ft
Flat Earth TheorySpruce Grove
305 ft
Genesis Lake LoopSpruce Grove
2,585 ft-5 ft5 ft
Gluten FreeChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,201 ft-14 ft26 ft
Golf Course Road (East)Spruce Grove
1 mile-2 ft23 ft
Golfcourse Road WestSpruce Grove
1,864 ft-6 ft2 ft
Home RunChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
689 ft-8 ft34 ft
Indian RangeChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
4,225 ft-133 ft131 ft
Indian Ridge ConnectorChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
4,112 ft-159 ft138 ft
Lights and SirensChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,534 ft-159 ft
Nature's WayChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1 mile-172 ft170 ft
Nature's WayChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,940 ft-94 ft124 ft
Nature's WayChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
119 ft-9 ft
Nature's Way ConnectorChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
820 ft-44 ft
Neon LeonChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,308 ft-59 ft5 ft
Pandora's BoxChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
1,915 ft-44 ft28 ft
Parkland Stream (West)Spruce Grove
4,452 ft9 ft
Woodland LookoutChickakoo Lake Recreation Area
2 miles-317 ft301 ft
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