segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1zen ridge descent (proper finish) Zen1,432 ft102 ft5265149432
2Bearclaw - Grit style Bearclaw Poppy2 miles271 ft4937168791
3SC roundabout to bronze roundabout Snow Canyon Bike Trail3,408 ft69 ft4618261685
4Sand Wash DH? Bearclaw Poppi3,805 ft73 ft4329123276
53 Fingers of Pop Bearclaw Poppy (down)968 ft121 ft41601251711
6Night sprint-2 Snow Canyon Bike Trail947 ft20 ft4064213810
7boats n hoes Bearclaw Poppy (down)986 ft110 ft4053120961
8Night sprint-3 Snow Canyon Bike Trail2,363 ft29 ft4004207450
9Zen ridge descent Zen1,665 ft120 ft3622979411
10Zen Climb Zen5,250 ft279 ft3615982916
11ZenTacular Zen2,516 ft231 ft358596978
12Upside Down Super Daisy Zen2,399 ft221 ft358096752
13acid washed lycra Bearclaw Poppi (clavicle)972 ft73 ft340479644
14Popp'n Acid Drops Bearclaw Poppi (clavicle)1,277 ft65 ft327091427
15Sand Wash Bearclaw Poppi2,214 ft30 ft326285043
16Home Stretch Barrel Roll4,868 ft56 ft309285135
17Gap tank road bottom to gate Green Valley Acc2,273 ft149 ft305087844
18Barrel Roll Clockwise - Back Climb Barrel Roll1 miles241 ft303680728
19Barrel Rolling Barrel Roll3,143 ft158 ft302580422
20heading to toshi station for some power converters Barrel Roll3,609 ft188 ft300479285
21Watch out for dirt bikers Cove Wash Access3,096 ft257 ft2993113390
22hoes and boats Bearclaw Poppy (down)1,284 ft122 ft298281394
23Green Valley Dirt Road Green Valley Acc4,477 ft265 ft292081315
24Pain = Gain Stucki3,019 ft163 ft290682144
25Barrel Roll from Sidewinder Barrel Roll5 miles323 ft284568826
26can you KOM like kenny casa ZEN 1 GEAR SMASHER Zen-Out2,843 ft181 ft261972419
27To Air or Not to Air Stucki1,594 ft126 ft258973495
28Barrel Roll west loop cw Barrel Roll3 miles295 ft257361380
29Hittin' the Switch Barrel Roll3,971 ft148 ft241665573
30Sidewinder (West-East) Sidewinder1 miles326 ft229365767
31Sidewinder climb Sidewinder1 miles346 ft226964999
32Sidewinder (East-West) Sidewinder1 miles343 ft226464061
33Red Canyon roller coaster finish Snow Canyon Bike Trail2 miles438 ft220956132
34Precipice Precipice4,031 ft143 ft2052575910
35Sunbrook Dr Climb Green Valley Acc1 miles290 ft204848913
36Nica State Champs Start Sprint Gv Race1,996 ft64 ft1995115211
37Killer HIll Cove Wash Access1,080 ft72 ft191182373
38Race Course #1 - CT Gv Race4,774 ft73 ft189396242
39Grinder Cove Wash Access3,119 ft243 ft188581742
40Barrel Roll (Clockwise) Barrel Roll6 miles303 ft1841399110
41Snake sprint Rattlesnake3,991 ft24 ft183982537
42Barrel Roll Climb Barrel Roll2 miles322 ft181537873
43Suicide down from loop Suicidal Tendencies5,146 ft266 ft177036423
44Stucki Climb final mile Stucki5,157 ft117 ft176146230
45270E to River trail split Riverside1 miles48 ft1755103303
46Stucki Climb Stucki4 miles536 ft1746453110
47Let it rip Stucki2,903 ft140 ft170244012
48Cove Wash Road Climb Cove Wash West1,313 ft102 ft169550991
49cove wash launch pad Rim Rock860 ft76 ft168450421
50Wood Bridge to Riverside Virgin River Paved1 miles39 ft167188004
51Highstep n Stucki Stucki993 ft39 ft166341011
52Quick down Barrel Roll3,189 ft143 ft161732372
53virgin river trail climb Virgin River320 ft28 ft155387876
54Sidewinder Sprint loop CCW Sidewinder2,135 ft32 ft151237391
55Barrel Water or Fall Barrel708 ft86 ft149941594
56Barrel Trail 1st Descent Barrel2,433 ft210 ft145139716
57Upper Barrel ED Barrel2,864 ft224 ft144939650
58Race Course #4 - CT Gv Classic2,228 ft88 ft144657993
59Jerry Sprinter Barrel1,805 ft163 ft144039640
60Racecourse Downhill 1 Gv Race3,984 ft264 ft143459210
61ICUP green valley race DH #1 Gv Race4,213 ft283 ft142958544
62Snake sprint Rattlesnake3,151 ft24 ft140157075
63Stucki single track along the fence Stucki1 miles112 ft139739825
64Whiptail To Pinyon Whiptail Trail2 miles152 ft138521561
65green valley bomber DH Green Valley Acc4,855 ft262 ft134025890
66OLD VERSION - Sidewinder Sprint loop CCW Sidewinder2,036 ft32 ft129532251
67road to road climb Cove Wash Access5,184 ft300 ft125655362
68Blast from the car Cove Wash Access983 ft50 ft124956160
69Parking lot climb - singletrack only Cove Wash Access5,149 ft291 ft124354880
70Suicude drop in and out (tech section only) Suicidal Tendencies1 miles230 ft123325444
71Precipice (buffered ends) Precipice3,878 ft92 ft118032020
72Snake Pit (South-North) Rattlesnake2 miles245 ft116449817
73keep feet on pedals! Rim Rock1,033 ft88 ft110629081
74Unnamed Road Climb Cove Wash West1,326 ft344 ft89222532
75South Valley View Drive Climb Suicidal Tendencies4,856 ft342 ft85614910
76Suicide Plateau Climb Suicidal Tendencies2 miles469 ft83514491
77Pushing Tin Loop (Counterclockwise) Pushing Tin Loop2 miles144 ft83128147
78State Route 300 Climb Whiptail Trail1 miles275 ft82214401
79SUICIDE MESA upper loop only clockwise Suicidal Tendencies3 miles370 ft81514331
80feelin blown.....get me a coke Suicidal Tendencies1 miles397 ft81314030
81Full Suicide Decent! Suicidal Tendencies2 miles637 ft81214012
82Sidewinder Sprint loop clockwise Sidewinder2,156 ft36 ft80516140
83Suicide clockwise from Sidewinder Suicidal Tendencies5 miles629 ft79813300
84turtle wall to view Turtle Wall3,544 ft142 ft79736240
85Turtle wall arch to view Turtle Wall4,371 ft194 ft79335956
86Tin man Pushing Tin Loop2 miles138 ft79128240
87Paging Dr. Greenthumb. Santa Clara River2 miles70 ft78732712
88Rim Reaper (South to North) Rim Reaper2,393 ft80 ft74720572
89Secret Sauce Top Down Secret Sauce4,049 ft179 ft74729971
90jam it Kentucky Lucky Chicken4,457 ft60 ft74219592
91Ledges to Snow Canyon Upper Entrance Trail Snow Canyon Bike Trail3 miles328 ft74117776
92full cleavage Suicidal Tendencies2 miles604 ft74113943
93Snake Pit (North-South) Rattlesnake2 miles233 ft73920451
94Snow Canyon Park trail S to N complete Whiptail Trail3 miles381 ft73712560
95Slip and Slide Secret Sauce2,147 ft63 ft70122784
96Granola Sons-of-Bitches Chuckwalla2,406 ft98 ft68918470
97Jonas is lost again Base Line2 miles224 ft67118222
98Granola sprints o bitches Chuckwalla2,460 ft110 ft66417670
99Bushwacked! Chuckwalla1,389 ft75 ft66317710
100KLC Clockwise Kentucky Lucky Chicken4 miles324 ft66316659
101BC KENTUCKY LUCKY CHICKEN CLOCKWISE LOOP Kentucky Lucky Chicken4 miles291 ft63916662
102Special Sauce (counterclockwise) Secret Sauce2 miles183 ft60218777
103Making a Claim Claim Jumper3 miles210 ft60117865
104Final Approach Secret Sauce2,330 ft62 ft59318555
105SS to PT Connector Pushing Tin Access3,394 ft27 ft59016774
106Liftoff Secret Sauce2 miles218 ft57715902
107Secret Sauce DH Secret Sauce1 miles230 ft56720085
108suicide whole trail clockwise Suicidal Tendencies6 miles639 ft55510291
109suicide whole trail counter clock Suicidal Tendencies6 miles656 ft55410284
110Pushing Tin Loop Pushing Tin Loop2 miles143 ft54421508
111Tin Clock Pushing Tin Loop2 miles143 ft54121510
112suicide loop north segment main climb Suicidal Tendencies2 miles548 ft5389941
113Halfway Wash to Snow Canyon NB Halfway Wash2 miles194 ft49016720
114Rim Runner (Clockwise) Rim Runner3,430 ft53 ft48711701
115Dirt Road Descent Black Brush Acc1 miles323 ft4817470
116Barrel Roll west loop ccw Barrel Roll3 miles302 ft4718960
1171/2 Skyline Beeotch Red Hills Pkwy908 ft115 ft4657550
118cymatics Stucki Cutoff1,404 ft66 ft4568770
119Izasana (highly modified wheelchairs only downhill) Tempi-po-op Trail1 miles344 ft44910122
120Climb to Barrel Roll Black Brush Acc1 miles310 ft4407192
121Claim Jumper Climb Claim Jumper3 miles186 ft42711732
122Paradise DH Paradise Rim3,068 ft223 ft3958420
123SS CCW via CJ E Secret Sauce2 miles172 ft3809131
124Paradise Descent Paradise Rim4,672 ft269 ft3717780
125Kentucky Lucky Chicken CCW Kentucky Lucky Chicken4 miles319 ft36510262
126Curley Cutoff Curley Hollow3,341 ft33 ft36423241
127Barrel Roll (counter clockwise) Barrel Roll6 miles315 ft3544771
128Turtle Wall to Halfway Wash Turtle Wall3,863 ft228 ft3326361
129Rim Runner (Counterclockwise) Rim Runner3,255 ft44 ft3287890
130Anasazi rock farmer. Tempi-po-op Trail1 miles351 ft3286910
131Jeezy Big Ring Jeezy5,056 ft183 ft3027111
132Sunbrook Dr Climb Barrel4,931 ft304 ft2706410
133Race Road to Tonaquint school Curley Hollow3,603 ft33 ft26116220
134Utah 18 Climb Beck Hill1 miles303 ft2534240
135Upper Beck Hill Beck Hill3,492 ft211 ft2504300
136hiking the garbage chute Stucki Gap747 ft158 ft2273071
137wrock righting Tempi-po-op Trail1,368 ft28 ft2113480
138ride the rut Stucki Gap918 ft185 ft2085692
139Red Rock Bicycle Co's Fasty Fast Bloomington Alt4,311 ft180 ft1768153
140Over Macho Grande....?? Pushing Tin Loop4 miles140 ft771900
141Huntsman 5K RUN Riverside3 miles31 ft53750
142Bearclaw Poppy Decent Bearclaw Poppy2 miles290 ft000
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