segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1ROAD TO PARKING LOT Signal Hill983 ft31 ft35336212
2Bridgetopia Signal Hill762 ft12 ft31850692
3can I get some action in the midsection Signal Hill3,031 ft20 ft31531552
4Hey You! In the Van! Down By The River!!! Signal Hill953 ft31228203
5first mile blaster Signal Hill1 miles77 ft30627996
6Enchanted Forest - backwards Signal Hill1,495 ft15 ft30537933
7pounding beers by the pump track ftw Signal Hill1,374 ft22 ft29630943
8trash trail short loop not including circuit city Signal Hill3 miles75 ft18813495
9Uncle Walters OG parkway Signal Hill2,611 ft23 ft16412102
10backasswards TT Signal Hill3 miles73 ft241550
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