segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Land Rover Track Climb to Junction Forest Road1,252 ft76 ft44413533917
2Union canal -station sprint Polmont Station via canal2,224 ft14 ft4234109256
3gypsy king to glen village via canal Union Canal Towpath2 miles41 ft345290045
4Bankside to Blue Bridge Towpath4,333 ft27 ft328192716
5Runway Jumps Runway730 ft34 ft29952493024
6short cannon Cannonball Run1,462 ft109 ft29872107511
7A Bridge Too Far Runway1,325 ft91 ft2972242638
8Runway Start Runway2,224 ft159 ft2968239207
9Faff Free Runway Runway3,630 ft218 ft29672419827
10Big Berm Sprint Runway568 ft37 ft29292245710
11Cannonball Run Cannonball Run2,674 ft124 ft29251879340
12Carron Valley First Section Pipedream1 mile218 ft28821955614
13loop crossover Forest Road424 ft22 ft28692241611
14Final sprint to Kilmahog Callandar and Oban Railway Path (Rob Roy Way)4,229 ft91 ft286153460
15Eas Dubh to trail end Eas Dubh2,377 ft166 ft2844212576
16Eas Duhb road to road Eas Dubh2,612 ft169 ft2819211500
17Eas Dubh Trail Eas Dubh2,642 ft162 ft2818209972
18East Dubh Switchbacks Eas Dubh1,181 ft68 ft2790201556
19Start of Pipedream Pipedream1,040 ft54 ft2789203732
201st Climb Pipedream1,035 ft55 ft27852038610
212 BERM 1 Runway720 ft47 ft2768210527
22Pipe dream (Before Diversion) Pipedream1,404 ft73 ft2718190092
23Grangemouth High Switchbacks Slamannan Road link863 ft44 ft194553564
24Cannonball Run (Shortened) Cannonball Run2,515 ft140 ft167150664
25up to the carpark Craigieburn Wood336 ft7 ft1603155716
26rooty tooty Canada Trail561 ft5 ft15841605415
27Craigburn between gates2 Craigieburn Wood2,728 ft29 ft141187452
28gate to the bench Craigieburn Wood680 ft7 ft138884762
29gate to the bench Craigieburn Wood680 ft7 ft138884762
30Back to the road Craigieburn Wood1,149 ft13 ft138784410
31Back to the road Craigieburn Wood1,149 ft13 ft138784412
32Craigburn between gates1 Craigieburn Wood2,931 ft30 ft138086013
33A quick dash Craigieburn Wood4,450 ft44 ft137385015
34Blue Enduro Section Craigieburn Wood1 mile49 ft136383880
35wee blast Forest Road173 ft11 ft128690043
36Sewage Works Run Path2,346 ft6 ft127977801
37Rock garden riot Auchengean Trail518 ft28 ft119779395
38Tamfourhill Blast Tamforhill Wood2,357 ft32 ft117268758
39Kilbean down Kilbean Wood2,604 ft147 ft109056568
40scrappie to cottage Path1,202 ft6 ft105049190
41Up and Up Kilbean Wood2,378 ft99 ft97252966
42Canada wood blast Canada Wood2,843 ft22 ft93757496
43runway end Runway598 ft28 ft93220481
44Helix sprint Cycleway1,261 ft6 ft929712715
45Along the boardwalk Canada Trail318 ft8 ft92545064
46FireStarter Kilbean Wood1,828 ft36 ft89642660
47Lava Flow Sherrifmuir to Dumyat Fence502 ft55 ft85844164
48Conic HIll Steps Down the Steps1,738 ft390 ft8509812
49Boulder Field Sherrifmuir to Dumyat Fence1,269 ft181 ft84942595
50Dumyat top to fence descent Top climb to Dumyat1,376 ft93 ft791387215
51Top climb to Dumyat Top climb to Dumyat4,657 ft479 ft78437465
52Gate to the road over the bridge Mulituse1,153 ft16 ft77832103
53first part mine woods Mine Woods Descent1,349 ft200 ft75762873
54First Part Mine Woods Mine Woods Descent1,317 ft211 ft73860439
55Witches gate to new Gate Witches Craig descent1,665 ft237 ft73449657
56Sherrifmuir to Dumyat fence Sherrifmuir to Dumyat Fence1 mile549 ft690375512
57Double tap Mine Woods Descent680 ft110 ft68854994
58Gate to stream Witches Craig descent2,631 ft350 ft68728683
59New gate to burn Witches Craig descent813 ft154 ft67341416
60Kilbean Downhill Kilbean Wood1,401 ft95 ft66434515
61speed trap Dumyat junction to Yellowcraig833 ft74 ft66231352
62Wee sprint Cycleway1,671 ft7 ft65341678
63The path of a thousand gates Trail1,623 ft69 ft65327700
64Across the rooftops. North Third1,240 ft25 ft64626063
65Mine Woods Bottom Mine Woods Descent981 ft130 ft63548307
66Sauchie Craig Descent (from fallen trees) Sauchie Craig1,258 ft137 ft63030950
67Dumyat junction to Yellowcraig Dumyat junction to Yellowcraig1,974 ft191 ft63029415
68Clifftop Final Descent Sauchie Craig1,533 ft112 ft62930916
69Sauchie Craig including the roots Sauchie Craig1,936 ft129 ft62930612
70Kilbean Chase Kilbean Wood3,708 ft51 ft62220232
71Full descent woods Mine Woods Descent4,136 ft321 ft621494212
72University woods - top footpath Uni-woods wall to wall1,523 ft140 ft60143661
73end mine woods Mine Woods Descent1,646 ft189 ft59445458
74Trig Point to Thirteen Steps Bottom North Third2,770 ft97 ft59022706
75The Thirteen Steps North Third566 ft65 ft58722724
76Back to the Canal Lime Road1,706 ft99 ft58120622
77Glen Finglas Rd Climb Glen Finglas Road3,020 ft308 ft5738868
78Strava lead me to Doping :) Path3,162 ft8 ft57327644
79Cool Cats drift not drop Witches Craig descent3,240 ft386 ft56128385
80Sauchie Craig Sauchie Craig5,210 ft307 ft55124855
81Wall to road Sauchie Craig5,008 ft281 ft55124770
82Witches craig descent Witches Craig descent2,620 ft391 ft55133869
83Sauchie Craig Descent Sauchie Craig3,354 ft166 ft54924674
84Uni Woods top Uni-woods wall to wall1,588 ft139 ft54437569
85From SF to the house Streetfighter917 ft71 ft52026026
86north 3rd trig point to bridge North Third1 mile266 ft51420072
87The warm up.. Main Path2,602 ft119 ft50118522
88Rocket and Roll Rocket and Roll1,336 ft40 ft49016592
89Post to rock gap Main Path1,542 ft131 ft48917650
90Streetfighter Streetfighter709 ft67 ft489232810
91Car Park Descent Sherrifmuir to Dumyat Fence1,309 ft94 ft48420446
92Lime Craig jct 2 - jct 3 Forest Road1,368 ft201 ft48223291
93pump track Canada Wood602 ft7 ft46837090
94Gateside Rd Climb Craigs Wood Path2,268 ft311 ft45311023
95Top of SF to house Streetfighter1,757 ft163 ft45021564
96Fence to Car park Full Sherrifmuir to Dumyat Fence1 mile543 ft44218442
97Lochan Spling (Milton side) Forest Road1,875 ft7 ft44011235
98Mine Woods rad finish Mine Woods Descent843 ft135 ft43724641
99Lower Dumyat Traverse Lower Dumyat Traverse3,344 ft115 ft43622858
100Mast Climb Forest Road2,498 ft281 ft43518187
101Lionthorn Red Trail Kilbean Wood1,980 ft31 ft43021224
102Castle climb Access Road2,379 ft88 ft42546935
103Bat house descent Bat House955 ft197 ft425218217
104Cambu jumps Quarry Woods Descent469 ft50 ft42315452
105Chute to stream Witches Craig descent1,534 ft143 ft42325441
106new south climb South Climb1,634 ft35 ft42264354
107last wee fast bit Love Child2,525 ft76 ft41226861
108Round the hill Meall Cala Circular9 miles1,471 ft4104996
109Could be orange or black Aberfoyle Bike Park278 ft5 ft40030150
110Go Ape Singletrack Descent Go-Ape Singletrack Descent957 ft128 ft39813548
111A82 Climb WHW: Tyndrum to Loch Lyon Access4,143 ft288 ft3884810
112Whoflungdung Auchengean to Kilbean Link3,931 ft60 ft3889921
113Orange 1 Aberfoyle Bike Park419 ft3 ft38718630
114Cambusbarron fultons jumps Quarry Woods Descent909 ft96 ft37912382
115Escape the quarry Main Path813 ft84 ft37813581
116Dam to Inlet Reservior Path4,690 ft60 ft3789244
117Lime Craig from jct with RRW Forest Road1 mile572 ft37212211
118Uni Woods Alt Uni-woods wall to wall3,488 ft219 ft36622952
119Aberfoyle blue Aberfoyle Bike Park515 ft6 ft35922260
120A821 Climb Glen Finglas Access Trail2,770 ft364 ft3554122
121lower witches Broken Toe Descent1,815 ft332 ft34915275
122Main trail Broch Path1,816 ft118 ft33124145
123drumcode Drum Wood Link1,370 ft19 ft31910371
124Dounans to lime craig jct3 Forest Road1 mile575 ft31913242
125Noodle Soup Middle Noodle Soup (Middle)780 ft127 ft31111217
126Nimmo's Nimmo's853 ft198 ft309116010
127Noodle Soup Top Noddle Soup (Top)1,325 ft253 ft3018616
128Noodle Soup Bottom Noodle Soup (Bottom)418 ft77 ft29810444
129Lionthorn - complete loop Kilbean Wood1 mile151 ft29510723
130Lochan Spling, entrance to exit Forest Road3,067 ft44 ft2949423
131Woodland Trust Descent Glen Finglas Access Trail2,245 ft288 ft2934111
132Gateside Rd Climb Farm Track1 mile545 ft29215694
133Langlees health walk - Pump house to New Carron Road Path2,874 ft13 ft28913573
134All jumps Quarry Woods Descent824 ft177 ft2897800
135Funduro Woods Section The Naturist1,119 ft81 ft2757453
136Pt3 Rodeo511 ft135 ft2696555
137Gate to Gate descent Ben Lawers base Ben Lawers Ascent5,207 ft604 ft2653250
138Pt2 Rodeo550 ft153 ft2646965
139Pt1 Rodeo1,289 ft244 ft2576895
140Uni Switchbacks (fixed) Uni switchbacks without shortcuts1,859 ft237 ft23914944
141Dukes pass to bridge Log Jump1,209 ft189 ft2338184
142High Plains Drifter Path1,197 ft96 ft23215836
143Mini Enduro!! Uni switchbacks without shortcuts1,305 ft179 ft23115320
144Pt4 Rodeo742 ft205 ft2305334
145Clashmore to Clashmore Farm Forest Road1,531 ft18 ft2294412
146quarry woods descent Quarry Woods Descent3,075 ft185 ft2245813
147Loose Forest Road1,168 ft113 ft2217580
148Log jump Log Jump1,369 ft203 ft2096946
149Stank Middle Section Stank Middle876 ft179 ft20910826
150Torwood broch to quarry Quarry Descent1,556 ft124 ft20815844
151Stank Short Forest Road2,629 ft234 ft2026790
152Torwood Mainline Path1,281 ft131 ft19413526
153Stank bottom Stank Bottom726 ft177 ft19210037
154Stank top Forest Road4,107 ft406 ft1926647
155Rut 'n' Roll B1543 ft89 ft1904312
156Danny's Double Dozen Danny's Double Dozen642 ft190 ft1884854
157Ape Sh*t Forest Path818 ft195 ft1775562
158A827 Climb Ben Lawers Ascent1,349 ft268 ft1741821
159Rodeo Rodeo3,076 ft730 ft1733736
160Golden Owl Golden Owl709 ft209 ft17254910
161B822 Climb Meikle Bin Path3,081 ft497 ft1682392
162Ben Ledi Forestry Road to Car Park Descent Ben Ledi Path2,123 ft354 ft1612661
163Attack the steps Ben Ledi Path2,555 ft537 ft1593071
164Lodge descent into woods Forest Path955 ft48 ft1582981
165Lionthorn Blue Trail Kilbean Wood5,255 ft113 ft1585852
166Love Child Love Child1,574 ft88 ft15611673
167Glen Finglas clockwise Meall Cala Circular10 miles1,479 ft1531761
168Supercell Twister (2019)1,995 ft163 ft1457902
169full escape the quarry Main Path2,527 ft219 ft1393400
170Mast - Western Approach Forest Road3,478 ft247 ft1371891
171Go Ape Descent Go-Ape Descent1,313 ft138 ft1362052
172Missed turn downhill bonus Forest Road4,019 ft235 ft1352001
173Segment Forest Road5,035 ft346 ft1345750
174bin burn uphill Bin Burn Singletrack4,347 ft112 ft1322181
175Stank top climb Forest Road1 mile415 ft1315711
176Michael Bay Grass Section Meikle Bin Path2,400 ft422 ft1281740
177Beinn Glass Descent to Lawers junction Ben Lawers Ascent1 mile1,402 ft1281494
178Meikle Bin Summit to Fireroad Meikle Bin Path3,100 ft495 ft1261712
179Meikle Bin DH Meikle Bin Path2,725 ft484 ft1251680
180Twist 'n' Shout Twist 'n' Shout1,342 ft87 ft1254273
181descent to bochastle Access Road2 miles536 ft1203080
182AAHHH!!! what a good way to finish!! :-) Access Path775 ft149 ft1132640
183Quick Thrills Sauchie Craig347 ft27 ft1123490
184M9 Climb Towpath1,200 ft339 ft1111431
185big brake Big Wood Trail1,390 ft64 ft1115190
186Bin burn single track Bin Burn Singletrack4,642 ft139 ft1091966
187Go Ape singletrack climb Go-Ape Descent1,363 ft152 ft1093730
188Big Wheel, we've got a f#€king big wheel Path1,565 ft15 ft1083670
189Fun bit Forest Road491 ft81 ft1083163
190Ben Ledi Footpath climb Ben Ledi Path2,026 ft362 ft1071850
191Heart attack hill Forest Path1,257 ft260 ft941971
192A81 Climb Forest Road3,060 ft424 ft931282
193Scout Bridge Climb Forest Road1,909 ft176 ft923742
194Dukes Pass Singletrack Descent to Main Road Dukes Pass Descent2,653 ft307 ft922341
195main trail climb Broch Path1,826 ft122 ft913331
196Switchbacks to Bridge Access Path1,837 ft219 ft904384
197Path to Stirling Road Path to Stirling Road2,461 ft130 ft891681
198wee techy bit Kilbean Wood695 ft84 ft892031
199Up Up Forest Road1,299 ft96 ft881080
200Bracklinn hairpin climb Access Path864 ft50 ft873161
201Boomerang Trail1,001 ft126 ft831325
202Clashmore farm to Clashmore Loch Forest Road1,594 ft21 ft822240
203Jekyll and Hyde Jekyll and Hyde1,588 ft248 ft741447
204Woods west climb Big Wood Trail1,072 ft60 ft735170
205It's worth it climb Path1,029 ft66 ft711790
206Killers Secret Trail Killers Secret Trail995 ft94 ft702262
207Goblin climb Forest Road1,048 ft125 ft683321
208Route 77 Route 774,387 ft277 ft681943
209Route 77 Route 774,387 ft277 ft681940
210Ben A'an down Ben A'an Path1 mile1,081 ft65661
211Duke'S Pass Climb Ben Venue Path4,276 ft598 ft64680
2123 Wild Terns Uni-woods wall to wall640 ft70 ft631400
213Lochan Spling, North side Forest Road5,128 ft52 ft63931
214Waterfalls climb Forest Path1,933 ft241 ft621521
215Inlet to Dam Reservior Path1 mile63 ft601600
216Duke'S Pass Climb Ben A'an Path3,447 ft548 ft59550
217Welcome to hell (part 2)!! Forest Path1,581 ft362 ft581122
218Steps to Tulipan Crescent Path2,210 ft201 ft571722
219North side climb from Glen Lyon Dam Loch Lyon Track3,039 ft373 ft57581
220Balquhidder Kirk Climb Forest Road3,026 ft346 ft521531
2212km climb Forest Road1 mile419 ft51890
222Uni hole in wall to stepup Uni-woods wall to wall1,956 ft175 ft50890
223Ben A'an up and down Ben A'an Path2 miles1,081 ft46432
224Angry R-Leg Angry R-Leg1,692 ft424 ft443216
225Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet1,007 ft141 ft431013
226Craigs Wood Craigs Wood Path4,159 ft157 ft43621
227Woods mid climb Big Wood Trail1,422 ft55 ft42900
228Ben Venue, Boardwalk to Second fireroad Ben Venue Path1 mile613 ft42540
229Loch Lyon southside Loch Lyon Track6 miles134 ft42451
230Braeval Car Park descent Braeval Path1,696 ft126 ft41690
231Mouse King Old Farm Track4,863 ft322 ft40880
232Goblin Goblin1,636 ft194 ft401112
233National Route 7 Climb Glen Finglas - Stuc Dhudh1 mile922 ft39481
234Angry man Dan Angry R-Leg1,396 ft304 ft381583
235Ben Venue Climb - CP Sign to Last Water Bar at Waterfall Ben Venue Path2 miles1,010 ft38440
236Lost Trail Forest Road1,621 ft58 ft381043
237Hippy - Lower Hippy - Lower1,483 ft174 ft381422
238Hippy - Mid Hippy - Mid1,039 ft184 ft381272
239Uni Woods from Hole in Wall Uni-woods wall to wall2,437 ft177 ft37530
240Hobo - Mid Hobo - Mid1,219 ft256 ft371033
241Crags top trail Callander Craig2,823 ft386 ft351982
242Short Climb to Lost Trail Doubletrack1,432 ft218 ft351193
243Ben Venue descent to Ledard Ben Venue, Loch Ard Path2 miles1,765 ft35320
244Viewpoint descent Viewpoint Descent921 ft199 ft34531
245Troll Troll1,147 ft173 ft34812
246Welcome to hell!!! Forest Path2,528 ft608 ft33472
247Heart attack descent Forest Path1,029 ft243 ft32502
248Lochan Spling Quick burst Forest Road3,137 ft41 ft30470
249Frank'n'Popper Franken Popper2,123 ft470 ft281981
250Round Lochan Spling Forest Road5,091 ft51 ft28422
251Crags climb Craigs Climb2,521 ft371 ft271611
252Ancaster Road Climb Path2,485 ft263 ft24400
253Pigs With Guns Pigs with guns1,091 ft142 ft24661
254Finglas climb to gate Glen Finglas - Stuc Dhudh2,685 ft452 ft23241
255Garabhan trails Garabhan Trail1,192 ft79 ft223332
256Get stoked and kick ur bike Quarry Descent4,628 ft117 ft20480
257Deer Stalker Deer Stalker1,077 ft109 ft171642
258Shove up :-( Forest Road658 ft97 ft16190
259Elf The Elf3,573 ft141 ft15252
260Shove up and Whizz down :-) Forest Road1,594 ft97 ft14161
261Stage 1a Stage 1b1,204 ft43 ft13150
262Heart Attack Hill Forest Path992 ft240 ft670
263The Square Root Franken Popper2 miles475 ft110
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