segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Down from Diamond Fork Hot Springs 5th Water2 miles642 ft2174390
21st & 2nd Water Climb Cottonwood Creek3 miles835 ft1904020
3Lollipop Stick Down 5th Water (15)2 miles296 ft1753390
4Cottonwood Canyon Climb Cottonwood Creek3 miles961 ft1623591
5Gate to Hot Springs 5th Water2 miles667 ft1523380
6Diamond Fork DH 5th/6th Waters 5th Water4 miles1,285 ft1443271
7DFHP Climb 5th Water2 miles558 ft1291940
8Unnamed Road Climb 5th Water1 miles363 ft1261721
9Up to Diamond Fork Hot Springs 5th Water3 miles670 ft1061461
10Upper Fifth DH 5th Water (15)3 miles492 ft1002150
115th Water DH - Strawberry Ridge to Center 5th Water (15)2 miles762 ft952040
12Lollipop Stick Up 5th Water (15)2 miles296 ft941270
13Upper Cottonwood 2nd Water (18)2 miles880 ft882070
142nd Water Climb to Center Trail Split 2nd Water (18)2 miles842 ft882070
15Strawberry Ridge 5th Water DH 5th Water (15)5 miles1,316 ft871930
16Ray's Road to Center Trail 2nd Water (18)2 miles837 ft872070
17down hill Cottonwood Creek3 miles841 ft841440
18Quarter-Mile Killer 2nd Water (18)1,236 ft165 ft832080
19Dirt Road after the creek to the pavement First Water1 miles304 ft802040
20The Switches Strawberry Ridge783 ft87 ft781750
21Hobo Camp Down Cottonwood Creek4 miles1,015 ft761320
22The Ridge Road Strawberry Ridge6 miles398 ft661592
23Strawberry ridge Strawberry Ridge2,234 ft167 ft601621
24Diamond Fork 5th/6th Waters Climb 5th Water4 miles1,262 ft56800
25Unnamed Rd Climb Center Trail1 miles463 ft48590
26Race to the Top Sixth Water3,582 ft227 ft47580
27Road to Waterfall Cottonwood Creek4,356 ft236 ft46700
28Unnamed Rd Climb Center Trail1 miles316 ft43540
29Cottonwood DH Cottonwood Creek5 miles1,717 ft43651
30Center from 5th water to Strawberry Ridge Center Trail4 miles887 ft40510
31Fifth water to road climb 5th Water4 miles1,153 ft34490
32Awesome Center Trail Downhill Center Trail3,159 ft392 ft24270
33Center Trail 1st Water to 5th Water Center Trail (Main)6 miles875 ft19210
34Center Trail from Strawberry Ridge to 5th water intersection Center Trail4 miles889 ft14140
35Steep n Cheap Yo! Tie Fork GWT2,415 ft204 ft990
36Tie Fork Climb Tie Fork GWT3 miles1,524 ft770
37Unnamed Rd Climb Center Trail (Main)2 miles712 ft440
38Flat top Aspens to trailhead DH Tie Fork GWT2 miles944 ft110
39Bridgers Goodness! Tie Fork GWT2 miles944 ft110
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