segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Red/Yellow Descent (lot to road) Royalview Red Trail1 miles141 ft11301190318
2hybrids out the way! Royalview Red Trail2,589 ft77 ft857102903
3Don't Reject Your Gear Royalview Red Trail641 ft10 ft85168423
4Mill Stream - Yellow Royalview Red Trail3 miles172 ft82965507
5A little fun on the western side Royalview Red Trail2,056 ft81 ft82869045
6Gomer Pyle half mile Royalview Red Trail3,523 ft60 ft82064663
7Skills Out and Back Trail at Royalview Out & Back2 miles56 ft802361111
8Warm-up loop Royalview Red Trail2,205 ft10 ft65247490
9mill stream red loop Royalview Red Trail4 miles120 ft61832766
10Royalview West Reverse Royalview Red Trail2 miles132 ft490291510
11Mill Stream - Downhill Royalview Red Trail3 miles176 ft39416038
12Red CCW East (uphill) Royalview Red Trail1 miles125 ft38612844
13Red Loop from top lot- follow arrows Royalview Red Trail4 miles157 ft369147310
14Time Trial Beginner Royalview Red Trail3 miles132 ft35610934
15Royalview Outerloop Counter Clockwise Royalview Red Trail6 miles184 ft2617873
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