segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Athens Trail - 2nd technical climb Athens Trail570 ft88 ft21911283
2Lower Finger Rock Finger Rock1,133 ft165 ft21110302
3Finger Rock Descent Finger Rock2,907 ft243 ft2019645
4Rock house trail to rock house Rockhouse3,747 ft46 ft19111194
5Rad Athens trail Athens Trail3,371 ft153 ft1799684
6Trace Climb to Athens Trace Trail505 ft82 ft1517171
7Trace Climb Trace Trail5,119 ft272 ft1486853
8Athens Trail - 1st technical climb Athens Trail378 ft56 ft1376422
9Athens Trail Descent Athens Trail3,203 ft255 ft1237354
10Climb from the pond Athens Trail3,014 ft248 ft945242
11Finger rock climb Finger Rock1,494 ft177 ft933403
12Copperhead Bridge to pond Rockhouse1 mile76 ft795193
13Turtlehead Bridge to pond Rockhouse2 miles93 ft572475
14Thunderbunny from vista point to road Thunderbunny4,917 ft96 ft000
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