segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1GR Exit Blue Loop1,058 ft15 ft1313159227
2Glacier Ridge Entrance Blue Loop1,917 ft41 ft12721486713
3CR 83 South CR83 South1,664 ft27 ft12201469014
4The Ridges Black Loop4,616 ft56 ft12101288511
5No Tresspassing DH Gotta Do The Ridges946 ft60 ft1138121869
6Side Winder Sidewinder1,079 ft31 ft1131132789
7White Ghost Climb The White Ghost Trail1,248 ft75 ft10911182615
8Hunter's Path Hunter Trail - Down and Back1 miles49 ft962100999
9Bowl Of Ramen Noodles! Eclipse1,718 ft31 ft9601033910
10Mushroom Head Mushroom Top4,182 ft51 ft939107177
11Back Breaker Main Loop1,965 ft18 ft88379501
12This = Twist Main Loop3,413 ft10 ft87278204
13The Begining Main Loop1,157 ft35 ft86079044
14Deer Path Deer Path2,763 ft26 ft82275214
15Boundary downhill Boundary Line1,713 ft28 ft81873932
16Boundary Loop Boundary Line4,981 ft29 ft81473784
17Main Loop - Space Landing to Shorty Main Loop3,072 ft38 ft80550854
18Dragon Main Loop318 ft1 ft80451436
19Big Pine Big Pine979 ft26 ft80371422
20Memorial Way Want More / Had Enough1,412 ft37 ft79867319
21Actual Bartlett Rd Loop Barlette Rd Loop1,895 ft30 ft79373442
22RP Fast Lane #1 Main Loop1,794 ft12 ft79348904
23RP Fast Lane #2 Main Loop1,790 ft10 ft78949893
24Sandbox - Desert - End Main Loop1 miles35 ft78748968
25Main Loop - Rte 21 to Waterbottle Hill Main Loop1 miles11 ft78248394
26Burn + Berm Berm and Burn3,535 ft29 ft75571581
27Kitty Litter Hill Kitty Litter Hill1,794 ft50 ft72770313
28Mogul Two Mogul Two1,192 ft4 ft69942483
29Trick or Treat? Trick or Treat2,060 ft11 ft69559162
30super fun hill to the superfund Setauket to Port Jefferson Station Bike Path1,719 ft95 ft69429511
31setauket to pj station Setauket to Port Jefferson Station Bike Path1 miles59 ft69228868
32Mogul One Mogul One1,515 ft3 ft65838105
33Campsite climb Campsite654 ft51 ft64938191
34Climb Every Mountain Setauket to Port Jefferson Station Bike Path1,712 ft56 ft63721264
35Campsite Campsite1,778 ft57 ft63536795
36Log Jam Log Jam1,209 ft31 ft63434533
37MVH1 Trailhead to Terrapin Station Manorville Hills Connector2 miles116 ft63040629
38Manorville Hills Manorville Hills Main Loop8 miles150 ft61540289
39Terrapin Station back to Trailhead Manorville Hills Connector2 miles126 ft61231987
40Eastside Shotgun Sea Monster661 ft30 ft58461958
41Old Bridge Screamer Sea Monster990 ft33 ft58059150
42Offroad Decent Queen's Trail614 ft27 ft57787086
43Andromeda Andromeda4,647 ft26 ft56758661
44Actual Westside Loop West Side Loop3 miles70 ft55631590
45BJ's Way BJ's Way4,825 ft42 ft52545958
46Actual Shorty Shorty839 ft52 ft51129032
47Setauket-Port Jeff Station bike path westbound Setauket to Port Jefferson Station Bike Path1 miles87 ft51124505
48Actual Waterbottle Hill Waterbottle Hil1,417 ft31 ft48723500
49Over The Hill And Far Away Over The Hill and Far Away1,602 ft23 ft48124652
50The Jungle Overton Main Loop1,886 ft27 ft47523005
51Let 'er Rip Overton Main Loop1,186 ft29 ft47323003
52Feelin the Flow Loop 23,945 ft37 ft42320825
53Short Track Andromeda4,023 ft26 ft42233959
54Twisted Sister Blue Loop752 ft20 ft41536753
55Switch-A-Roo Switch-A-Roo1,120 ft34 ft41334584
56Concrete Jungle The Styx1,745 ft61 ft411375010
57EdgewoodsOnlyHill Main Loop1,168 ft14 ft40725428
58Mill Rd Loop Overton Main Loop4,284 ft39 ft40217402
59Betsy's Hill Setauket to Port Jefferson Station Bike Path1,639 ft109 ft39916415
60Wild Laurel Wild Laurel5,157 ft47 ft39622073
61Rock and Rocks Loop 42,387 ft21 ft36517644
62Don't miss it Loop 53,914 ft25 ft35616545
63Loop 2 Loop 2 Yellow4,256 ft14 ft34315729
64Loop 5 Loop 5 Yellow5,278 ft13 ft32915076
65Loop 1 Loop 1 Yellow1 miles11 ft29613549
66Red 1 - Halfpipe Loop 6 Red2,735 ft8 ft29014479
67Fooooore! Blue Main Loop1,446 ft25 ft28424832
68Probably the most technical trail on Long Island. Loop 8 Red2 miles22 ft28311724
69Loop 7 Loop 7 Yellow4,155 ft26 ft28213209
70Hippy Dippy Do Orange Palooza2,437 ft101 ft28127164
71To the Top Glacier 8 Main Loop1,481 ft104 ft27427752
72Trail Blazing Main Loop4,906 ft14 ft27314693
73Loop 4a Loop 4 Yellow898 ft9 ft25613147
74101 Proof More Wild Turkeys2,527 ft18 ft2539033
75Loop 4 + 4a Loop 4 Yellow2,043 ft9 ft25112396
76Chutes 'n' Ladders Black Loop2,881 ft31 ft24514041
77Pink Floyd Pink Floyd4,198 ft72 ft23323163
78playground Wild Turkey Loop1 miles45 ft2306552
79rock city bitch Loop 11 miles31 ft2254552
80Route 112 Loop Loop 11 miles28 ft2236375
81Serpent's Back- North Serpents Back1 miles116 ft2006863
82down and up serpents back Serpents Back1,027 ft64 ft1996790
83Rag Doll Run Rag Doll Running4,922 ft30 ft1946082
84Drag Strip The Winding Way924 ft1939295
85Last 2.5 miles The Oak Maze3 miles16 ft1878643
86Winding Way The Winding Way3 miles18 ft1788543
87Sick Bro Switchback Black Loop675 ft39 ft16312272
88Roller Coaster Roller Coaster2,842 ft16 ft1496233
89Hillside Drive Hillside Drive1,695 ft24 ft1455023
90Scuttle Hole Scuttle Hole2,265 ft32 ft1385293
91Log Ride Log Ride1,479 ft19 ft1304813
92Fox Hollow Fox Hollow1,720 ft15 ft1044822
93Shortness of Breath Makamah Loop1,942 ft62 ft973023
94Fern Gully DH Fern Gully1,219 ft69 ft884535
95Fort Beach to Pavilion Sunken Meadow Beach Ride/Run2 miles76 ft873380
96The Secret of Mana Makamah Loop3,795 ft71 ft832931
97Fern Gully Singletrack Fern Gully3,262 ft83 ft774152
98Blufftop Singletrack- Riding High Bluff Trail3,383 ft99 ft711681
99Makamah Beach to Callahans Beach Sunken Meadow Beach Ride/Run2 miles12 ft662700
100Switchbacks to 25a Makamah Loop1,923 ft87 ft662325
101Wooded Flow The Wooded Flow1,110 ft68 ft623021
102SM Beach: Tailwind Sunken Meadow Beach Ride/Run1 miles3 ft551410
103Yellow Trail N Finish Yellow Brookhaven Trail3,640 ft37 ft491650
104Yellow Trail S Start Yellow Brookhaven Trail3,668 ft37 ft472210
105Bluff to Bluff Bluff Trail4,994 ft108 ft461111
106Fern Gully Uphill Fern Gully2,956 ft73 ft371800
107KP Hike and Bike Uphill Kings Park Rail Trail1 miles127 ft37700
108Red Trail Rollers Red Loop1 miles28 ft33741
109into the woods Makamah Loop4,882 ft87 ft32792
110The Way Down P5 Trail3,793 ft203 ft302161
111Hill Top Overton Main Loop4 miles71 ft12171
112Brookhaven Red Loop Red Loop4 miles38 ft11161
113Fern Hills Singletrack Fern Gully3,177 ft85 ft000
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