segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Taggart Rd Climb Taggart Road/Sumas Mtn FSR1 miles463 ft103462743
2squid climb Squid Line1,661 ft98 ft99038994
3Climb to Emma Peel Taggart Road/Sumas Mtn FSR1 miles512 ft97056174
4Squid from the first road crossing Squid Line2 miles665 ft95336035
5The Squid Line Squid Line3 miles1,017 ft913337725
6Lost Lake Rd Climb Taggart Road/Sumas Mtn FSR1,879 ft302 ft73730291
7Lower Knob Knob Gobbler3,502 ft382 ft72827695
8Lost Lake Rd Climb Taggart Road/Sumas Mtn FSR4,318 ft363 ft71725831
9Knob Gobbler Knob Gobbler2 miles693 ft69223955
10Knob Gobbler Full Knob Gobbler1 miles675 ft68123839
11Upper Knob Gobbler Knob Gobbler1,772 ft141 ft62119901
12Extra Sauce Emma Peel4,848 ft329 ft39713997
13Upper Noahs Noah Fear1,622 ft228 ft38317095
14Whole Emma Extra Peel Emma Peel2 miles465 ft35712011
15Holiday Sauce Sort Bit Pre-Peel764 ft96 ft35111993
16Noah Fear Noah Fear2,687 ft363 ft312130410
17No Time Out No Time Out4,216 ft144 ft28511553
18Lower Time Killer Time Killer2,188 ft472 ft2116355
19World Cup World Cup2,506 ft422 ft20368510
20World Cup World Cup2,349 ft418 ft1976274
21Top of Knob to Eastern lookout to Top of Eastern to Chadsey Lake Eastern Lookout Trail2,242 ft48 ft1952320
22Upper Time Killer Time Killer4,272 ft440 ft1874173
23Time Killer Time Killer1 miles1,028 ft1703675
24Taggart Rd Climb Access54,004 ft407 ft881800
25Taggart Road Climb Taggart Road/Sumas Mtn FSR2,138 ft275 ft843471
26salty nozzle Salty Nozzle2,878 ft483 ft781673
27Devils Throat Devils Throat944 ft346 ft621232
28wall of death Access121,700 ft144 ft601451
29Upper Sumas Mountain Road Climb Long Way Home2,192 ft283 ft421420
30Hallert Road Climb Long Way Home3,651 ft394 ft391130
31Long way home Long Way Home3 miles792 ft32731
32Rock Diva Rock Diva1,747 ft490 ft23540
33Lost Lake Rd Climb Hiking Trail3,929 ft612 ft330
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