Mountain Bike
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2BucksCopper Mountain Resort
1,869 ft-400 ft85 ft
Argentine North ForkArapahoe Basin
2 miles700 ft
BB Trail #9515Dillon
3,809 ft217 ft
Beans For BreakfastKeystone Resort
618 ft-73 ft
Bills RanchFrisco
2,605 ft-351 ft8 ft
Blair WitchSummit Cove
1 mile-274 ft292 ft
Blue OsoCopper Mountain Resort
2,201 ft-209 ft
BluegrassKeystone Resort
2,444 ft-154 ft
Boatramp SwitchbackFrisco
1,683 ft-127 ft
Boy ScoutsKeystone Resort
2,641 ft-167 ft19 ft
Buffalo RunFrisco
1,184 ft-60 ft
Buzz SawFrisco
2,057 ft88 ft
Buzz Saw EastFrisco
3,924 ft-101 ft8 ft
1 mile-151 ft86 ft
CDT CT - Copper Mountain #2108Copper Mountain
2 miles-249 ft261 ft
CDT CT - Searle Pass #1776Copper Mountain
15 miles-3,227 ft2,682 ft
CDT CT - Wheeler NRT #39Copper Mountain
2 miles1,414 ft
Celtic WayKeystone Resort
3,199 ft-288 ft90 ft
Cemetery HillDillon
4,072 ft188 ft
Chauncy's #9159Frisco
1,752 ft-22 ft42 ft
Cowboy UpKeystone Resort
2,437 ft-318 ft
Creek #9093Silverthorne
2,900 ft-133 ft
Cross OverFrisco
1,168 ft52 ft
Crosscut #9082Silverthorne
3,376 ft-46 ft186 ft
Duh Other WayFrisco
3,346 ft-26 ft115 ft
East ForkCopper Mountain Resort
1,323 ft-170 ft5 ft
Easy StreetKeystone Resort
2,192 ft-125 ft
Elk AlleyCopper Mountain Resort
3 miles-981 ft28 ft
Eureka PatchFrisco
2 miles-321 ft65 ft
Even FlowKeystone Resort
1,033 ft-231 ft
4,514 ft-134 ft44 ft
Excelsior to Treasure VaultFrisco
3,045 ft-22 ft83 ft
Eye of the TigerKeystone Resort
3,625 ft-520 ft
1 mile-403 ft110 ft
Fallen SoldierSummit Cove
4,078 ft-197 ft
Fat MarmotCopper Mountain Resort
2 miles-811 ft161 ft
Fat Marmot (Access)Copper Mountain Resort
288 ft-24 ft
3,166 ft-321 ft
Gifford PinchotFrisco
3 miles-907 ft113 ft
Girl ScoutsKeystone Resort
2 miles-530 ft3 ft
4,738 ft-14 ft34 ft
Gray's Lake TrailMontezuma
3,868 ft-70 ft168 ft
Grays Peak #54Montezuma
4 miles2,987 ft
Groovy Uvi #9086Summit Cove
2 miles-331 ft64 ft
Harrigan Creek #9099Silverthorne
4 miles-1,551 ft32 ft
Hattie's Trail #9078Frisco
1,348 ft-202 ft
HaySummit Cove
1 mile-380 ft
Helter & SkelterKeystone Resort
2,192 ft-285 ft
Henry RecenFrisco
1,568 ft-12 ft53 ft
Henry Recen (East)Frisco
3,831 ft-218 ft72 ft
High Speed DirtKeystone Resort
1,224 ft-223 ft
Hippo #9015Summit Cove
2 miles-424 ft59 ft
Holy DiverKeystone Resort
1,470 ft-201 ft
Holy RollerKeystone Resort
1,535 ft-115 ft
Horseshoe GulchSummit Cove
2 miles-414 ft306 ft
Incline #9035Keystone
1 mile-513 ft
Iron SpringsFrisco
3,896 ft-164 ft84 ft
Jam RockKeystone Resort
2,969 ft-486 ft
Jody's LoopFrisco
2 miles-89 ft152 ft
Keystone Aqueduct TrailKeystone
1 mile-119 ft50 ft
Keystone StablesKeystone
2,444 ft-62 ft82 ft
Knobby #9502Keystone
1,371 ft-43 ft
Lake Chihuahua Trail #78Montezuma
2 miles-1,095 ft6 ft
Lakeshore PerimeterFrisco
5 miles-243 ft129 ft
Lenawee #34Arapahoe Basin
3 miles-2,211 ft103 ft
Let it RideKeystone Resort
3 miles-969 ft127 ft
Logger's WayKeystone Resort
1 mile-507 ft
Lower Fawn TasticCopper Mountain Resort
2,815 ft-128 ft
Lower Salt Lick GulchSilverthorne
4,879 ft-217 ft
4,590 ft-249 ft3 ft
Meadow TrailSummit Cove
1 mile-48 ft215 ft
Milky WayKeystone Resort
2,599 ft-316 ft
Moab #9501Keystone
1,617 ft-109 ft27 ft
MoneyKeystone Resort
3,296 ft-413 ft81 ft
Monkey Butt #9510Dillon
2 miles-68 ft732 ft
Mosquito CoastKeystone Resort
1 mile-654 ft
MotorheadKeystone Resort
2,258 ft-239 ft17 ft
Mount RoyalFrisco
1 mile-61 ft1,125 ft
Mount Royal (Lower)Frisco
2,110 ft-236 ft
N. ScrappyDillon
1 mile-155 ft276 ft
Nah-Oon-Kara #9006Silverthorne
1 mile-166 ft143 ft
Old Dillon Reservoir #87Frisco
2,766 ft-10 ft141 ft
Old Dillon Reservoir Loop #87Frisco
3,258 ft-3 ft6 ft
Old Tenderfoot Trail #76Dillon
1 mile575 ft
Olympian's LinkFrisco
2,825 ft-46 ft78 ft
Oro Grande #65Dillon
3 miles-219 ft193 ft
OTB #9516Dillon
922 ft-94 ft
Outback - West RidgeKeystone
2 miles-72 ft655 ft
Paid-in-FlowKeystone Resort
272 ft-7 ft
Paid-in-FullKeystone Resort
2 miles-1,150 ft30 ft
Peak 2 PeakFrisco
817 ft-52 ft
Peak One TrailFrisco
2,697 ft40 ft
Phat LoopFrisco
4,475 ft-59 ft62 ft
Pile Driver #9512Dillon
3,950 ft-159 ft44 ft
Placer #9011Silverthorne
2,976 ft99 ft
Power Hair #9504Keystone
3 miles-687 ft256 ft
Powerline #9504Keystone
1 mile-424 ft8 ft
Prospector TrailSilverthorne
1,788 ft119 ft
Ptarmigan Loop #69.1Silverthorne
2 miles-37 ft2,034 ft
Ptarmigan Peak #69Silverthorne
4 miles-94 ft2,397 ft
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