segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1To the clearing! East Rim Trail2,774 ft74 ft11791255610
2East Rim MTB CCW East Rim Trail2 miles157 ft11681237154
3Jump the Cheeseburger East Rim Trail1 mile171 ft11661244420
4Rippin East Rim Trail3,395 ft81 ft1161124394
5Hold the Mayo East Rim Trail1 mile155 ft11431226415
6GET YOUR ASS ABOUT THE HARD DECK East Rim Trail1,325 ft65 ft107095975
7Grind The Cheeseburger East Rim Trail1 mile164 ft104392935
8East Rim CW 1st Half East Rim Trail1 mile162 ft1033921015
9East Rim CW East Rim Trail2 miles164 ft1029915636
10Hauling Hamburger East Rim Trail3,719 ft116 ft102390775
11Singlespeeds to the Front! Lamb Loop1 mile216 ft80649314
12I-80 Hammer Lane Lamb Loop3,521 ft80 ft74343124
13Now you'll pay Lamb Loop3 miles206 ft68135414
14Watch for Snakes Straightaway1,207 ft22 ft41118331
15How Fast Can You Go? B Loop540 ft41 ft39121040
16Top of the hill to the bottom Switchback Woodward Creek Loop2,129 ft136 ft38720540
17Gravity Trail Woodward Creek Loop1,476 ft151 ft38320185
18See brown, hammer down C Loop3,549 ft22 ft38123794
19White Loop Beginner Loop945 ft17 ft37623474
20Crampton Hill Woodward Creek Loop2,760 ft152 ft34917763
21Yep, Up! Woodward Creek Loop1,505 ft100 ft34917550
22Down to Woodward Creek Woodward Creek Loop2,490 ft152 ft29610460
23On the way way Woodward Creek Loop4,228 ft148 ft29210602
24Advanced loop Woodward Creek Loop4,040 ft150 ft29010490
25climb up gravity hill Woodward Creek Loop2,072 ft160 ft1092311
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