Cleveland Road to Cleveland Way
3,457 ft-37 ft
Cleveland Way (Sutton Bank)
2.5 miles-230 ft
Cliff Trail
4,951 ft-124 ft
Copper Mine
3,798 ft-500 ft
Dark Horse
1,206 ft-157 ft
Feild Crossing to Cliff Trail
2,754 ft-51 ft
1,059 ft-119 ft
Hag Wood Decent
1,309 ft-236 ft
Hag Wood Decent
324 ft-85 ft
Hag Wood Decent
1,962 ft-282 ft
Hazel Bank Climb
693 ft
Hood Hill Plantation Decent
1,909 ft-173 ft
Hood Rats
2,684 ft-354 ft
I Fort the Lawn and the Lawn Won
1,908 ft-233 ft
I Fort This Was Meant to be Easy!
2,331 ft-9 ft
National Park Center Loop
1.1 miles-79 ft
Ride The White Horse
2,039 ft-342 ft
Sheep Shit Slide
1,471 ft-80 ft
Shortcut to Mushrooms
1.1 miles-48 ft
Sutton Bank Bikes Skills Loop
929 ft-7 ft
The Rat
2,002 ft-106 ft
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