segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pepper Tree to McTwist Farside936 ft46 ft22522443710
2McTwist w/Happy Ending Mc Twist1,973 ft66 ft22112485627
3Farside Climb Farside756 ft47 ft2155235356
4Blair Rock Blair Rock1,675 ft71 ft2082184617
5Fireroad climb from basin to start of Rattlesnake Farside1,709 ft128 ft1704110106
6Zombie Construction Run N Arroyo Trail4,372 ft68 ft1644145955
7freds ..... freds everywhere Fire Road1,153 ft8 ft1533107355
8Farside Trail Climb Farside1,940 ft176 ft1499145816
9Pipeline Climb Pipe Line849 ft77 ft1378117207
10O V E R the R O C K S Flood Control Blair Rock204 ft20 ft137582035
11Le Bitch Fire Road245 ft45 ft1365115843
12That Bitch hill climb Mini-Luge549 ft121 ft1319123148
13Last kick to Barton Rd Meadow Crossing1,524 ft55 ft1305113143
14Double Dip Farside1,426 ft43 ft1298108234
15Far side short cut Farside1,155 ft124 ft1262145925
16Plunge Shorty ( V. Brand ) The Plunge782 ft85 ft119890594
17The Plunge The Plunge1,456 ft84 ft1155874214
18Terry's Wall Downhill Terry's1,719 ft163 ft103159894
19X Trail to D-Drop Meadow Crossing2,285 ft68 ft97068798
20Lizard Lane Farside675 ft61 ft91048721
21The Bitch Fire Road397 ft56 ft89840226
22Terry's wall full to stream crossing Terry's4,337 ft205 ft88054377
23Smoky Down only Smokey1,400 ft151 ft86940325
24Triple R Downhill Short Triple R3,783 ft273 ft79871104
25Smokey Full Smokey2,933 ft142 ft72130452
26Tripe R Climb Only (Starts past houses) Triple R1,992 ft202 ft51941952
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