segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1TBM Cobblestone Ally Trig Track1,055 ft26 ft9327970117
2Lanterne Rouge Segment - Paris Roubaix Trig Track1,074 ft22 ft87821073832
3Possum Tail Wakehurst Parkway Fire Trail354 ft5 ft8300987450
4CreekGap Jumping Jack537 ft37 ft81531043078
5short 'n sweet Possum Trail742 ft12 ft7924897448
6MD Split 4 - Park Sprint South Trail1,287 ft13 ft6052687012
7Lanterne Rouge Segment - climb to golf course carpark South Trail747 ft51 ft59956633621
8Lanterne Rouge Segment - golf course sniggle to moonrock Trig Track2,760 ft52 ft5988677526
9MD Split 16 - Watch Out For That Railing East Trail372 ft11 ft5988661721
10The Moguls East Trail881 ft72 ft59656508416
11Manly Dam - (Short Burst - Descent) 19th Hole873 ft67 ft59636536725
12TBM Wasp Nest Rock to road 19th Hole1,628 ft82 ft59546524412
13MD Split 12 - Backyard Blitz 19th Hole663 ft15 ft5954649483
14TBM 2nd single to Golf entrance South Trail2,541 ft63 ft5952668676
15So Enduro East Trail1,180 ft91 ft59496501621
16favourite section East Trail2,889 ft107 ft59356454711
17MD Split 6 - Rock To Roll Trig Track2,111 ft44 ft5927664642
18Drop The Gate! East Trail746 ft73 ft59186399910
19Last descent PIN IT!!! East Trail2,227 ft87 ft58836271426
20Coota drop in East Trail679 ft15 ft5858625358
21Manly Dam - (Back End Downhill) East Trail4,116 ft195 ft58496306117
22Full length DH East Trail4,030 ft195 ft58346291835
23Grassy Knoll to bowlo South Trail1 miles162 ft5688610188
24Frying egg hill North Trail1,034 ft87 ft56054712711
25Manly Dam - (Descent to Curl Curl Creek) North Trail2,524 ft219 ft55364487951
26John's Vomit Hill North Trail469 ft71 ft54964477348
27Billarong to Bridge Time Trial Narrabeen Lake Trail3,327 ft40 ft4761271888
28Princes Hwy Pinch Engadine Lakes Trail640 ft102 ft45945298324
29Yarrawarrah Dash East Old Ghost Highway1,777 ft14 ft42214300017
30Cuff Link-Tough Link Cuffs1,555 ft70 ft3194127594
31Cornersss Blair Witch552 ft26 ft31783212212
32Straight down the barrel Blair Witch1,171 ft8 ft31373072114
33Blair Witch S's Blair Witch1,062 ft32 ft31233023817
34blairwitch singletrack w/out Farnell road cross Blair Witch2,819 ft68 ft30973048140
35Loftus Creek Descent Sth Side Signalhouse Track1,580 ft50 ft29992734235
36THE Bewildered Possum Possum Trail2,788 ft29 ft27572925326
37Max Attack - Hill top to the Creek Perimeter Track1 miles95 ft2677157109
38long trail O/B Long Track Return5 miles98 ft26021333124
39Concrete slipway to Long turnoff Perimeter Track2 miles101 ft2487128595
40blairwitch singletrack - climb Blair Witch2,873 ft54 ft24692122520
41Don't Bee Left Out Wakehurst Parkway Fire Trail1,143 ft20 ft237297502
42First decent climb Perimeter Track743 ft79 ft2366108756
43Im going to steal the moon! Old Cricket Pitch Link1,423 ft36 ft2348198117
44Perimeter hill one Perimeter Track1,394 ft46 ft2287103344
45Track2Track Hill Temptation Creek Track1,123 ft65 ft2201145707
46Kevin Costner Possum Trail1,971 ft75 ft21972551524
47Kelties Corners National Park to Anna's Hill (Grays Point)2,913 ft119 ft2116167226
48First Blast Perimeter Track3,506 ft21 ft211489618
49Loftus Creek Climb South Signalhouse Track1,619 ft49 ft2091184489
50Double trouble Perimeter Track3,742 ft75 ft208586950
51Sprint up rocky hill Pipeline Trail610 ft64 ft2065192174
52St Ives Singletrack East (eastbound) Muppet Show West2,817 ft69 ft2049165629
53Temptation Creek East Single Track Holy Trail2,794 ft74 ft20191395624
54Killer 1/2 Temptation East Ascent Temptation Creek Track1,106 ft135 ft20101038710
55St Ives Singletrack West (eastbound) Muppet Show West3,666 ft46 ft1986162467
56creektrack-1 Holy Trail1,757 ft96 ft1985125559
57Esplande Dash RTN Narrabeen Lake Trail1,949 ft50 ft197376647
58Full St Ives Singletrack Muppet Show West1 miles83 ft19691605719
59Creek track Holy Trail4,508 ft186 ft19631232727
60Currie Rd Track Killarney Heights fire trail3,602 ft71 ft1961102819
61Serrata Climb Killarney Heights fire trail4,260 ft144 ft19381107812
62Pipeline Climb Pipeline Trail3,702 ft64 ft19361699010
63Cisco's Red Face (Serrata Descent) Serrata1,234 ft98 ft19241131537
64Serrata Flats Serrata3,004 ft138 ft1923111642
65SHHH, Not That Trail. Serrata4,306 ft187 ft19161116622
66Bottle Forrest Sprint Parklands Trail1,775 ft8 ft18821550512
67Creek to Car World Championships Perimeter Track2 miles88 ft187971638
683 Sisters & Up Emerstone Pinch Gahnia335 ft29 ft186294743
69Gahnia Gahnia1 miles106 ft1857940373
70Want Better Colour - Gahnia Gahnia2,641 ft110 ft185794282
71Wildflower Singletrack Up Wildflower1,952 ft60 ft1814143788
72Top Run from the Dump Twisties2,222 ft17 ft174666824
73Temptation Creek East Temptation Creek Track1,728 ft151 ft1730761613
74Waratah Short Track Sutherland Mtb Practise loop2,186 ft21 ft1724292389
75Daisy Duke Daisy Duke2,522 ft57 ft17141049528
76The Native Fish trap National Park to Anna's Hill (Grays Point)2,800 ft52 ft1659139627
77Temptation Creek West Temptation Creek Track2,096 ft180 ft1645631614
78Waratah MTB crit track Sutherland Mtb Practise loop2,229 ft22 ft1616291692
79Goarra Downhill Goarra Ridge Trail2,979 ft118 ft157489519
80StIves Singletrack Sthbound Muppet Show West3,968 ft60 ft1556102187
81Guns to Show Muppet Show West3,696 ft51 ft1549101213
82Goarra Ridge - top to bottom Goarra Ridge Trail1 miles217 ft153388153
83Statler and Waldorf Muppet Show1,037 ft58 ft1520101354
84Sottovoce actual climb to gate Lady Carrington Drive2,416 ft124 ft148343633
85Ziggy & Zaggy Ziggy & Zaggy3,865 ft49 ft14461168251
86Sottovoce first descent from gate Lady Carrington Drive2,456 ft138 ft142644971
87Blackout (exit traverse) Blackout (Exit Traverse)2,400 ft58 ft1352719811
88GROUND CONTROL (climb) Ground Control1 miles295 ft1284675526
89Greggies Grind & Elliots Curse Gahnia314 ft30 ft121842961
90Downed Tree (north) Down Tree (Southbound)2,686 ft17 ft119271184
91Anchors Slippery Dip Fire Trail545 ft50 ft1179116454
92Methane Alley Methane Alley1,627 ft70 ft1133701217
93Never go full-methane Methane Alley2,678 ft131 ft112868733
94Up the Cuff Cuffs1,050 ft49 ft112640160
95Bottleforest to SES East Heathcote Trail3,989 ft30 ft111467883
96sprint ya bastard Methane Alley891 ft38 ft105962140
97Dillwynnia Decent East Heathcote Trail1,785 ft64 ft103546702
98Grassy singletrack Kill Bill847 ft17 ft102258572
99Kill Bill Kill Bill1,404 ft24 ft102058157
100Xing climb Vovó's1,681 ft117 ft1014120631
101twisties & kev's drop Black Hawk Up1,496 ft17 ft101360646
102Horse Hill Main Fire Trail524 ft23 ft101356386
103CreeK Dash Black Hawk Up1,596 ft15 ft100586265
104Top to Bottom Black Hawk Up383 ft30 ft99156495
105Bunnings Exit Firetrail Sprint Five Mile Creek Trail4,942 ft76 ft98045455
106Uphill tech rock rollers Kill Bill683 ft22 ft97852914
107Creek to Cullamine exit Perimeter Track2 miles125 ft97729461
108Marble Hill Main Fire Trail235 ft29 ft91747791
109B&T HeartBreaker Temptation Creek Track1,713 ft143 ft91633215
110Climb to Creek Vovó's3,026 ft153 ft91484471
111Dump Plus Methane Alley4,400 ft124 ft91340613
112Abo Carving Downhill Main Fire Trail1,454 ft80 ft91248377
113down and up Main Fire Trail1,057 ft70 ft90447762
114Yellow Top Mellow Alley Black Hawk Up790 ft26 ft89250383
115Pump Action Black Hawk Up1,235 ft73 ft880490010
116Bush Bashin Pump Action Black Hawk Up2,505 ft96 ft86247781
117Manly Cycles - Double Pump Main Fire Trail2,679 ft135 ft85846050
118Double Back Ziggy & Zaggy3,522 ft35 ft857559918
119Up from Maybrook Main Fire Trail1,287 ft135 ft85045741
120Toxic flow Black Hawk Up1,459 ft22 ft81737367
121Kaboff's Corners Corners1,702 ft39 ft81346008
122Kieran's creek steep climb Cooyong Neverfail Trail624 ft104 ft78124021
123That Way Vovó's802 ft83 ft77249332
124BMX first Split to ladder Bundy Run976 ft135 ft75127518
125Red Hill - Gate to Circle Main Fire Trail2,676 ft60 ft74037994
126BMX DH/Enduro 2016 Bundy Run1,840 ft319 ft736268710
127Oxford Falls first rocky climb Bernie's406 ft12 ft72524372
128Mind the Traffic Main Fire Trail362 ft29 ft72535556
129C&C perimeter twist Bridal track2,520 ft27 ft72141354
130Anna's Hill To TC turnoff National Park to Anna's Hill (Grays Point)1,610 ft54 ft71834026
131Down S-drome! Jubes to Bobbin Head Road Trail2,306 ft159 ft71046452
132BHD Split #1 Black Hawk Down821 ft30 ft69544515
133Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down1,484 ft50 ft691432415
134High n Dry Northbound Engadine Technical Link1,918 ft58 ft68837499
135BHD Split #2 Black Hawk Down790 ft33 ft68142411
136steep little hill Sandy Trail384 ft23 ft65418812
137Sandy Cooyong connector Sandy Trail2,756 ft95 ft65018662
138Sprint to the Gate Main Fire Trail621 ft7 ft64524285
139Coal & Candle station climb Duck Holes Trail993 ft57 ft61425270
140Engadine Bypass Engadine Technical Link1,871 ft39 ft61229714
141Climb up to Jubes Jubes to Bobbin Head Road Trail2,030 ft145 ft60834385
142Final climb Duck Holes Trail1,750 ft125 ft60624861
143Ducky Climb (steep part) Duck Holes Trail2,276 ft153 ft60426131
144Look Out Below! South Trail698 ft30 ft60227240
145Down Towards Kangaroo Creek Bottle Forest Trail1,597 ft14 ft60117443
146Killawarra Rd Climb Sandy Trail2,870 ft294 ft58918711
147Red Hill - The long driveway out Main Fire Trail2,653 ft50 ft57821021
148Red Hill - The long driveway Main Fire Trail2,561 ft20 ft57124364
149Sidewinder Route1,050 ft60 ft57123844
150Black Hawk Loop Ops Black Hawk Down3,648 ft59 ft56536224
151Berm single trail Corners2,877 ft15 ft56131355
152Short n Snappy Long Track Exit1,086 ft171 ft53824814
153The Concrete Monster Sandy Trail394 ft67 ft53431191
154Heading Back Slippery Dip Fire Trail2,830 ft93 ft50511800
155The Chute Long Track Exit3,043 ft51 ft49422933
156Gate to Gate CX 10KM Cullamine Trail2,768 ft116 ft49111670
157Bahai Temple [Steep DH] Bahai Temple DH Bottom931 ft147 ft482160718
158An Ancient Score Upper Middle Bogan1,282 ft46 ft48113914
159Stone Temple Pilots Bahai Temple DH Bottom848 ft215 ft47615943
160nuthin up my sleeve Garden of Gullies1,571 ft54 ft47218940
161Temple DH (Firetrail to swamp) Bahai Temple DH Bottom1,872 ft254 ft46715466
162Road to Circle Main Fire Trail5,145 ft62 ft45619091
163Epiphany Pylon Downhill St Ives Fire Trail1,289 ft93 ft45311331
164Leg it Single Trail Top of the World1,531 ft526 ft41512013
165Temple (top singletrack) Bahai Temple DH Top2,001 ft209 ft40414827
166Water bar after water bar Mirang Road Fire Trail2,465 ft273 ft39114751
167Riding Caveman Deep Creek Connection1,511 ft76 ft3877481
168Sheriffs Pegit Garden of Gullies1,494 ft48 ft37812352
169Bahai Temple [Top DH] Bahai Temple DH Top1,652 ft196 ft365115013
170Seaforth single track Engravings Track1,679 ft63 ft35112621
171Bernie's Mid Section Bernie's2,863 ft97 ft30210447
172Retro Tech 4WD Folly3,258 ft199 ft2785730
173Epiphany (eastbound) St Ives Fire Trail1 miles167 ft2464480
174Stupid climb Ryland Trail177 ft59 ft2355290
17526/May 2012 MTB Short Course JJ Memorial Crit Track1 miles29 ft22020550
176Red Hill - bottom of Marble Hill to Maybrook Cromer East2,252 ft107 ft1966780
177Coopers Blue Up COOPERS BLUE3,708 ft276 ft1916352
178Red Hill - Maybrook to bottom of Marble Hill Cromer East2,296 ft94 ft1876481
179tekkypedalsmash RT Forbes Creek Singletrack2,585 ft68 ft1857113
180Coopers Blue COOPERS BLUE3,762 ft276 ft1823825
181Mona Vale main line (2015) Mona Vale DH2,192 ft297 ft17512596
182Mona DH Mona Vale DH2,955 ft283 ft168108330
183Cheap Hoe Wicked Wallaby1,223 ft69 ft1637340
184Rock n Roll Wicked Wallaby1,139 ft23 ft1637240
185Wicked Wallaby Wicked Wallaby3 miles106 ft15157115
186Mater DH Mona Vale DH3,980 ft368 ft1478103
187Ya'Right! (Pushup reverse) YA' RIGHT2,029 ft221 ft1392392
188Negang Climb Nerang Trail3,622 ft195 ft1322042
189That dog of a climb! Albie Mangles1,025 ft112 ft1202990
190Correct Dream Chute Dream Chute1,261 ft175 ft953485
191Mannikin Enduro Mannikin Enduro3,075 ft289 ft9132513
192Camber Has The Answer Mannikin Enduro1,096 ft164 ft913232
193Chiltern Road Loop Clockwise Chiltern North Trail4,300 ft30 ft701302
194Stay clipped in Bernie's489 ft48 ft691351
195Power lines & back. Burns Road Trail1 miles45 ft41902
196Ya'Right! YA' RIGHT1,752 ft224 ft37593
197Doughy Doughy635 ft151 ft19360
198TRIG TRACK Trig Track951 ft25 ft000
199Dump Run Methane Alley2,231 ft64 ft000
200Serrata Down Serrata4,629 ft198 ft000
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