Mountain Bike
Alder Creek Trail (Campground to Fjord)
1 mile229 ft
Alder Creek Trail (Fjord to Adventure Center)
2,480 ft70 ft
Alder Creek Trail (Northern Terminus)
1,913 ft51 ft
Aspen Groove
794 ft8 ft
Cinnamon Twist
1,768 ft54 ft
Cinnamon Twist (Lower)
1,959 ft91 ft
Cinnamon Twist (Upper)
3,615 ft-155 ft24 ft
Coyote Crossing
1,316 ft-64 ft12 ft
Dogs in Space
2,641 ft-109 ft31 ft
Donner Crest Lower Singletrack
2,076 ft-88 ft35 ft
East Mustang Sally
2 miles-73 ft608 ft
East Perimeter (Alder Creek to Andermatt)
1 mile-508 ft
East Perimeter (Alder to Andermatt)
2,103 ft82 ft
East Perimeter (Brookstone)
3,793 ft-244 ft77 ft
East Perimeter (Clubhouse)
2,323 ft45 ft
East Perimeter (Hansel/Schussing)
2 miles-409 ft88 ft
East Perimeter (Hillside)
4,547 ft201 ft
East Perimeter (Mougle)
1 mile-366 ft291 ft
East Perimeter (Sitzmark)
1 mile-267 ft163 ft
East Perimeter/Lion's Leap Connector 2
1,263 ft26 ft
Fool's Gold
3,186 ft-240 ft
Fool's Gold/Mother Lode Connector
1,234 ft-69 ft
Giddy Up
3,093 ft-214 ft20 ft
Hawk's Peak (Lower)
3,606 ft-206 ft
Hawk's Peak (Middle)
2,005 ft-204 ft
Hawk's Peak (Upper)
1,480 ft-19 ft133 ft
Hidden Gem
1 mile-332 ft3 ft
Mother Lode (Lower)
5,043 ft-236 ft13 ft
Mother Lode (Middle)
4,065 ft-258 ft
Mother Lode (Upper)
4,373 ft-346 ft9 ft
Old White Lightning
584 ft42 ft
2,356 ft-34 ft60 ft
2,240 ft-7 ft92 ft
Powerline Trail (South)
1,198 ft-12 ft39 ft
Quickdraw Crossover
838 ft-83 ft14 ft
2 miles-140 ft115 ft
Sundance Cutoff
1,558 ft-3 ft90 ft
2 miles-643 ft45 ft
2 miles-712 ft105 ft
Tiwinot Alternate
2,753 ft-176 ft7 ft
True Grit (Lower)
4,744 ft285 ft
True Grit (Upper)
4,242 ft-4 ft293 ft
Unfinished Trail
1,991 ft161 ft
Warming Hut Connector
1,421 ft101 ft
West Mustang Sally
1 mile-484 ft10 ft
White Lightning (Singletrack)
2,579 ft-42 ft97 ft
Whoop It Up
1,982 ft-88 ft
Whoop it Up (Lower)
2,048 ft-149 ft38 ft
Whoop it Up (Upper)
1,027 ft-107 ft
Willie's Wiggle
1,296 ft-60 ft18 ft
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