segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Thunder Rock Express Thunder Rock Trail1 mile390 ft2775819329
2Sheep's Hill Descent Boyd Gap3,531 ft248 ft247869407
3chestnut connect Chestnut Mtn Loop2 miles199 ft244962295
4Boyd Gap DH to Old Copper Road Boyd Gap1,991 ft235 ft2355656311
5tanasi bear paw up Bear Paw Loop3,428 ft165 ft218454678
6Brush Creek CW to Climb out Brush Creek4 miles91 ft192751112
7Brush Creek east, junction to junction Brush Creek5 miles176 ft154842618
8FS 45 to West Fork Trailhead FS 454,425 ft317 ft151942579
9Highway 40 Climb Chestnut Mtn Loop2,117 ft277 ft143228303
10west fork -up West Fork1 mile323 ft118431457
11Tennessee 40 Climb FS 2214,956 ft321 ft101919712
12Unnamed Road Climb Quartz Loop1,188 ft7 ft99916831
13Sheep's Hill Climb Boyd Gap3,521 ft280 ft98419732
14Boyd Gap climb (steep part) Boyd Gap2,241 ft274 ft97819807
15Tennessee 40 Climb Boyd Gap2,390 ft267 ft94018632
16Tennessee 40 Climb FS 2213,950 ft274 ft84013891
1722 Brohymen Bustin' Climb FS 2215 miles798 ft82115061
18Big Frog Rd Climb FS 2214,723 ft281 ft72912560
19Benton Mac Kaye Trail Climb FS 453,255 ft274 ft4339422
20Brush Creek Loop CW Brush Creek4 miles133 ft1322690
21BC Test Brush Creek4 miles128 ft951650
22Brush Creek CCW loop Brush Creek4 miles80 ft35700
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