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629Maitai Valley
1.5 miles-1,792 ft
Alaskan PipelineWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1.9 miles-1,611 ft
AlphaSilvan Forest
1.7 miles-329 ft
Au NaturalWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,190 ft-287 ft
Bay ViewKaiteriteri MTB Park
3,952 ft-398 ft
Bermed AsWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1.4 miles-1,317 ft
Bermed MonsterRichmond Hills
1,425 ft-215 ft
Big Airs Jump TrackKaiteriteri MTB Park
3,346 ft-321 ft
Big Bush RidgeTeetotal
2.7 miles-276 ft
Big UpsKaiteriteri MTB Park
2,638 ft-23 ft
BipolarWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,921 ft-392 ft
Bloody PriestWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,484 ft-543 ft
Bottom Rock and RollKaiteriteri MTB Park
503 ft-44 ft
Boulder DashWairoa Gorge Bike Park
5,089 ft-1,081 ft
Broken AxeSharlands
4,726 ft-1,150 ft
Broken NunWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,169 ft-311 ft
Canaan Loop TrackCanaan Downs
1.8 miles-277 ft
Canaan Loop TrackCanaan Downs
6.9 miles-1,443 ft
Chase The OrangeWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,334 ft-327 ft
Cheesy MortsWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,518 ft-341 ft
ColgateWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1.6 miles-2,133 ft
Colgate (option)Wairoa Gorge Bike Park
82 ft-53 ft
Connifer Park TrackRabbit Island
1.7 miles-54 ft
Cork DiveKaiteriteri MTB Park
967 ft-149 ft
CorkscrewKaiteriteri MTB Park
1.8 miles-343 ft
CranknsteinMaitai Valley
4,885 ft-837 ft
Crazy Horse (top)Codgers
1,231 ft-162 ft
Creamed RiceWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,106 ft-849 ft
Cruise ControlKaiteriteri MTB Park
1.1 miles-371 ft
Devil's ArmorWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,598 ft-190 ft
DevolutionWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,532 ft-1,077 ft
Dew LakesMaitai Valley
4.2 miles-2,883 ft
Dew Lakes walking only trackMaitai Valley
3.7 miles-2,862 ft
Dirty DeedsWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,552 ft-809 ft
DMTWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,611 ft-890 ft
DMT (upper)Wairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,718 ft-372 ft
Duck Down trackTeetotal
1.1 miles-806 ft
Dun Mountain TrailDun Mountain
18.6 miles-7,424 ft
Easy RiderKaiteriteri MTB Park
2.0 miles-697 ft
Easy Rider (Part 2)Kaiteriteri MTB Park
1.0 miles-383 ft
EscalatorRichmond Hills
1.6 miles-172 ft
ExodusSilvan Forest
4,397 ft-398 ft
Ezra MamakuSilvan Forest
3,300 ft-422 ft
FDHDun Mountain
1.5 miles-2,078 ft
Final CutWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,668 ft-359 ft
1.9 miles-1,111 ft
Firball ClimbCodgers
2,720 ft-55 ft
Flamin' NoraKaiteriteri MTB Park
3,369 ft-760 ft
FlorenceWairoa Gorge Bike Park
680 ft-139 ft
Flying MoaTeetotal
1.3 miles-836 ft
Free RangeWairoa Gorge Bike Park
5,100 ft-1,112 ft
Glade RunnerKaiteriteri MTB Park
3,671 ft-274 ft
Gold Creek Family LoopCanaan Downs
2.8 miles-275 ft
GoliathSilvan Forest
2,349 ft-359 ft
Goon SlapperWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,256 ft-540 ft
Gotten RottenWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,737 ft-1,104 ft
Gotten RottenWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,737 ft-1,104 ft
Great ExpectationsCanaan Downs
1.9 miles-1,292 ft
Ground Effect SlingshotSharlands
2,805 ft-220 ft
2,453 ft-196 ft
Half-PipeKaiteriteri MTB Park
1,180 ft-102 ft
HANG TENRichmond Hills
1.1 miles-1,140 ft
Happy EndingsWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,895 ft-177 ft
Happy Endings (option)Wairoa Gorge Bike Park
850 ft-75 ft
Hare DownSilvan Forest
1,690 ft-212 ft
HearthrobKaiteriteri MTB Park
1,572 ft-245 ft
Heaven Up ThereSilvan Forest
1,695 ft-25 ft
3,779 ft-886 ft
HuffKaiteriteri MTB Park
1,335 ft-9 ft
HuhuWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,170 ft-665 ft
Hulk'n HoganCodgers
5,192 ft-670 ft
HumptyKaiteriteri MTB Park
1,168 ft-72 ft
Instant KiwiWairoa Gorge Bike Park
1,811 ft-321 ft
2.4 miles-1,919 ft
IV LineCodgers
3,799 ft-481 ft
Jacks Track (lower)Codgers
2,418 ft-146 ft
Jacks Track (Upper)Codgers
2,803 ft-96 ft
Jacobs LadderSilvan Forest
1,043 ft-93 ft
JawsKaiteriteri MTB Park
2.3 miles-1,265 ft
Jubilee GumSilvan Forest
2,237 ft-87 ft
JumanjiWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,997 ft-781 ft
Jump TrackWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,105 ft-353 ft
Kaka (up)Teetotal
1.2 miles-33 ft
Keyboard WarriorMaitai Valley
3,247 ft-654 ft
KidnapperWairoa Gorge Bike Park
4,985 ft-800 ft
Kidnapper (option)Wairoa Gorge Bike Park
441 ft-79 ft
KurtologyWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,538 ft-761 ft
Lancewood WagglesSharlands
2,607 ft-173 ft
Loam RangerSharlands
2,094 ft-561 ft
Lodestone GullyRichmond Hills
814 ft-121 ft
1,451 ft-488 ft
Maitai Face (full)Maitai Valley
4,418 ft-1,263 ft
3,495 ft-706 ft
3,851 ft-783 ft
MPDWairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,374 ft-639 ft
Mr ChomperSharlands
2,182 ft-560 ft
Mundy 500Wairoa Gorge Bike Park
3,130 ft-719 ft
Natural SelectionWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,128 ft-355 ft
Nigh Nigh'sWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,603 ft-664 ft
No Fly ZoneWairoa Gorge Bike Park
2,103 ft-499 ft
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