segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sign2Sign The Pines Pines Loop5,064 ft115 ft131093402
2Coach to Concrete up the gravel Waikareao Walkway(Including Daisy Hardwick section)2,662 ft59 ft117082105
3Boardwalk Section Toward Otumoetai Waikareao Walkway(Including Daisy Hardwick section)2,698 ft12 ft109787951
4Waihi Road to Concrete Waikareao Walkway(Including Daisy Hardwick section)2 miles60 ft97758282
51st Gate to Bridge Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail4,874 ft5 ft88065353
6Koromiko Connection Escape from Koromiko2,913 ft14 ft79253754
7Oropi DH entry to G4 track Entry trail1,714 ft167 ft78661003
8Kopurererua Southbound Braaap Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail1 mile19 ft77346265
9Oropi Entry Downhill Entry trail2,522 ft188 ft75955749
10Oropi Exit Uphill Exit Trail1,998 ft167 ft73265703
11Switchbacks from xxxx bridge Switchbacks Climb2,343 ft107 ft72765184
12pines down hill Pines Loop1,027 ft83 ft71354659
13Kopurererua Northbound Braaap Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail1 mile19 ft71246734
14Rollercoaster Loop Pines Loop2,759 ft112 ft70237835
15Ridge Track Ridge Track1,088 ft41 ft70148840
16River Trail River Trail1,411 ft45 ft69356943
17Pines XC loop Pines Loop4,557 ft121 ft67546736
18BJ and the Bear Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail4,393 ft35 ft67137866
19Short end section entrance track Entry trail1,880 ft79 ft66344961
20Switchbacks - uphill Switchbacks Climb2,396 ft147 ft62248542
21Escape from Koromiko Escape from Koromiko2,953 ft15 ft57837573
22Tomas Tomas Loop1,090 ft52 ft57732941
239th ave track uphill sprint Eastern Takitumu Drive Elizabeth Street to 11th Ave Section443 ft22 ft50033520
24Reid Rd Climb SRAM Track1,034 ft290 ft48147101
25Hilly Exit SRAM Track1,094 ft33 ft45543082
26Down Pincher Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail1,410 ft84 ft43924213
27Little Pinch Kopurererua Valley - Eastern Side Trail1,139 ft89 ft39916944
28Matts Climb SRAM Track672 ft62 ft36529610
29Cambridge Road Downhill Cambridge Road Downhill1,045 ft54 ft33219200
30Fast part of sram SRAM Track1 mile90 ft31525471
31Hidden Trail (Down Section) Switchbacks Climb846 ft64 ft28815332
32Hidden trail Switchbacks Climb1,553 ft141 ft28414935
33Mojo Link Jamis Loop/Mojo1 mile161 ft2396042
34BMX farm loop descent BMX Farm Loop1,194 ft77 ft23513820
35Pincher BMX Farm Loop726 ft67 ft23013460
36Trail Mix (Down Section) Trail Mix1,032 ft136 ft22912351
37Trail Mix Trail Mix1,465 ft134 ft22712266
38Bull Rush BMX Farm Loop1,658 ft33 ft1809392
39Uno Uno1 mile98 ft1764191
40Mint Switchbacks Climb1,748 ft124 ft1548400
41BMX, farm loop BMX Farm Loop2,256 ft38 ft1508092
42Sram Lap from jump track SRAM Track1 mile94 ft1405310
43MTB TGA Summer Series Red Loop SRAM Track2 miles104 ft1218510
44Keruru Keruru2 miles131 ft1172051
45Equestrian Hub - MTB Hub Te Ara Raho Road4,850 ft147 ft781050
46Lookout Drop Lookout Drop2,405 ft199 ft771042
47TBC Buffalo Girl to Te Ara Raho3,088 ft66 ft43651
48Buffalo Girl out Access Road to Lookout Drop and Buffalo Girl (Shared)5,164 ft225 ft38450
49Te Aro o Raho Rd Te Ara Raho Road4,280 ft32 ft30390
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