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1330 BypassTanasi Trail System
4,746 ft-274 ft
AC/DCKnoxville Urban Wilderness
2.8 miles-669 ft
AmberKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,649 ft-115 ft
Amber/Hickory ConnectorKnoxville Urban Wilderness
315 ft-28 ft
ArgusKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,991 ft-6 ft
Auggie's RunKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,470 ft-66 ft
1.6 miles-132 ft
AzaleaBays Mountain
1.4 miles-6 ft
Backside TrailWindrock Bike Park
2,727 ft-119 ft
Barred OwlWhite Oak Mountain
3,733 ft-131 ft
Bay Point LoopHarrison Bay
4.4 miles-957 ft
Bays Mountain RoadBays Mountain
1.9 miles-223 ft
Bays Ridge RoadBays Mountain
1.3 miles-484 ft
Bays Ridge TrailBays Mountain
2.5 miles-1,082 ft
Bear Paw LoopTanasi Trail System
1.3 miles-231 ft
Bear RunBays Mountain
3,197 ft-358 ft
Bear WheelerDefeated Creek Park
5.5 miles-1,362 ft
Benton FallsChilhowee
1.6 miles-283 ft
Big OakBays Mountain
5,239 ft-367 ft
Big RedWhite Oak Mountain
1.3 miles-219 ft
Big RutKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,370 ft-123 ft
Black BearCollegedale
2,564 ft-222 ft
Black ForestEnterprise South Nature Park
2.5 miles-346 ft
Black Forest ConnectorEnterprise South Nature Park
4,138 ft-28 ft
BlueMontgomery Bell State Park
Blue TrailNesbit Park
1.2 miles-94 ft
Bluff Trail (Hard)Knoxville Urban Wilderness
3,718 ft-160 ft
Bluff Trail BlueKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1.2 miles-217 ft
Boat Ramp ConnectorRacoon Mountain
1,631 ft-78 ft
BobcatWhite Oak Mountain
2,745 ft-68 ft
Boyd GapTanasi Trail System
3,865 ft-137 ft
Brush CreekTanasi Trail System
6.1 miles-1,344 ft
Brush Creek SpurTanasi Trail System
2,946 ft-113 ft
Burnett Ridge TrailKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1.5 miles-557 ft
Calloway RidgeConcord Park
1.3 miles-199 ft
Cane Creek MTB TrailCookeville
1.6 miles-497 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 1Knoxville Urban Wilderness
2,500 ft-109 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 2Knoxville Urban Wilderness
1,944 ft-157 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 2 By-PassKnoxville Urban Wilderness
371 ft-1 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 3Knoxville Urban Wilderness
1,519 ft-48 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 4Knoxville Urban Wilderness
1,023 ft
Chain Ring Loop Section 5Knoxville Urban Wilderness
1,706 ft-60 ft
ChestnutBays Mountain
1.6 miles-81 ft
Chestnut Mtn LoopTanasi Trail System
5.8 miles-1,542 ft
Chickasaw traceColumbia
25 ft
Chicken CoupKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,992 ft-100 ft
ChiggerKnoxville Urban Wilderness
3,302 ft-109 ft
ChinquapinBays Mountain
1.8 miles-392 ft
Choo ChooStringer's Ridge
1,005 ft-35 ft
Chutes and LaddersSpeed Springs Bike Park
Clear CreekChilhowee
4.7 miles-1,611 ft
4.2 miles-1,358 ft
Clemmer SpurChilhowee
1.5 miles-531 ft
ConnectorConcord Park
308 ft
ConnectorStringer's Ridge
101 ft
ConnectorNesbit Park
1,604 ft-21 ft
Cool Springs BoulevardSpeed Springs Bike Park
CoonKnoxville Urban Wilderness
975 ft-4 ft
CottontailWhite Oak Mountain
3,604 ft-118 ft
CoyoteWhite Oak Mountain
1.0 miles-149 ft
Creek LoopKnoxville Urban Wilderness
2,583 ft-66 ft
Cross RidgesBays Mountain
3,638 ft-164 ft
DogwoodWhite Oak Mountain
1.1 miles-137 ft
Double JStringer's Ridge
1.2 miles-262 ft
DozerKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1.9 miles-329 ft
Drop InWindrock Bike Park
Drop OutWindrock Bike Park
3,997 ft-876 ft
East RimRacoon Mountain
1.1 miles-235 ft
Electric Avenue 1Racoon Mountain
1.6 miles-401 ft
Electric Avenue 2Racoon Mountain
1.6 miles-274 ft
Electric Avenue ConnectorRacoon Mountain
571 ft-54 ft
Electric Avenue ConnectorRacoon Mountain
357 ft-2 ft
Everest HighI.C. King Park
3,217 ft-226 ft
Everest LowI.C. King Park
3,656 ft-280 ft
Expert TrailI.C. King Park
3,241 ft-182 ft
FlowKnoxville Urban Wilderness
5,245 ft-242 ft
ForestWhite Oak Mountain
3,013 ft-143 ft
Forest LaneBauxite
4,605 ft-530 ft
Front Hollow RoadBays Mountain
1.8 miles-369 ft
Gig CityStringer's Ridge
2,918 ft-129 ft
Goat TrailTTC Gravity Park
1.0 miles-1,011 ft
Golf ViewConcord Park
1,932 ft-147 ft
Grand GapOneida
6.3 miles-1,716 ft
GreenMontgomery Bell State Park
GrindstoneRacoon Mountain
1.7 miles-445 ft
Ground HogKnoxville Urban Wilderness
3,081 ft-74 ft
Hard LaborKnoxville Urban Wilderness
3,337 ft-229 ft
HardwoodKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1,226 ft-49 ft
HickoryKnoxville Urban Wilderness
1.4 miles-441 ft
High VoltageRacoon Mountain
3.5 miles-620 ft
Hill CityStringer's Ridge
1.6 miles-426 ft
Hogback MountainSylco
9.1 miles-2,547 ft
Hookman HillPercy Warner Park
2.2 miles-206 ft
Hop ProjectPercy Warner Park
2,074 ft-97 ft
HumdingerPercy Warner Park
2,121 ft-83 ft
ImerysKnoxville Urban Wilderness
4,684 ft-98 ft
Indian PipesBays Mountain
1.9 miles-403 ft
Inner LoopConcord Park
1.4 miles-419 ft
Inner Loop 1Booker T Washington State Park
1.0 miles-234 ft
Inner Loop 2Booker T Washington State Park
2.0 miles-323 ft
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