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BabyweightCopper Mountain
737 ft-181 ft
Big EasyCopper Mountain
2,709 ft-973 ft
Body breakCopper Mountain
1,335 ft-386 ft
Buck WheatCopper Mountain
1,654 ft-260 ft
Down TubeTerrace
1.3 miles-727 ft
FlatheadTerrace Mountain
4.9 miles-1,516 ft
Griff's-LineTerrace Mountain
2,653 ft-197 ft
Hatchet BoyTerrace Mountain
3,789 ft-311 ft
Jet BoyCopper Mountain
LeftoverCopper Mountain
1,384 ft-299 ft
Lichen LoopTerrace Mountain
5,220 ft-372 ft
Lil Jump RunCopper Mountain
Lower BackeddyTerrace Mountain
2,435 ft-529 ft
Lucky SevenCopper Mountain
1.2 miles-1,243 ft
Maroon MountainMaroon Mountain
4.0 miles-238 ft
PackhorseCopper Mountain
4,187 ft-657 ft
ResurrectionCopper Mountain
492 ft-141 ft
4.5 miles-1,148 ft
2,059 ft-201 ft
Upper BackeddyTerrace Mountain
1,724 ft-367 ft
Upper Wheel Of FortuneTerrace Mountain
1,742 ft-487 ft
Wade's WorldCopper Mountain
2,232 ft-544 ft
Ya BoiCopper Mountain
1,726 ft-628 ft
Your momCopper Mountain
3,874 ft-954 ft
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