segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1DH from back of Srinehru school to fire road junction School Run4,396 ft770 ft82330655Chiang Mai
2Race Course #1 Crazy Dust1,856 ft504 ft78222202Chiang Mai
3ICE Stage 2 Crazy Dust5,108 ft753 ft70919493Chiang Mai
4Highspeed to Crazy Roots - Phai Kingdom(#อาณาจักรไผ่ร่ำเปิง) Ban Khun Chang Khian Access Loop3,419 ft316 ft62711640Chiang Mai
5Bamboo DH Trail - MadMonkeys Stage 2 Bamboo Trail1,212 ft196 ft43514187Chiang Mai
6Bamboo DH Trail - MadMonkeys Stage 3 Bamboo Trail1,612 ft369 ft43114197Chiang Mai
7Bamboo bottom Bamboo Trail4,274 ft737 ft42913602Chiang Mai
8Scout camp_bottom Scout Camp4,127 ft724 ft42310601Chiang Mai
9Straight Climb Ban Khun Chang Khian Access Loop1,378 ft250 ft3794850Chiang Mai
104038 rd to Suthep Park highpoint Doi Pui Climb4,622 ft409 ft37611760Chiang Mai
11อบจ. ชม. 4038 Climb Doi Pui Climb4,222 ft478 ft37511821Chiang Mai
12อบจ. ชม. 4038 Climb Ban Khun Chang Khian Access Loop2,375 ft263 ft3734791Chiang Mai
13Pedaling Power - Phai Kingdom(#อาณาจักรไผ่ร่ำเปิง) Bamboo Trail1,727 ft42 ft35910140Chiang Mai
141st downhill Ban Khun Chang Khian Access Loop3 miles1,028 ft3134321Chiang Mai
15Gee's House final section after river Gee's House Trail1 mile749 ft2985460Chiang Mai
16Observation Dh Trail-MadMonkeys Chom View Stairway4,456 ft859 ft2897736Chiang Mai
17Mosquito Trail split 3 - Phai Kingdom(#อาณาจักรไผ่ร่ำเปิง) Chom View Stairway1,511 ft247 ft2797313Chiang Mai
18Gee's House middle section Gee's House Trail1 mile957 ft2644860Chiang Mai
19ATV rock garden + steep section ATV1,258 ft423 ft2615610Chiang Mai
20420 HUT - Turtle Kingdom(#อาณาจักรเต่ากัญชา) Gee's House Trail3 miles2,141 ft2474460Chiang Mai
21Piggy's trail Piggy Line4,752 ft927 ft2353881Chiang Mai
22Madmonkey ATV Downhill Trail ATV4 miles3,410 ft2264695Chiang Mai
23Warm Up at lake area First Climb2,385 ft18 ft2208512Pattaya
24Missing Link Pt.1 Missing Link3,576 ft835 ft2123842Chiang Mai
25Sandy Curvature First Climb4,676 ft70 ft2118872Pattaya
26Missing Link Pt.2 Missing Link4,967 ft996 ft2093782Chiang Mai
27Missing Link Missing Link2 miles1,844 ft2093783Chiang Mai
28Tween Trail Segment First Down1,933 ft77 ft1999041Pattaya
29Dont get off Mae Yen Western Trail2 miles182 ft1947700Chiang Mai
30KMK เนินหมาหอบ Grade 12% 0.7km (น่องโป่งทีม) Second Climb2,444 ft282 ft1727871Pattaya
31KMK 2nd hill Second Climb4,478 ft285 ft1717911Pattaya
32Climb (last bit) Second Climb1,167 ft72 ft1698192Pattaya
33Descent (top section) Second down1,032 ft98 ft1668232Chonburi
34Final push Second Climb2,016 ft128 ft1667831Pattaya
35Ah19 descent Second down1,387 ft126 ft1637472Chonburi
36DH Nern-Mar-Hob(เนินหมาหอบ) Second down1,852 ft233 ft1627381Chonburi
37Cross country หลังพืชสวนโลก Night Safari XC Sprint2,293 ft93 ft1505223Chiang Mai
38Eto downhill 1.5km track Short Track4,963 ft468 ft1483581Saraburi
39ICE SS6 (full stage) Piggy Line2 miles1,150 ft1352440Chiang Mai
40Eto main line to Enduro SS1 turn off East Side1 mile557 ft1222622Saraburi
41ICE Stage 5 Sneaky Line3,516 ft912 ft1212534Chiang Mai
42Sneaky Line Sneaky Line3,254 ft911 ft1202372Chiang Mai
43Khao Ito Singletrack Uphill West Lower2 miles243 ft1192425Saraburi
44Trail to Mae Yen Mae Yen Eastern Trail1 mile181 ft1004242Chiang Mai
45Eto Short DH Short Track4,905 ft462 ft911871Saraburi
46FunSideRide Segment West Loop2 miles142 ft901942Pattaya
47rooty descent Second Climb2,576 ft177 ft651412Pattaya
487cot - Thailand gravity series Track 2015 Chet Kot B Line4,646 ft461 ft641872Saraburi
49full power 24 hour no toilet no shower - line B Chet Kot B Line4,750 ft458 ft631690Saraburi
50uppsy daisy Downsy Daisy2,484 ft137 ft491872Chiang Mai
51Waterfall Rum Waterfall Rum3,434 ft680 ft48801Chiang Mai
52North-S NightSafari SingleTrack XC by BenSofia Night Safari XC Sprint1 mile135 ft42892Chiang Mai
53Khao Yai Da 100 meters 0.5km climb khao Yai Da DownHill1,583 ft285 ft41810Bangkok
54downsy daisy Downsy Daisy2,490 ft135 ft391451Chiang Mai
55Thep Phithak Raksa DH Chihuahua Hill (Thep Phithak Raksa)3,761 ft257 ft351090Chiang Mai
56Dodge the trees West Lower2 miles230 ft33592Saraburi
57Dodge the trees West Lower2 miles230 ft33591Saraburi
58Wall Ride Track Wall Ride2,888 ft409 ft26852Hua Hin
59Official Tara Track (competition run) Thara3,120 ft511 ft251425Hua Hin
60แทรคดอยกอมdownhill Night Safari Back Door Buster5,130 ft558 ft25810Chiang Mai
61Sloppy Seconds DH Sloppy Seconds2,056 ft244 ft211012Pranburi
62Night Safari XC South to North Full Night Safari XC Sprint2 miles177 ft21510Chiang Mai
63Khao Kiaw, hidden trail downhill Bamboo DH3,650 ft292 ft20301Chonburi
64Doi Kham southern ridge downhill South Ridge Rip4,487 ft629 ft16872Chiang Mai
65Lower Trail Dog Climb Lower Trail Dog2,149 ft132 ft15660Chiang Mai
66Baan Phe Radio Hill, Downhill khao Yai Da DownHill2,303 ft390 ft14310Bangkok
67Thailand gravity series Track khao Yai Da DownHill2,913 ft442 ft14373Bangkok
68Short Weekend Rayong DH track khao Yai Da DownHill2,622 ft402 ft14370Bangkok
69Doi Tham Artery Doi Tham Artery1,944 ft54 ft14380Chiang Mai
70อบจ. ชม. 4038 Climb School Run3,068 ft585 ft14120Chiang Mai
71Chicken Line Chicken Line1 mile957 ft131051Chiang Mai
72Chicken line straight off the bridge Chicken Line1 mile1,007 ft13671Chiang Mai
73Lower Trail Dog DH Lower Trail Dog2,285 ft133 ft12390Chiang Mai
74Doi Kham Western Ridge DH Doi Kham Ticket To Ride4,847 ft362 ft11130Chiang Mai
75Trail from Mae Yen (almost) to creek Mae Yen Eastern Trail2 miles186 ft571Chiang Mai
76Khao Daen Downhill Khao Daen3 miles577 ft121Phetchaburi
77Sriwichai Alley Climb ATV3,538 ft438 ft110Chiang Mai
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