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ChickenWhitianga Bike Park
1,428 ft-48 ft
Dragons TailWhitianga Bike Park
3.1 miles
FieldmouseWhitianga Bike Park
2,675 ft-27 ft
Fun ZoneWhitianga Bike Park
304 ft-13 ft
Hi OctaneWhitianga Bike Park
599 ft-153 ft
HomeWhitianga Bike Park
1,060 ft-57 ft
Hotoritori MTB TrailHotoritori MTB Trail
1.6 miles-391 ft
Link From RoadMoanataiari Mountain Bike Trails
556 ft-4 ft
Nuts And BoltsWhitianga Bike Park
414 ft-38 ft
Orion's BeltWhitianga Bike Park
683 ft-37 ft
Outback LoopMoanataiari Mountain Bike Trails
4,720 ft-391 ft
Outback Loop Hill ClimbMoanataiari Mountain Bike Trails
1,448 ft-22 ft
Park LaneWhitianga Bike Park
1,488 ft-22 ft
QuarryWhitianga Bike Park
2,060 ft-48 ft
Rattle SnakeWhitianga Bike Park
257 ft-118 ft
Scratchy LaneWhitianga Bike Park
1,196 ft-23 ft
SkylarkWhitianga Bike Park
141 ft-19 ft
St Johns RunMoanataiari Mountain Bike Trails
1,911 ft-302 ft
Summit LoopWhitianga Bike Park
839 ft-101 ft
SwingerWhitianga Bike Park
371 ft-46 ft
TankWhitianga Bike Park
1,396 ft-82 ft
Top HatWhitianga Bike Park
586 ft-27 ft
Two GuysWhitianga Bike Park
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