Mountain Bike
Around Staple Hill Climb
5,030 ft-61 ft225 ft
Attacked by Gorse
1,141 ft-53 ft1 ft
Back of Combe House Hotel
1,719 ft-42 ft35 ft
Bicknoller Combe
1 mile-586 ft
Bin Lid
1,544 ft-15 ft103 ft
3,579 ft-264 ft
Black Hill
1,995 ft-82 ft75 ft
Bone Yard
991 ft-98 ft
Bracken and Berms DH
1,403 ft-175 ft13 ft
Brendawg's Trail
958 ft-345 ft
Brendawgs Track
816 ft-252 ft
Concrete Block
754 ft-95 ft
Dark Tunnel
437 ft-115 ft
Devils Drop Downhill
2,211 ft-140 ft2 ft
Double or Quits DH
768 ft-117 ft
Down the Dog Leg
1,203 ft-151 ft5 ft
Dowsborough Camp (Fort) Climb/Descent (South)
995 ft-106 ft2 ft
Dowsborough Camp (Fort) Contour
3,133 ft-28 ft202 ft
Dowsborough Camp (Fort) Northern Traverse
4,593 ft-135 ft154 ft
Dowsborough Camp Hill Fort Full Descent
1 mile-671 ft68 ft
Durborough Farm
2 miles-704 ft2 ft
Edge of Oblivion
1,223 ft-225 ft
Enduro Stage 1
1,259 ft-160 ft9 ft
Farm Track Climb
541 ft43 ft
Five Lords Singletrack
633 ft-61 ft
Fox & the hound
636 ft-161 ft
Frog Combe
3,507 ft-314 ft2 ft
Frog Combe Singletrack
2,710 ft-248 ft
Fully Stumped
1,980 ft-252 ft3 ft
Get Loose DH
1,214 ft-157 ft
Great Bear
2,759 ft-26 ft27 ft
Great Bear (Lower)
3,143 ft-84 ft107 ft
Higher Hare Knap Descent
1,414 ft-148 ft
Hodders Combe
4,356 ft-168 ft17 ft
Hodders Combe to Lower Hare Knap
1,136 ft-10 ft40 ft
Holford Combe & Holford Edge
1 mile-13 ft377 ft
Holford Edge
1,676 ft-14 ft58 ft
2,558 ft-15 ft181 ft
Hunt's Lane
4,548 ft-510 ft2 ft
Joe's Path Descent
1,367 ft-137 ft
Jump Track 2 DH
960 ft-172 ft
LM's Trail
985 ft-113 ft25 ft
Longstone Hill to Lady's Edge Plateau
1,277 ft-155 ft
Lower Hare Knap to Hodders Combe Car Park
2,415 ft-201 ft7 ft
Meadow Run - left split
1,264 ft-192 ft
Meadow Run DH - Right Split
478 ft-91 ft28 ft
Middle Hill Descent
2,356 ft-378 ft3 ft
Mr Pump DH
1,532 ft-210 ft
823 ft-89 ft
New Track DH
2,459 ft-415 ft
Old Devil's Galloping Path
2,703 ft-343 ft6 ft
Old Grumpy DH
2,181 ft-355 ft
Original DH link
912 ft-123 ft
Original Triscombe DH split 2
1,558 ft-211 ft
Pharcyde DH
496 ft-50 ft
Pineapple Express
2,103 ft-336 ft
Pipe Link
2,119 ft-74 ft59 ft
Please Don't Ride Over My Bike DH
1,562 ft-233 ft
1,375 ft-56 ft4 ft
Race Track 2 DH
1,224 ft-217 ft
Rock Lane
2,838 ft-324 ft
Rocky Horror Descent
1,347 ft-181 ft
Rocky Shoot
1,012 ft-96 ft4 ft
Route 666 (Optional Jump Line)
285 ft-18 ft
Route 666 to Scripture Union
1,768 ft-278 ft
Scorpion DH
2,703 ft-423 ft
Seven Wells Wood
1,482 ft-202 ft
Seven Wells Wood Link
231 ft-14 ft
Seven Wells Wood Right Split
200 ft-13 ft
Seven Wells Wood Singletrack
2,087 ft-127 ft4 ft
Sharki & Jambo's
2,476 ft-198 ft15 ft
Sheep Run
1,886 ft-218 ft2 ft
Sheppard's Combe & Lady's Edge
1 mile-12 ft329 ft
Ski Run
879 ft-112 ft
Ski Run split 3
1,241 ft-166 ft
Slaughterhouse Combe with Black Ball Wood Descent
1,600 ft-106 ft7 ft
Smith's Combe
5,274 ft-604 ft8 ft
1,322 ft-151 ft
Somerton Combe
3,169 ft-212 ft11 ft
2,146 ft-232 ft2 ft
Stert Combe
3,077 ft-200 ft11 ft
Stout Lane
3,268 ft-479 ft
496 ft-84 ft5 ft
The Chimney
1,363 ft-237 ft
The Long Drop
961 ft-141 ft
The Pipe
2,450 ft-42 ft
Weacombe Descent
4,923 ft-391 ft11 ft
Will's Neck
4,569 ft-555 ft87 ft
Willoughby Cleeve
2,027 ft-219 ft8 ft
Wilmot's Pool
4,234 ft-101 ft26 ft
World Cup Track
940 ft-137 ft9 ft
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