segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pack Track (section 1) Pack Track4,596 ft336 ft100217932
2Pack Track (complete) Pack Track1 mile430 ft99317726
3Pack Track (section 2) Pack Track1,500 ft107 ft99218861
4The Clicks The Klicks1 mile444 ft92217032
5Project Rameka Great Expectations2 miles600 ft86815726
6Project Gate to R Creek Great Expectations2 miles530 ft86015660
7Rameka Creek Road Climb The Klicks4,482 ft355 ft2106011
8Remeka DH Grade 4 option The Odyssey1 mile755 ft1531910
92 Klicks first section - Mill site loop Lower Rameka Creek Road4,595 ft172 ft661360
10Project Rameka - Lower Section Great Expectations2 miles587 ft611370
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