Mountain Bike
Access Trail2,438 ft-44 ft56 ft0.499985.05
Back 91 miles-121 ft634 ft6.7411117.96
Beave Lake Trailhead Connector2,680 ft-60 ft120 ft2.2481035.99
Beaver Lake Overlook2 miles-466 ft345 ft-1.1961121.27
Beaver Lake Trail1 miles-237 ft38 ft-3.4161066.9
Dollar Lake Trail2 miles-662 ft382 ft-2.4111138.27
Lupfer Loop Trail 3 miles-508 ft508 ft0.0051015.14
Overlook Trail3,422 ft-93 ft218 ft3.6311045.84
The Whitefish Trail - Lion Mountain to North Beaver10 miles-1,986 ft2,185 ft0.361144.24
The Whitefish Trail - Overlook Connector1 miles-113 ft411 ft5.4851136.4
The Whitefish Trail - Overlook Loop1 miles-305 ft304 ft01170.01
The Whitefish Trail - Skyles Lake Connector3,745 ft-74 ft293 ft5.8441033.26
The Whitefish Trail - Swift Creek and Smith lake3 miles-266 ft518 ft1.7961022.7
The Whitefish Trail - Swift Creek Overlook3,770 ft-109 ft27 ft-2.158964.7
The Whitefish Trail - Woods Lake Loop2 miles-394 ft445 ft0.5051110.15
The Whitefish Trail – Haskill5 miles-632 ft1,695 ft3.6721293.5
Woods Dollar Connector3,187 ft-141 ft117 ft-0.7411070.8
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