segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Rolling Stoned Trail. Rolling Stoned3,377 ft281 ft823405
2Πλατανάκια Trail Platanakia lower1,198 ft164 ft483744
3Secret 1 Secret2,394 ft243 ft476151
4Road to Road around Military camp R2R1,497 ft134 ft436883
5playground trail Playground677 ft93 ft321731
6Tanais Tanais1,389 ft203 ft251923
7Secret trail full Secret2,969 ft323 ft245282
82 barrels Villa Barrel895 ft23 ft233791
9Villa Barrel Villa Barrel3,720 ft357 ft233383
10Stadium semi-Urban Stadium semi-urban2,088 ft96 ft221731
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