segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sandy bends Lime Burner Trail863 ft9 ft110625227242
2Rigid Gravel Bike On 40mm Knobblies. Test Area 2. Sandy. Lime Burner Trail2,823 ft22 ft10948516300
3Climb to Flint Pit Lime Burner Trail801 ft32 ft104595639526
4narrow lines Lime Burner Trail1,319 ft26 ft103464720827
5Whoopy sweepy bit Lime Burner Trail3,511 ft5 ft102694487941
6Rock Garden of Doom Lime Burner Trail250 ft2 ft102615380726
7Sandy Bends to start of the fun bits Lime Burner Trail3,530 ft18 ft102394657319
8Beast The Beast - Lime Burner Trail1,989 ft68 ft90243733784
9An Interesting Diversion Lime Burner Trail1,282 ft28 ft87064143011
10Fast & Twisty! Trail1,061 ft7 ft8229325245
11lime burner green section Lime Burner Trail958 ft3 ft77923143022
12Shockwave Lime Burner Trail1,113 ft5 ft7764318770
13Sick n Twisted Sick N Twisted - Lime Burner Trail2,242 ft37 ft73193695456
14Wasted Opportunity Mower Trail - Lime Burner Trail1,969 ft28 ft51782021615
15No Pain, No Fame Trail1,980 ft57 ft3721218322
16Swimming Pool [new] Lime Burner Trail1,092 ft18 ft297483283
17Dive Board Lime Burner Trail2,340 ft11 ft262072958
18Upper Beast MX Trail2,027 ft64 ft2601136551
19Tigger Lime Burner Trail1,890 ft9 ft257374998
20The Beast (Centre run) MX Trail1,761 ft58 ft2525100579
21Shit N' Twisted Lime Burner Trail2,391 ft9 ft243175121
22The Moto Run MX Trail2,043 ft47 ft2419135816
23...and feed it to the dogs The Downhill - Lime Burner Trail1,979 ft28 ft128159026
24Beast Climb MX Trail1,821 ft60 ft118630492
25Sprint Lime Burner Trail2,009 ft35 ft2055630
26back down the gravel track Trail1,355 ft21 ft1603450
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