Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
$2HotdogNoble Canyon
4,833 ft-999 ft89 ft
* PalominoThree Blind Mice
1,071 ft-66 ft25 ft
007White Lake Grasslands
1 mile-46 ft503 ft
115th Ave ConnectorOsoyoos
1,417 ft-54 ft8 ft
17 st SE - 16 st SESalmon Arm Greenways
256 ft
17 st SE - 3 ave SESalmon Arm Greenways
230 ft
19t st NE - 20th st NESalmon Arm Greenways
328 ft
1st AVE SE - 20st SESalmon Arm Greenways
194 ft
2 FingersGillard
1,667 ft-145 ft
2010China Ridge
2 miles-459 ft459 ft
20th st NE - Turner CrkSalmon Arm Greenways
221 ft9 ft
20th st SE - 21st st SESalmon Arm Greenways
256 ft
23 st SE - 4 ave SESalmon Arm Greenways
371 ft
23rd st SE to 24th st SESalmon Arm Greenways
302 ft
24th st NE - Bastion BypassSalmon Arm Greenways
187 ft
3 RingsKalamalka Lake
2,069 ft-31 ft176 ft
3 Shot WillowIron Mountain
1,542 ft-368 ft
30 Seconds of FunBlue River
1 mile-289 ft14 ft
36Kalamalka Lake
3,005 ft-531 ft4 ft
37th St ConnectorLittle Mountain Park
814 ft-11 ft105 ft
4 ave SE - 4A ave SESalmon Arm Greenways
279 ft
1,128 ft-168 ft
4A Ave SE - 4B st SESalmon Arm Greenways
246 ft
4b ave SE - 27th st SESalmon Arm Greenways
371 ft-17 ft
5 Lakes LookoutWhite Lake Grasslands
2 miles-122 ft657 ft
2,770 ft-667 ft49 ft
6Stitches Canyon BypassWiltse
662 ft-93 ft12 ft
71st Ave ConnectorPark Hill
2 miles91 ft
71st Ave connector 2Park Hill
278 ft-38 ft
73rd Ave ConnectorPark Hill
330 ft-22 ft
98Iron Mountain
2 miles-1,270 ft2 ft
9th AveSalmon Arm Greenways
633 ft96 ft
9th DimensionSilver Star Bike Park
738 ft-72 ft
A Blaze On The HillsidePineview
1 mile-672 ft94 ft
A-FrameRubberhead Trail System
2,390 ft-306 ft14 ft
Aabye RoadSovereign Lake
2,249 ft-109 ft115 ft
Abbott Cycle TrackKelowna
4,121 ft-6 ft6 ft
Aberdeen XC SkiSovereign Lake
2 miles-573 ft26 ft
About TimeValley Pedal-Access Trails
2,287 ft-80 ft111 ft
Ace of SpadesBig White Mountain
2,323 ft-329 ft
AcrophobiaKalamalka Lake
1,664 ft-171 ft112 ft
Adams River Bridge TrailTsutswecw Provincial Park/ Roderick Haig-Brown
5,171 ft-16 ft48 ft
1 mile-697 ft2 ft
After SchoolKBRA Kids Zone - Dufferin Park
531 ft-20 ft9 ft
After ThoughtLarch Hills Nordic Trails
2,539 ft-41 ft13 ft
Afternoon StrollCampbell Mountain
439 ft-121 ft1 ft
Alternative FactsSouth Canoe
1 mile-260 ft457 ft
Altitude XCSun Peaks Bike Park
5 miles-729 ft691 ft
Alvin Come AliveRubberhead Trail System
1,638 ft-257 ft4 ft
Alvin’s Greatest HitsRubberhead Trail System
979 ft-110 ft14 ft
3,314 ft127 ft
Angel Springs TrailCrawford Trails
2 miles-1,114 ft176 ft
Apex DhApex and Surroundings
1 mile-1,609 ft
Apex TrailKnox Mountain Park
5,131 ft-63 ft534 ft
Arena to XC ClimbKamloops Bike Ranch
2,026 ft195 ft
ArizonaLac Du Bois Grasslands
4,997 ft-8 ft49 ft
Arm PumpSun Peaks Bike Park
3,419 ft-529 ft
Arrowleaf and the rutRanchlands (Cypress)
1 mile-805 ft
Arrowleaf TrailSpion Kop
1 mile-400 ft89 ft
Arrowleaf uptrack pRanchlands (Cypress)
2,379 ft-134 ft10 ft
Asp TrailKane Valley Trails
3,514 ft-140 ft16 ft
Aspen GroveWilson Lake
3 miles-664 ft231 ft
Aspen TrailKane Valley Trails
3,583 ft-80 ft139 ft
AstridCrawford Trails
2,487 ft-9 ft184 ft
Axe HeadSimpcw
2,847 ft-223 ft39 ft
Back DoorSugarloaf
2 miles-159 ft347 ft
Back in the SaddleLac Du Bois Grasslands
1 mile-141 ft165 ft
Back SideKnox Mountain Park
738 ft-25 ft50 ft
Back to SchoolRose Valley
466 ft-91 ft
Bad HabitSun Peaks Bike Park
1 mile-634 ft28 ft
Badger ParkSalmon Arm Greenways
544 ft-3 ft18 ft
Badger ParkSalmon Arm Greenways
920 ft-29 ft21 ft
Ball ParkPark Hill
1,591 ft-38 ft36 ft
Ball Park ConnectorPark Hill
324 ft-24 ft
Ballou BreakoutKnox Mountain Park East
1,824 ft-13 ft186 ft
Balmoral - Blind Bay BluffsWhite Lake Provincial Park
Balmoral Lower NorthWhite Lake Provincial Park
1,453 ft-4 ft192 ft
Balmoral Lower SouthWhite Lake Provincial Park
1,510 ft-110 ft6 ft
Balmoral RidgeWhite Lake Provincial Park
2,490 ft-84 ft73 ft
Balmoral Upper NorthWhite Lake Provincial Park
2,860 ft-267 ft7 ft
balmoral upper north connectorBlind Bay
721 ft-73 ft14 ft
Balmoral Upper SouthWhite Lake Provincial Park
2,230 ft-227 ft2 ft
BalsamChina Ridge
1 mile-353 ft17 ft
Balsam RockKnox Mountain Park
443 ft-88 ft
Balsam RootKenna Cartwright Park
1,358 ft202 ft
Balsam Root ConnectionKnox Mountain Park
643 ft82 ft
Balsamroot Bluff LoopKnox Mountain Park
1 mile-252 ft255 ft
Bangers and MashPineview
3,751 ft-821 ft5 ft
BanjooSouth Canoe
1,003 ft-81 ft6 ft
Bare BottomsSouth Canoe
1,060 ft-21 ft7 ft
Bare Bottoms ConnectorSouth Canoe
75 ft
Barn BurnerSun Peaks Bike Park
2,418 ft-583 ft
Barrera Multi-Use PathKelowna
2,726 ft-5 ft12 ft
Base Lift ConnectorKalamalka Lake
343 ft-74 ft
Bastion BypassSalmon Arm Greenways
1,355 ft-23 ft
Bastion SchoolSalmon Arm Greenways
745 ft
2,299 ft-26 ft156 ft
Bayview ConnectorWhite Lake Provincial Park
1,796 ft-140 ft28 ft
Be KindKalamalka Lake
2 miles-863 ft94 ft
Beach TrailTsutswecw Provincial Park/ Roderick Haig-Brown
5,171 ft-5 ft2 ft
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