segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Litrally The Worst Ranch Camp1 miles128 ft74917042
2Telemark Spur Tap Line995 ft30 ft4469612
3New trail at trapps going down Growler2,623 ft207 ft3507931
4Lower Growler - Down Growler3,339 ft212 ft3508000
5New Trail at Trapps going up Growler2,686 ft183 ft3346570
6Luce hill DH TT Luce Hill Loop4,146 ft96 ft3156171
7S Villa Ln Climb Lodge Spur1,078 ft293 ft3115440
8LucyHill Loop Luce Hill Loop2 miles115 ft2424501
9Luce Trail Loop @ Trapps Luce Hill Loop2 miles97 ft2294120
10Upper Growler - Down Growler2,474 ft87 ft2254421
11Up to Skyline Growler2,893 ft291 ft2235030
12Chuck's Corkscrew CC Chuck's Corkscrew3,321 ft107 ft1683080
13Stepping stone Stepping Stone2,862 ft50 ft1392090
14Stepping Stone clockwise Stepping Stone3,014 ft46 ft1321890
15Luce Hill - East Luce Hill Loop3,180 ft75 ft1181970
16Luce Hill Upper Luce Hill Loop1 miles111 ft15200
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