Mountain Bike
Acadia Boulevard Connector
216 ft-26 ft13 ft
1,907 ft-13 ft117 ft
Battle Trail
3,931 ft-30 ft56 ft
Bayside Walk (Mariners Basin)
1 mile-2 ft5 ft
Bayside Walk (Mission Bay)
4 miles-3 ft
Bayside Walk (Mission Point)
2,559 ft3 ft
Gardena Trail
5,030 ft-163 ft177 ft
north clairemont to san clemente canyon
5,092 ft-260 ft64 ft
Rec Center Entrance
2,188 ft-99 ft
Rose Canyon North Side
3 miles-212 ft123 ft
Rose Canyon to Marian Bear
6 miles-121 ft207 ft
San Diego River Path
4 miles-14 ft14 ft
Stevenson Canyon
1 mile-2 ft184 ft
Stoplight Entrance
1,099 ft107 ft
Tecolote 7-8
592 ft-2 ft41 ft
Tecolote 9-10
821 ft-62 ft13 ft
Tecolote Canyon (East)
1 mile-228 ft150 ft
Tecolote Canyon Alt
1,031 ft-7 ft8 ft
Tecolote Canyon North
3 miles-187 ft42 ft
Upper Rose Canyon High School Side
1 mile-28 ft39 ft
Via Las Cumbres
932 ft-106 ft
Via Las Cumbres (Steep)
571 ft60 ft
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