segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1dead pigeon alley PoCo Trail - South Pitt River1,043 ft6 ft39873271711
2NPL Sprint speed check PoCo Trail - South Pitt River948 ft3 ft2560203306
3Gillnetter to Peace Park on the dyke PoCo Trail - South Pitt River3,541 ft24491447611
4Argue St - Eastbound PoCo Trail - South Pitt River1 mile15 ft23691661118
5Argue St. short climb PoCo Trail - South Pitt River664 ft37 ft2147125717
6Dyking it up PoCo Trail - South Pitt River3,589 ft20 ft2027127016
7Boat launch to the Cedar St Gate PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough1 mile18 ft193083994
8*wheeze* Harper Road Access1,280 ft171 ft1887175373
9Dominion to Lincoln on the Traboulay Trail PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough2 miles12 ft186983005
10PrarieDyke to Lougheed PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough2 miles23 ft166267345
11Lincoln to Dominion on Gravel PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough1 mile2 ft163276423
12DykeDykeDykeGoose PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough4 miles29 ft160468969
13Gates Park - Wilson to Marpole PoCo Trail - Downtown1,156 ft18 ft158567682
14Lions Park northbound PoCo Trail - Downtown2,174 ft22 ft149371283
15DeBouville Slough to Pitt Bridge Dike PoCo Trail - Deboville Slough4 miles28 ft148361877
16Patricia Ripper PoCo Trail - Coquitlam River/Hyde Creek1,165 ft29 ft144872648
17Hyde creek west PoCo Trail - Coquitlam River/Hyde Creek4,180 ft71 ft134746906
18Stroller and Soccer mom slalom PoCo Trail - Downtown1 mile18 ft123145282
19Salmon Sprint PoCo Trail - Coquitlam River/Hyde Creek1 mile20 ft118245453
20Climb to Vic's Harper Road Access2 miles1,007 ft105478308
21Hairpin to Gate Harper Rd3,627 ft226 ft9711179110
22Hustler New (Construction cut off old) Hustler1,831 ft192 ft91097973
23Hustler - Burke Mtn Hustler1,932 ft200 ft898957224
24Dyke to Boats DeBoville Slough Dyke5,061 ft20 ft84723663
25Bridge to Colony Farm Rd Home Farm Dyke Trail1,335 ft4 ft76735560
26Harper Rd Climb Harper Road Access3,608 ft396 ft70257873
27Dawg - Burke Mtn Dawg1,459 ft175 ft69750287
28April Rd Gravel Grunt Off Leash Area491 ft66 ft68993302
29Dyke to Minnekhada DeBoville Slough Dyke3 miles21 ft66918905
30Baby Doll Heads Harper Road Access1,170 ft186 ft63941078
31Deboville Dash to Gate DeBoville Slough Dyke1 mile24 ft62920484
32Braap Braap1,569 ft240 ft548285120
33Dodging Evergreens Greg Moore Trail1,506 ft1 ft54119090
34Straight Line to Shaughnessy Wilson Farm Dyke Trail2,731 ft5247993
35Rick's River Rip to Pumphouse DeBoville Slough Dyke1 mile14 ft52118083
36climbing trail IMBY1,906 ft233 ft51841964
37IMBY IMBY2,566 ft282 ft510404317
38Gravel Road Climb IMBY to Tower Powerline Road687 ft75 ft50036543
39Garden Trail Home Farm Dyke Trail1,585 ft14 ft48611830
40Shock Therapy Mossom Creek Connector611 ft67 ft43317142
41Colony Farm to Shaughnessy Gravel Climb Wilson Farm Dyke Trail594 ft70 ft4317403
42Frank's Trail Frank's1 mile606 ft431179411
43Frank 2 Frank's1 mile532 ft41315612
44Academy (from N. Eagle Bluff) Lower Eagle Bluff2,754 ft355 ft40423385
45Hammer Time Hammer Time2,034 ft338 ft39924778
46Gravel Road Climb to Physio Powerline Road1,895 ft167 ft39524804
47Harper Rd Climb Harper Road Access1,727 ft279 ft39113331
48Edwards St Climb Gravel Road Climb4,678 ft693 ft38519022
49Blue Line Top to Sign Blue line1,650 ft146 ft38425010
50Eastbound & Down East Bound and Down2,536 ft218 ft383229510
51Lower Eagle Bluff Lower Eagle Bluff2,754 ft362 ft37920330
52Horney Beaver Ray Ray's Fun Factory1,190 ft223 ft37913059
53BBT Big Boy Time2,365 ft349 ft37818019
54Upper Red R Triple Crown1,520 ft266 ft35414032
55Garbage Trail Garbage1,714 ft243 ft35214925
56North Eagle Bluff Trail Eagle Bluff North1,720 ft120 ft34718845
57Garbage Trail Garbage1,898 ft266 ft3329796
58G.O.C Jump Line571 ft86 ft31810093
59The Wall - Eagle The Wall837 ft79 ft31417981
60Ridden Art Ridden Art1,115 ft199 ft31013207
61Oxford Heights Oxford to Scotch Pine1,002 ft48 ft30816830
62Sandanista - New Sandinista2,906 ft396 ft2868204
63Crashing the Party Wilson Farm Dyke Trail2,672 ft2855550
64Sandinista Sandinista2,874 ft441 ft2807993
65Mini Physio Therapy Physiotherapy3,134 ft406 ft25712118
66Upper Bullet Dodger Bullet Dodger1,248 ft156 ft2525672
67Bullet Dodger Bullet Dodger1 mile988 ft2435729
68Lower Bullet Dodger Bullet Dodger4,464 ft788 ft2435730
69Empty Pull Full Pull4,183 ft737 ft2426110
70Lower Elevator New Lower Elevator1,406 ft213 ft2374790
71Segment Gravel Road Climb2,233 ft353 ft2255360
72elevatorTop Upper Elevator352 ft95 ft2256121
73Coquitlam Crunch, David - Panorama Coquitlam Crunch757 ft63 ft2209590
74ice cream crave Buntzen West Service Road3,050 ft115 ft2067752
752/3 Burt Climb Off Leash Area919 ft149 ft20523474
76elevatorTop Upper Elevator628 ft193 ft1974962
77Unnamed Rd Climb Lungbuster3,685 ft343 ft1923270
78Full Pull on Eagle Full Pull2 miles1,446 ft1913238
79Mainline - River to Oxford Heights Lancaster Access2,805 ft208 ft1815000
80LungBuster Section Lungbuster4,784 ft496 ft1813012
81Bean Bean1,555 ft326 ft1764504
82Randy's Randy's2,055 ft482 ft1744496
83GO Connector Grow Op Connector2,039 ft380 ft1744142
84Randys Randy's1,427 ft351 ft1663880
853 Little Pigs Three Little Pigs551 ft96 ft1593820
86East Rd to David St Home Run1,093 ft114 ft1509107
87Sacagawea down Bert Flinn Loop Trail3,293 ft56 ft14611001
88Manhandler Manhandler1,886 ft263 ft1312880
89Hammer - Nescafe (end fast section only) The Hammer3,332 ft574 ft1163571
90Short and Hard Academy Trail785 ft109 ft1084410
91Mistress The Mistress1,604 ft241 ft1082651
92Dingo-Lina Hett Creek Trail898 ft142 ft1015655
93Gravel Climb - Gate to Baseball Parking Lot Powerline Golf Course Access2,149 ft136 ft1006340
94ElevatorBottom Upper Elevator1,298 ft350 ft1002512
95Unnamed Rd Climb Bear Claw Connector3,918 ft344 ft961950
96Coquitlam River Connector CRC1 mile892 ft931913
97Lower Vic's Lower Vic's2,162 ft487 ft901712
98Mow It Down Mow It Down4,569 ft588 ft841575
99New Trail Riverview Forest Bike Park Loop1,249 ft85 ft827282
100Upper Vic's Upper Vic's1,367 ft369 ft711322
101Unnamed Rd Climb Lakeview Trail1,107 ft312 ft702630
102Back Across Powerline Golf Course Access1 mile196 ft684750
103SawBlade (Blade to Falls) The Sawblade1,265 ft334 ft651500
104Catch me if you can rootin' for you961 ft37 ft644072
105Perimeter 4th Qtr - CW Perimeter Trail3,847 ft95 ft611060
106across the top Powerline Golf Course Access1 mile198 ft615010
107Lower Mossom Climb Backyard Bikes1,271 ft139 ft563311
108Sawblade The Sawblade2,325 ft401 ft551262
109Saddle Ridge Climb Bear Claw3,789 ft556 ft521312
110Bush Blaster NB Newberry - Lincoln Connector1,421 ft2 ft521550
111Physio Section - Top to Physio Connector Physiotherapy3,346 ft414 ft521250
112Battle Saddle Bear Claw3,875 ft560 ft43950
113Bush blaster Newberry - Lincoln Connector1,871 ft42 ft431001
114Nescafe Nescafe4,215 ft595 ft43803
115Juniper Junction Crossing Newberry - Lincoln Connector1,960 ft3 ft411310
116Fat Bastard Fat Bastard3,331 ft560 ft40903
117Creek Climb Decapitator1,334 ft154 ft34360
118Green Bastard Sidewinder2,414 ft356 ft26750
119Mariner gravel climb Riverview Forest-Perimeter Gravel Road2,045 ft92 ft22290
120Loopy Blakeburn Lagoons Loop4,090 ft7 ft15360
121Loopy Blakeburn Lagoons Loop4,090 ft7 ft15360
122Lower Dentist The Dentist2,181 ft399 ft14160
123Overtime Overtime1,256 ft183 ft000
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