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2nd Water (18)Strawberry Ridge
1.9 miles-1 ft
3rd WaterStrawberry Ridge
1.7 miles-44 ft
5th WaterStrawberry Ridge
4.8 miles-1,715 ft
5th Water (15)Strawberry Ridge
4.8 miles-1,447 ft
Buffalo Canyon (026)Willow Creek
2.6 miles-527 ft
CatharsisStrawberry Ridge
1,310 ft-179 ft
Center (Strawberry Ridge)Strawberry Ridge
1.7 miles-792 ft
Center GWT (9)Strawberry Ridge
2.3 miles-617 ft
Center TrailStrawberry Ridge
3.8 miles-382 ft
Center Trail (Main)Strawberry Ridge
6.3 miles-2,337 ft
Center Trail (North)Strawberry Ridge
4.9 miles-1,167 ft
Cottonwood CreekStrawberry Ridge
5.5 miles-103 ft
Feelin the Flow, Doin the DanceStrawberry Ridge
5,003 ft-239 ft
First WaterStrawberry Ridge
1.2 miles-8 ft
French HollowWillow Creek
4.9 miles-1,077 ft
Half Evil DownStrawberry Ridge
1,064 ft-243 ft
Racetrack CanyonWillow Creek
1.2 miles-314 ft
S-TownStrawberry Ridge
1.4 miles-131 ft
Skyline DriveTucker
28.0 miles-1,974 ft
Spanish TowersStrawberry Ridge
1.0 miles-227 ft
Strawberry NarrowsWillow Creek
9.2 miles-1,171 ft
Strawberry PerimeterWillow Creek
2.6 miles-173 ft
Tie Fork GWTStrawberry Ridge
3.2 miles-76 ft
Willow CreekWillow Creek
10.7 miles-1,782 ft
Yellow Brick RoadStrawberry Ridge
2.0 miles-135 ft
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