segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Dirt crit climb Craig Ranch Road797 ft79 ft27343900
2Creek to Mud Room Craig Ranch Road4,946 ft439 ft24235234
31st green gate to creek Skyline4,561 ft298 ft17214404
4Drop Off Single Track Craig Ranch Road474 ft90 ft16126080
5Corner Jump Single Track Craig Ranch Road796 ft116 ft12820710
6Chutes & Ladders Chutes & Ladders1,699 ft374 ft1278976
7Gas Can DH Gas Can2,325 ft253 ft11514227
8Old No. 1 Old Number One3,459 ft220 ft1026686
9Dirt crit single track Sunnyside1,084 ft78 ft1005750
10Mineral King Rd Climb Holland Mountain Road3,573 ft470 ft767811
11Mineral King Rd Climb East Holland Loop3,576 ft283 ft435461
12Carcass Carcass3,451 ft479 ft383503
13Old No. 1 MANS VERSION Old Number One3,866 ft216 ft30802
14Dogwood Dogwood3,651 ft379 ft221411
15Itch 'em Itchum3,864 ft361 ft211491
16Mud Hen Mud Room3,085 ft329 ft018180
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