Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
As Common as Muck!Old Town Common
4,140 ft-3 ft139 ft
Basalt FlowOld Town Common
4,521 ft-137 ft40 ft
Brumbies RunOld Town Common
2,119 ft-34 ft47 ft
Bumpy and LumpyMason's Hill
1,637 ft54 ft
Crank It UpMason's Hill
2,496 ft-28 ft93 ft
Entry TrailTumbarumba
682 ft-23 ft2 ft
EuphoriaMason's Hill
2,123 ft-135 ft14 ft
For Pete's SakeOld Town Common
3,740 ft-140 ft6 ft
Handlebars HamishMason's Hill
2,110 ft-30 ft40 ft
Home James...Mason's Hill
1 mile-98 ft232 ft
Jo's ShuttleOld Town Common
3,015 ft-157 ft33 ft
Jump ItMason's Hill
2,342 ft-114 ft9 ft
Link-in-parkMason's Hill
476 ft-28 ft
Mind the GapMason's Hill
3,756 ft-156 ft27 ft
Police Paddock TrailPolice Paddock
2 miles-279 ft267 ft
Pump ItMason's Hill
4,187 ft-183 ft48 ft
Rhythm TrackOld Town Common
236 ft
Shred It SteveMason's Hill
2,917 ft-93 ft17 ft
Taken for GrantedMason's Hill
2,735 ft-10 ft23 ft
Thank EvansMason's Hill
2,384 ft-16 ft58 ft
Thump ItMason's Hill
2,780 ft-208 ft37 ft
To the ShuttleMason's Hill
1,429 ft-67 ft3 ft
Toad SkillsMason's Hill
887 ft39 ft
Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail TrailTumbarumba
13 miles-722 ft429 ft
Twitchy MitchMason's Hill
2,490 ft-64 ft2 ft
Where's Bluey Kids LoopMason's Hill
2,566 ft-36 ft39 ft
Wonder SteveMason's Hill
4,025 ft-23 ft145 ft
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