segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1State Highway Climb Rimutaka Incline1,471 ft294 ft114521214
2Cross Creek Rd Climb Rimutaka Incline2,140 ft278 ft70412192
3Station Drive Uphill Old Railway Line1 miles189 ft60717215
4Station Drive Drop Old Railway Line1 miles196 ft48411825
5Maymorn to Tunnel Gully Hill Mangaroa Tunnel2,583 ft161 ft47312595
6Station Link continues Station Link1,550 ft122 ft43733761
7Station Link Station Link2,339 ft198 ft39822290
8Station Link - Easy (Complete) Station Link2,404 ft185 ft37120110
9Station Link - Easy Option (from split) Station Link - Easy Up1,225 ft121 ft27216061
104 Hills climb, goat rock trail Goat Rock3,938 ft302 ft2536412
11Mt Climie Track Climb Mt Climie5,101 ft623 ft1753410
12G-Drop Extension G-Drop658 ft48 ft1477340
13G-drop G-Drop1,870 ft206 ft1334770
14RCT to Brasilian Mt Climie firebreak1,491 ft79 ft1254440
15Incline saddle drop Goat Rock4,322 ft331 ft1212570
16Bee-line Bee Line1,214 ft183 ft1062080
172 B Line 2 Bs 2 Bridge 2 Bee Line2,503 ft233 ft1043361
18Bee Line Up 2 Bee Line2,506 ft281 ft1043360
19Bees to Bridge Bees 2 Bridge2,020 ft302 ft882372
20The Singletrack Mt Climie firebreak950 ft76 ft853092
21Station Link from G-Drop Extension Station Link2,085 ft171 ft843620
22Plateau Rd Climb 2 Bee Line3,400 ft285 ft731710
23Climie Firebreak Plateau Ridge (Extended Brake)1,341 ft178 ft681850
242-Bee-Line 2 Bee Line3,720 ft292 ft33760
25Pondy Maymorn Loop4,682 ft160 ft24320
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